Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Amazingly digging your work Bobby, no words for that!Great style!those mini creatures rock!


This is so vibrant! Loving it! loving it! loving it!


Thanks all! I’m hoping to get a new update up tomorrow as well


Hey Bobby, that is great mate!! really charming creatures !! cool!! and love the dragon´s face texture! :thumbsup:

I will dare to give a commentary :slight_smile: By the shade on the small creatures, I think the dragon is more far from them, but the first sensation is that is upon them and dont finish knowing the comparative size between the dragon and the small tiny beasts (for know dont looks much bigger than the small creatures). The dragon is closely of the ground, which would generate a shade on the ground much more defined. I know you are still detailing your concept, reason why you can ignore me:D

Again, awesome work and I know that be a superb painting ! Cheers! :beer:


Wow Bobby, that monster have much more definition than what I expected!! Great texture!

You know for some reason with this particular post, at some moments it appeared to me that the beast was hoovering with the aid of his little wings, and then it appeared he was running, if this is the case, then a dusty trail maybe even with some pebbles flying would increase the ‘charging’ effect of the beast.
Also the big shadow under him in your previous post is lost in this one, maybe that was what made me think he was flying… I don’t know…

I find your paint process very interesting, sort of distinct from others. Oh, and I really wanna see the eyes on those little hunter thingies…



astounding dude! :eek: the colours rock! and best part is the texture on the dragon! love it!! :eek: :bounce: … yup … i agree with Ferx and SteevieWoo … even i thought he was flying :smiley: really waiting to the grand finale of this one! the little guys have captured everyone’s heart! :love: good work my friend! :thumbsup:


Excellent Bobby. And the teeth on your little characters are just… :thumbsup:


Poor boaragon (boar + dragon? ) those little creatures look like they mean businness…

Seriously, for a while I was afraid you’d not have time to finish your entry I’m glad to see that it’s not the case.
Great work! :thumbsup:


Here’s another update. Thanks for the suggestion about the dust trail. I was going to do that anyhow but it was good to know that we were thinking on the same page. (I still have to add some dirt kicking up)

Still a far way to go but I like how it’s coming along! It’s been a joy to paint in this challenge with such wonderful company.


Cool! that’s what I was meaning, I can hear the stomping now! And now that I see the other little things are covering behind the grass it has a greater feeling of tension, This big boy is making the ground shake!! !! !!:applause:


Haha, this is so funny (and of course well executed!)
I’m sure you will add it later, but we need some yukky saliva :smiley: :smiley:


Love it…

I wish the “beast” that is chasing the bait looked more determined. Maybe his mouth is open, his tongue flapping in the air, a more stern look in his eye. I think that would add some energy and suspense to the piece. Right now he looks a bit likes he’s out jogging and has just come upon these little critters. More energy and determination in the “beasts” expression will sell the gag.


Beautifully rendered as usual…


Looking really great Bobby!


hey thanks all!

Art2 - the drool will be added in when the dragon is a bit more complete

cgkrusty - please be patient. When I add the dirt kicking up and drool flying off his face, it’ll look more determined.


hey thanks all!

Art2 - the drool will be added in when the dragon is a bit more complete

cgkrusty - When I add the dirt kicking up and drool flying off his face, it’ll look more determined. :slight_smile:


Wonderful as always, so this is the recipe detailing the seven secret herbs and spices! As a potato-head kind of guy I feel the terror and drama. This is exactly why I stopped wearing my carrot suit. Drat you herbivores!
All kidding aside ditto on the positive comments!!


Oh this is just so comical man, good work on your caracters and beginning of the lighting. :thumbsup: probobly heard that already but can be said again, excited for the finished result!


Very funny scene…:slight_smile: Great colouring and fantastic expressions… I like it!:thumbsup:


Great progress Bob! I can’t wait to see the final result…the characters are awesome, very funny! and thanks for stopping by at my entry.:slight_smile:


Looking sweeeet Bobby! Keep em coming!