Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Hi Bobby, The textures are looking so awesome, the carrot guy still my favourite, the teeth are so great, sharpie, and cute! Learning from you as always!:thumbsup:


awesome, u rulez



So funny and delicate, just brilliant :eek:


Whoa! Those creatures are amazing Bobby!


I just had to lought when i saw this one :smiley:


This is great! Love the lighting and i just laugh everytime i see it. THough sometimes it makes me sad because i feel sorry for the dragon. lol! He looks so cool! :scream:


just yesterday i show your entry to my close buddy … he was ZZZApped! :smiley: your scene is coming to life in a massive way! :stuck_out_tongue: you rock dude! :buttrock:


very lovely stuff man, I think there should be collectable toys from every single character you are creating^^
good luck and happy painting


This just keeps getting better and better. With the newly-added leafy top on his disguise, carrot man is looking superb. Wonderful stuff


Wow nice bobby, as expected, your characters are really strange :slight_smile:
But anyways something is missing… I just cant figure out the strange >>behavior<< in your latest entry. It might be too late now since you prepared your illustration so amazingly well.
Anyways, your character designs are awesome, thus

Good Luck!


haha great concept and drawing! Love the colors and feel of the image!. Nice Job!


Here’s another update! Thanks for all the words of encouragement everyone!


hehehe… I like the little guys in the tree. Nice touch!


Thanks Jason!


great piece bobby!lovely work


great work bobby! lovely work


Fantastic characters! Love the teethy guys, they’re brilliant… Looking forward to seeing it finished :wink:


Hi Bobby! I like those little guys! In “Go get him and bite him” mode, the entire mood it’s keeping you in the same contrast to your idea in your sketch!:thumbsup: Love the shadows are showing so far! Ooh my sister asks; And why there’s no guy hanging from some plant ready to climb on him? haha! So I just did my part to ask!
Like a said a true entreating pleasure, it’s to watching you work!:slight_smile:


My hamsters used to attack me like that for food :rolleyes: , Your piece is soooo funny and cute man! I simply love it!



wow whenever i come visit this thread theres always something to feed my eyes… this is awesome man… I love the little creatures… so cute yet such a bunch of badass LOL… keep goin man this is one of my favorites among the entries!!:thumbsup: