Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Lovely update!:thumbsup:
Looking forward for final peace…


Very funny! :slight_smile: I’ll have an eye on this one. Best Luck!


wow! this is coming along really well! love the that warm sunny colour wash :stuck_out_tongue: … waiting to c more dude! … no crits from here :wink: :smiley:

cheers! :beer:


Looking great Bobby! Awesome concept!


Yey! The coloring has begun :smiley: Im so happy to see u back, cant wait to see ur further process and what color scheme will u choose.


This is fantastic! Love the concept. haha very cute! Cant wait to see more completed


Really fantastic!.. as usual :eek:


Great submission so far. This topic has you written all over it. Are we going to see some color?


Starting to introduce some colors


lol, your painting is so cute! I love it :smiley:


Hey Bobby, thats looking awesome!! Love the colour scheme so far. Can’t wait to see it finished!


Looking great Bobby!!


lookin great! That little guy is too cute!


The little carrot-dressed creature is soooo funny! Would it be possible to have a zoom of that, to use as desktop background?


Hi Bobby! Love the new color update! I must say that carrot guy! its the best !! I kinda feel sorry for that big guy! but ooh well!! when you are hungry you must do crazy things, and I guess they like fast food too!:scream: haha! Like I said before a true pleasure seeing you work!:thumbsup::eek:


now that’s a funny dragon(well,he has wings like a dragon!)and the colors are looking veerrry nice!thumbs up!! it seems that you will be one of the major competitors!


so good - so funny!



I love your works. I can only wait to watch the magic happen with this piece. The composition is very compelling. Interesting characters, and quite humorous :smiley:


Alright! Starting to paint in some details! The little guys have been really fun to paint. I just wish I had more time to spend on this painting. Gonna have to cut down on some sleep I think.


awesome to watch your progress, the colors turned out great and the characters are fantastic
I love the idea; “huge vs. small” is also one of my favorite themes
sorry but you won`t get more than asspatting from me at this stage^^