Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


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Latest Update: Final Image: Carrot Run


Hey everyone! Good luck to all. This topic seems too good to pass up so I’ve decided to join. Hope I can come up with something good.



Welcome Bobby!
Can’t wait to see what you come up with, it’s a good topic for you.
Good luck!


Thanks mv! I think it’s going to be a fun one. I have a few ideas already


This should be a great thread to watch :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see things posted here


Hi there! I´m sure you´ll do an original and cool work:D


Hey Bobby! Can’t wait till you make me laugh again! It is the perfect topic for you…~kisses!!


good luck bobby!!! hope to see some creative work here.



great to see u here bobby,i cant wait to see what ya come up with this time,a very good topic for u indeed:)good luck and enjoy the challenge


Got to agree with the others, it seems like something you are perfectly suited for (OR is that the other way around?)…I must say, you could enter your lion and mouse picture and that would be perfect for the theme… but of course I am looking forward to a brand new shiny illo from you! Have at it!


Hey Bobby, It’s great to see you here. This one’s perfect for you. :thumbsup:


I think it would surprize all of us if you wouldn’t come up with something good :smiley:
Have fun!


Welcome master.

Great to see U here. Great picture is coming !


hehe senior chiu

can wait to see the crazyness that comes out of this one. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the support guys & gals! I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head… now I just have to find the time to scribble them down. I’ll get sketching as soon as I have a free minute!


Bring it on! ^^
Good luck Bobby!


Ok, woke up today and started thinking about ideas for this challenge. And then I thought of something! Here’s my little thumbnail. It’s around 1.7cm x 2cm.

The concept is a tribe of little critters on the hunt for a big meal! But it’s how they hunt which is interesting.

If you can’t see it now, you’ll see very soon when I work on it some more. This initial thumbnail is just to get the idea down quickly with a basic composition. It’s not meant for everyone to understand it, only me. It’s like writing down point form extremely quickly and messy. Only the writer understands what he wrote.


Howdy Bobby! When I saw the title of the challenge, I immediately thought of you and Sir Squibbit! Signing up here so I can watch :slight_smile:


Great, you’ve entered. Now I have no chance.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


I cant understand what i am seeing but if i judge from any of your previous work i am 100% sure it will be great… good luck