Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Hey Bobby, awesome work !! I love that fat and charmy dragon !! :smiley: The addition of the dust trail its really cool!! :thumbsup: And the little “tinghs” on the branches are really great!! . I think the small creatures on the dragon´s tail clear tension on the concept, attacking before the ambush. Perhaps the creatures on the ground can carry a sort of rope or net camouflaged, to catch the dragon, only a comment :slight_smile: Again superb work mate!! Cheers :beer:


Bobby Chiu for President!


Hi there. I think your work is incredibly charming. I love the character designs (especially the chubby dragon).


Just as I expected! The magic of your work is coming to light. I love the addition and placement of the creatures, I have a good idea of what’s going on now. Hahahahahaha great stuff!:scream:

Sweet work Bobby:thumbsup:


Wow… it’s all coming out now!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Hey Bobby, this idea is hilerous. I could not stop laughing when I saw it. The best part is the two liitle guys in the tree. Really cool and simple concepts. I love the piece and I cant wait to see more of your work.


Hey bobby , this is my fav image in the challenge! your doing a great job man , keep it up :smiley:


Here’s another update guys. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s going to become very busy over the next few weeks so I hope I’ll be able to finish this piece. Looks like it’s going to be close.


Looking great Bobby!


Hey good to see the eyes in place!! those little beasts are Just wild! :thumbsup:


It’s looking beautiful. There’s a playful kind of joy in your work which is wonderful to see. Good luck getting this across the finish line


Hehehe… love those little guys!


This is just Spectacular Bobby! I loove that big guy and the little ones~


Great piece Bobby!
You have a great eye in capturing light through your expression of color. And your ideas are clear, refreshing and defiantely something of your own unique ideas.
I’ve watched all your videos and you’ve really helped me in taking my passion within the same intensity as you do.

Keep inspiring Bobby! ^^


Did some more work on the little guys!


This is looking terrific, Bobby! Really charming premise and it’s always wonderful watching your paiting details fall into place. The fuzzles’ expressions are all terric, and surprisingly expressive for faces with all teeth and just dots for eyes.

Speaking of eyes, though: I really love the subtle texture all over the face of the charging guys, really nice touch. However, it looks like the same texture is overlayed on his eyes as well. Plus they’re about the same color as his horns, so it makes the whites or his eyes appear more like horn and less like eyeball. It might be nice to try a slightly less yellow color with less texture, at least to see how it looks.

One other random idea: What if the carrot stalks and the skirt of the guy holding the rope were a slightly more yellow color? Right now green is the predominant color of the background while the foreground elements are warmer. Having these two characters’ green elements that same green as the background is not exactly confusing, but at a glance, carrot-head’s fronds vanish into the back. Maybe if they were more yellow, they could pop a fractional amount more and be a little less confusing. Anyhow, not a big deal, just thought I’d toss that out there as something to think about. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, know you’re busy but it looks like you’ll easily complete everything for the impending deadline. Good luck!


Fantastic work! Those little guys are looking amazing :thumbsup:


Hey Bobby, this is absolutely a hilarious piece, still that’s great to watching
your progress as ordinarily. The final image will be definitely so cheerful.
Have more fun!


Hi bobby this little guys are marvelous. I want one for me.
About the beast I find it a little too shiny and reflective even it help us to see the volumes.


awww pleeease an hi rez of the little fellas… want them on my desktop! :smiley: