Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


oh, and I forgot to say… there r some heads missing :slight_smile: still try to find out that funy style, to make them more comic like and with lots of expression. The skull guy at the right side is just some quick playing, but not the final… he doesnt look at all how I imagine it :confused: back to the drawing board!


Rockin’ concept and painting. Great work!



love it so far … the execution is really really good… i admire your brushwork there :smiley:


Hi Blaz,

Really nice strokes here!:thumbsup:…and your pallet choice turns out superb!..Cheers!






This is looking really nice, Blaz!

One thing to think about is that some of the penguis are gettign a bit lots sitting up against the dark-colored ghouls. Maybe the right-most penguin can be moved a bit to the right, so that it’s silhouette is reading more against the snow between the boot and the skirt than the skeleton’s boot itself?

And what if the third skeleton from the right hada red skirt instead of a black one, so that the penguin in front of him was in front of red, not black, and so we could see its’ shape better? And, of course, there’s the good ol’ rim lighting, which always helps, too!

anyhow, just some thoughts… good luck!


dude! this piece really has potential! a very light moment. You are doing this as a 2d illustration, right? Your edgy style really does contrast with the situation quite well! great stuff!


Wonderfull pic, with a incredible miscallenous of color, very good job


Absolutely stunning image developing here. Your technique is fantastic.


love it so far … the execution is really really good… i admire your brushwork there :smiley:

Just the same!!!

HEy and what about one of those ghouls using a broken magnifying glass to try to read the map…huhu…

later amigo:beer:


thnx to everyone for the feedback so far. I’ll write replies tomorrow, here is just another update in my painting. Faces are all erased coz I still didnt decided about their style yet. Best to all!


blaz your work is always soo super i cant help but give you props and sit back and enjoy. i just wish you updated more :slight_smile:


I think you should punch out that penguin more. I think that would help with identifying what that shape is against that boot. wash out the boot and the ground a bit to punch him out. Nice vibrant colors Blaz! I love you, hehe! Jk! :thumbsup:


Superb ! Amazing palette ! Your painting technique is wonderful ! Okmer’s idea about the magnifying glass is funny but why don’t you try a compass too ?
Waiting for your next update :beer:


Hey Blaz just wanted to say your progress looks fantastic! I like the decisions you’ve made about the characters on the left. I think I’d lift the FG character’s head a bit and put his right index finger to his lips in a dumb way :smiley: Poped into my head as soon as I saw that dude. anyway, waiting for more…


Finally I found some time to comment back…

Gord-MacDonald, easydoesit: thnx! I’ll try to keep it up.

Vahn, idyeaah: thnx buddy, the brushwork is giving me some hard time though… wanna to keep it juicy and rough.

walrus, beelow: hey there my friend! So nice of u to stop by. Im aware of penguins, they need to stand out more, so I painted the skirt red as u suggested, it will help for sure. About the right penguin, there r still some possibilities where to put him, so I’ll look into that next. But I dont want them to look plastic as they do now, I want them to be rough painted as much as possible, so they will get some additional layers of color over them and that could help them pop out as well… We’ll see :slight_smile: thnx!

bluemattersoda: thnx for very kind words! yes, thsi will stay in 2d for sure :slight_smile:

MDN67: thank u mate! This time it will be all about colors.

OKMER, bouboul: thnx for stoping by! The idea of one of the skeleton holding something in his hands is awesome, I’ll sure put something there, just dont know what yet. Maybe compas yea, and the background penguin is trying to understand whats happening… coz honestly, non of these penguins have any clue whats going on… they r just playing smart :slight_smile:

Slav: it is so nice to hear that from someone that I admire as well! thnx, it means a lot!

Jeffparadox: hehe, nice idea. I was thinking about something similar, but than I realize that he is not the main character or even point of interest in the image, so he should be very subtile and just for the matter of composition, nothin more. Thnx for stoping by!


wow! amazing work!


Holy cow blaz this piece is just mindblowing, the colours are so vivid my eyes pop out.


Your work is amazing, your technique, the colours, but the part I love best and it makes me chuckle everytime I look at it, is the way in which you treated the penguin giving directions in the lastest update. He has just the right lean to him with his wing pointed showing the direction I can just imagine the conversation going on.

I’m looking forward to following the progress on this one,


Hi Blaz, that´s awesome. I like your idea, you entry is my favorite in this challenge. good luck:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Great work as always Blaz and sorry I’ve not had a chance to add to this thread until now.

Love the concept and the colours are really something - love the contrast between golds and reds and blue shadows.

No crits at the moment

Dave :applause: