Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


U know what’s missing, surprise attack to break the monotony of the image, everybody is sitting around but by putting the arrow or something into the front character eye would spice things up. You could have penguins turn their heads to see what’s the commotion.

Just a thought.


So funny and so awesome!
The red smoke really sells this piece.


You know, hon, I learned a lot from you in the last fiew years… but never do I manage to create such great brush work as you.

It looks great!


I know it’s been said before but your image made me laugh hard! congrats on your lovely piece :applause:


hey Ninja, looks like youre doing a great job here; the colors are awesome and everything looks like done with much love my only suggestion right now is that the front-guy looks a bit flat because it looks like I acn see through his eyes to the background keep on the awesome work, were witing for an update


Great Concept! The sketches and WIPs look really cool and the idea is definitely a winner. Great style, great colors… just awsome… basically what everyone else has been sayin


its a wonderfull piece of art m8y i realy like the format that you have chousen to work these composition out and the color palete is great :bounce: i was goin to make a comment on that head that it was making the image flat and i’m glad that you figure it out and change it the new head looks way way way better…the pinguins are cool :slight_smile:


This is almost final piece… I’ll go and sleep over it couple of times, to fresh my mind and see whats still missing.
I added many detail to this latest submission, some color changes here and there, pulled out some shapes, developed the smoke, and added textures overall the image.
Im still wondering what to put on the signpost, to add something to the story. Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

something like that maybe…

and here is a bit bigger version for all detail freaks (as I am :slight_smile: its about 25% of a whole image size.


Excellent blaz. I love the colors and style. :thumbsup:
For the signpost I don’t know, maybe with less direction it will be clearer but I’m not sure.


just excellent !
Great job, style and humor !


Holy crap, that’s good stuff!!! :thumbsup: Your style is superb.


fantastic work man!!:bowdown:
and thanks for your tips on my entry :slight_smile:


I envy your techniqe… The progress is amaizing I love it so much! I hope you win :wink:


hey bro! where are ya?? is your final piece ready??


Huh! Could this be it? I really hope so… before I get bored working on it :slight_smile: So, I added another face to one of the characters on the right (does it work well???), added some snowflakes here and there and breath coming out of skeletons mouths. Maybe something else but I cant remember, hehe… how does it look? I also tried tons of sign writings, but all came out cheesy, so I decided to make a strong image title and leave everything else be read from the image itself. I hope I succeeded. And ofcors one more close up version (25% of full size)

And now the almost forgoten story behind the image:

A fearful army of darkness realized they were lost on their deadly march, somewhere around South Pole, while they should be fighting a war against… well, someone that is far far far away :slight_smile: Having headless scouts it was inevitably at some point. After hours and hours waiting in bone freezing cold they decided it is better to hurt their pride a bit and ask someone for direction. And a penguin colony was the first that came by. The moment when they found out that they were 20.000 miles lost, is depicted in this image.


And some 50% close ups…


GOODNESS man!!:eek: This is ridiculously BEAUTIFUL!:eek: Your color is so RICH! I LOVE it!:thumbsup: Excellent work!


CONGRATULATIONS BRO! :scream::bounce: awesome! simply awesome! :eek: still and always be one of my favourites! love the brush strokes a lot! especially the colours and the way they blend in … wishing you the very best of luck dude! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


It looks cool, Blaz, and well-executed. Bravo, a great job. Good luck and enjoy your future award,hehe:thumbsup:


Excellent stuff Blaz!!