Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


brillient choice of colors and an awesome composition… and the humor of this pice is so awesome!! i mean its hillarious!.. way to go mate!!.. keep up the good works.!


Looking better by the day. Lucky you are, buddy. You have got skills and tallent. Hope to see it finished shortly…


Today I had some time to work a bit more on my piece. Faces are starting to show up, there r some stupid looking penguins, several skull faces and a snowman in the back. I also added several penguins in the back on the right side of the image, to balance the composition and close the view… they r still in a sketch phase, as many other things that need to be detailed. Hope u like it.


It looks class, the new changes are definatly improvements. If I was to offer any advice I think in terms of narrative its important that you dont make it look like the army is charging or the penguins are fleeing, as it looks pretty cut throat already (which is a good thing!) and you dont want the viewer to miss the important interaction.


great concept, I think it’s very funny that some parts of their bodies (skeletons) are missing at this point… i think you should leave it that way… after all, they are the undead… they wouldn’t miss a head or a hand… or two :stuck_out_tongue:

keep it up, you’re doing great!!! :applause:


hahaha. love the yawning skeleton…


Such a cool illustration! It made me laugh, great stuff.

I love the use of colour and the detail is great.

It reminds me of something that Gary Larson from the Far Side comics would do (but his would have been a simple cartoon, not this great illustration).

Best of luck


Wonderful colours and cool idea! I like the way you contrast the grim characters with the happy palette. The shapes at the left side are a little hard to read at the moment, but maybe that’s just because you haven’t detailed that area yet. Anyway, great job!


Wooow this is just starting too work out so amazingly well;wooww m8!Me just enjoying the show so well!THe only tiny little point Ill say, but i know this will change,for me is the red clouds/mist down their feet,maybe needing a tiny bit of secondary colors in it.
HUge job!Cheers!


I agree with that “charging army” especially the skeleton with the long word, looks like emerging from a battle.
Anyway fantastic work so far :applause:


Hello again old friend, nice to see you here again.

WOW! this is an awesome image…love the characters…had a giggle when i saw the snowman.

Waiting for more


This is extremely good, Blaz! The composition totally rocks!
One of the best entries so far! :slight_smile:
Keep it up!


Wow! I know many people have already said this but it deserves to be said again! I LOVE your concept, colors and composition and I really love your painting style! You have a fantastic epic, luminous feel and very funny! Nice work!


This is easily my favorite piece out here so far nod nod


looks so great, all the best with that piece!!! great artwork!


Hi NinjaA55N,

great skills,
I really like the atmosphere you got going in this piece
beautiful colours
the red smoke looks sweet

keep it up


haha yeah as headtrip said it could be from gary larson :smiley:
heheheheheh the snowman was a cool idea :thumbsup:


A M A Z I N G !


Slowly the image is getting together… I changed the front character (not finished yet), coz the previous one looked flat and with him the whole image. With the new character I tried to bring more dynamic as well as pointed some composition lines back to the left side of the image (his head is turned to the left), so it somehow loses the weight of raiders breaching to the right. I hope my thoughts make sense, coz its quite late here and Im a bit tired :slight_smile: Other than that, I also added a bird to the frozen characters head, arguing with one of the skeletons. Also mainly all back characters are now finished, apart from some last touches that will come at the end. More to come, hope u like the new version.

Best to all!


baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (stares in awe as saliva drips down his cheek) ahm… wow i’m outta word… its most definitly one of my most favorite images in this challange!!.. if i cud vote i wud definitly vote for u!!.. gr8 work!!