Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


I really like the composition and theme, your painting is of great class :slight_smile: Just one thought about the agressiveness, some of the caracters may look a little bit to forwardmoving in the back, almost as if they are storming past the general sitting in front. Or just posing, Maybe if they would have a little bit more of a stationary feeling about them? (never thought id say that about a painting :P) or anger combined with confusion pherhaps?
Keep it up! will have a look out for this thread!


so here is first color test with sample background… Im quite happy with the right side of the image, while the left side needs more work on colors. Thnx to all of u for the comments, I’ll reply tomorrow when I’ll get some sleep :slight_smile:


you’ve a great way of working, the splashes of colour on top of the original b+w sketch are really bringing it to life, looking forward to seeing this progressing.


These colors are hot!


Hey thats a good one there! The idea is really funny. Love the composition and the colors . Penguins!! :slight_smile:
Cant wait to see the final piece, ambiance looks good!
Good luck, cheers.


Hi, laughed when I saw the outer thumbnail and i love it so much I actually bothered to login to tell you this. I think the idea will be further accentuated if we could see some of the undead standing around impatiently, eg. hands on the waist, tapping of feet.

Also something to consider… the three skeleton warriors don’t seem to be very leaderlike compared with the rest of the horde. But if they’re supposed to be typical minions, would it be better to have a few more similiar looking skeles in the background cos right now, I was a little confused if the horde is actually coming after the three, or part of the three, although in the end i’d still believe they were WITH the three skeletons…

cheers and good luck


a wid variety of colours there but they work really well to focus on the point of action… this is going to be great… i honestly would be surprised if this wasnt one of the winning pieces


Warriors of apocalypse getting lost in Antarctic? This one is hilarious! First I haven’t even noticed what is happening in the middle… This one is interesting for sure: like getting ur past style and the new one in one work.

Wish u luck on this one!



Hi NinjaA55N ! Colors it’s beautiful!


handlebar: thank u very much!

Layer01: thnx for another reply! As u can see no, I used some color and overlay layers to colorize the image, than put some more normal layers on top of it and started over painting details and making more defined shapes. Its the method that Im using lately.

nimitta: thnx! I’ll try to bring those character designs even a bit further. I hope u’ll lake them then as well.

zweiDee: Im glad u like it :slight_smile: thnx!

OKMER: hey buddy! thnx for stoping by! Im glad u like it and the comment about puting something way in a first plan is awesome. Will think about what puting where. Thnx!

adib: hey, thnx! Cant wait to see uur entry for 2d!

Ligo: thnx for sharing ur concerns. I see ur point and will see how it will work later in the process, if I could change that for the better. Thnx for stoping by!

shamhead: thnx! Im glad u like it :slight_smile:

Jeffparadox: I’ll try to keep them to the end of the process! thnx :slight_smile:

ponchik: thnx! yea, penguins, hehe…

taste: I’ll try to portray as much emotions to the characters as possible during the next stages of development. For now they r more or less just quick figures to place the composition down. And thnx for ur thought on colors. I’ll try puting some more red to the left side and some more dark costumes to those three on the right… hoping to keep the variety of colors vivid. thnx!

W-I-L: huh! thats an honor to hear! I hope that would like colors of my next step as well, while I’ll put some more of them into the image. stay close and thnx for stoping by!

izisilver: Everything will be be more polished at the end ofcors so I hope at that time the whole image will be clear to read… and its nice to see u around! thnx!

Smik: thank u!


so here Im testing smoke/fog of darkness to connect those characters a bit together, to make the image a bit more balanced with colors on right and left side and to implement the army with some sort of evil touch. I hope it works???


Lovely sketches Blaz! Looking really interesting!


Lovely colors dude! Your getting awesome! I love what your doing. Keep going.


blocking in first details (some characters and a background), some slight changes on a color scheme and thats it… much fun :slight_smile:

Thnx also to Bobby and Bryce for encouraging words! Much appreciate it :slight_smile:


haha cool concept and idea mate, go for it!:slight_smile:


ouch! formidable. :bounce:


You have a beautiful piece, from color to composition, just beautiful. For now, I just think that your focal point still too mix up with the background. However, I guess it will be resolved with the progress of the painting. Best of luck man.


Hey Blaz,

Just came to take a little peek at what’s up. As I see your painting is doing very nice :thumbsup:. The idea is great and i hope that you can pull out its strong points as much as possible.

The right side of the painting looks fantastic (love the penguins :)) as for the left side I’d do it a little differently … I know you still have a long way to go, but if I were you I’d try to make the horde look a bit more comical.

I’d divide them into 3 groups: complaining (like old ladies talking about sth), phlegmatic (someone lighting a smoke or sleeping) and some some trying to pass the time (like snowman that you have, maybe some pranks, wedgies). All of these activities are strange behavior for a stereotypical skeletor. haha :scream:

hope i helped

best of luck


awesome choice of colours buddy! :eek:

how about adding mist or smthin to show that its really cold out there? … ( not quite sure wat to call it … but wen its really really cold u c them a lot … correct me if wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )

great going man! :thumbsup: waiting to c more! :stuck_out_tongue:


Submitted image is just a preview coz its too big for uplouding. So here is attached a full res to show u some of the process. Nothing special yet, although I remove the dwarf character and replaced him with one in the first plan, coz I though it works better as a whole now. Thnx for the tip on the fog, I was planing to use that at the end, when all the details will be blocked in and there wont be any fear of loosing or overpainting something. thnx for the replies!