Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


great illustration bobby! u got my gf kicking and screaming @ me now saying she wants it as her wallpaper Thanks alot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lovely joke! This recalls me the battle scene from Star Wars: Return of Jedi :cool: The cartoonish style helps a lot, too.

Congrats and good luck with the votings! I`m on the same side of the Force :smiley:


Hey Bobby!!!Hey I’m a bit a shame I couldn’t be in here much more but hey ho what a huge and supercute pic you did here man!You made he good choice to leave those fleshes and blood out and you made an absolutely huge pic.Love the compo, colors, everything!One of my fav’s!Wish you all the best man and hope well see eachother again next time!Cheers!!!


Wonderful finish and genius idea! I liked following along with your progress


Wow… I think this is my new favorite painting of yours Bobby! The painting is absolutely brilliant but more than that, the idea is puuure genius. hehehe… :bounce:


Man, I´m your fan! :smiley:
(i love your paint “rockstar”. The dog and the corporal expression of the guy is very good!)

I loved you ideia to this contest!
is a fine work
good luck!

(sorry for my poor english - I´m get a lessons yet) :smiley:


LOL funny image…love the carrot guy.

Great final image.



amazing work once again Bobby, aesome story telling, amazing character design and superb use of lighting and textures to separate form and bring interest.


Congratulations Bobby ! Another cool work and another price !


Congrats Bobby! My fav image for sure :smiley:

Keep up the great work!



hey Bobby, big congratulations to your price man, its a huge honor to see my work side by side with yours I already told you how much I admire your creative mind man so when you look closely at my picture youll find a little tribute to your work at the bottom right of my piece :smiley: hope you don`t mind
wish you nice Christmas


Congratulations Bobby an award and it’s gonna be perfect for december.
Regards .


Congratz Bobby!!MAd stuff,ahah!!Hope well meet up again!!!Best wishes man,cheers!


Congratulations to your price man!

Amazing work!


Hi Bobby

congratulate, great work you did!
well done.



Good work, and congratulations on your prize, Bobby!


congrats bobby! wicked stuff cant really say much else. just a master piece.


Bobby Bobby Bobby… :applause: As if we didn’t all know!! Congrats my friend on the great piece and award to go along with it. :smiley:


This is such a wonderful picture that truly deserves the win! I love the story that’s being told here with the line of critters waiting to trip up their prey and the little ones hanging onto the dragon’s tail. I’m so glad you managed to finish this for the contest, because obviously everyone agrees it deserves a prize!:thumbsup: Great job!


Hey you did it! Got an award for your beautiful illustration! Congratulations. Well deserved