Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


great composition and strong color pallete for all the three,its rather hard to choose coz all of them appeals to me.i like the wide screen format too:thumbsup: keep it coming blaz,


Awesome stuff! Love the long composition. Great work!


hi i really love the idea and the speed paintings are bloody fantastic. i do not envy you though as i think it will be ahrd to portray the humour in the piece that they are lost. it might seem that they are merely taking a break and the leaders planning there next course of action. maybe a few scratching their heads might do it, but i am sure you have something in mind …cant wait for the next update.


Thank u for ur replies! Yes, I agree its a hard task in front of me. It should be more charicature than realistic painting and I’ll try to manage that. There will be skeletons that will be freezing and that have enough of this journey, some of them will be scratching their heads, some of them will even have fun and making snowman etc… but it will have to be more in cartoonish style, especially their faces. I hope I’ll manage to do that. Many thanks again!


making snow man is a great idea… yeah will ahve to be a bit comical style i agree


so here are some more defined characters… and a penguin, scaring a small dwarf warrior. When I finish with defining background as well, than I’ll put more time into caricatures of their faces to make image more comic like.


some changes that I made, thanks to my coworkers :slight_smile: now generals of the army of darkness r asking for directions a few penguins that really dont have any clue whats going on, but anyway they r trying to help at their best :slight_smile:


Now Im wondering if the image isnt too unconnected or whats the right expression. Is there too many characters that crash the image on too many pieces to work as a whole? Im also asking myself if the composition works… or was I carried away in a painting process… hmmm :confused:


Oh, my sweet & sunny Jeezus :eek: You’re off to one seriously good start. Try shuffling the zombies around that surround the map; if you can get more of the penguins’ silhouettes, they’ll have a stronger presence in the image. (particularly the penguin who’s pointing at the Horde with he fin.)

I dunno what else I could suggest. This is amazing already; I can only imagine how much more awesome it’ll be finished!


lol I love everything you’ve added there, this is turning out really funny man, penguins and the snowman action on the bg are working greatly, gotta say you are really benefiting from this format you chose, you’re showing a lot of stuff with no chaos in my eyes… i personally love the composition, and the lighting, less contrast is working beautifully on the darker left side. I’d just try to get the characters on the left side of the canvas as funny looking as the ones on the right side I guess, but it’s still at a very early stage and it’s great job man!


Love it! the picture looks so epic as your eye scans acorss it and then…PENGUINS! lol
very nice indeed.

is the final peice going to be in Black and White? or are you going to add colour?


Many thanks to all of u!

chrisbeaver: I was thinking to add more penguins yea, maybe far back in the background, maybe one of them will be also mixed with the crowd on the right side… donno yet, gotta try :slight_smile: Thnx for stoping by and giving a positive feedback!

Jeffparadox: yea, that would be really good, to make them more funny. That will be my next task. thnx!

Layer01: no, the final will be fully colored, check the previous posts to see the color scheme. Thnx for ur comment!


this is now very clear as t whats happening… loving it


I realy like the concept of this and your sketching stye, great progress and choice of characters.

Steve 8)


ah yes, i hadn’t seen the colour scheme. It looks brilliant btw, the style you’ve used is so elegant and loose, i love it.
What will your working method be? will you redo the work from skratch once you get the b/w picture done, or will you somehow colour over/under the b/w ?


Really loving your concept, really made me chuckle. The character development is spot on I think and also like whats going on in the background. Great work look forward to further developments.


hey very nice update. I like your concept a lot. Great characters and a special format. Great job with the lighting, focus of the maincharacters with the map, and the other guys keep in the darkness. best regards Diego


Hey this looks great so far. I love the idea and the composition. Good luck. Can’t wait to see it finished.


hehe,me back,haha.
Wooow Blaz!Totally digging it!Love those pingouins and snowman and all.ME ronfllll very much by seeing your image!:D:D:D
Lovely style also again!

Me I feel ok with the composition.I think the colors will decide if the image will be too busy or not.Knowing your skills I say"not"!!!
Maybe havin just a hand or a part of a warrior really near us on the foreground on one side of the pic could bring in even more depth.Just suggestion ofcourse.
LAter amigo!:beer:


Hi there,NICE COMPOSITION as always.You know very wel what to do.Good luck to you,I will join later the 2d challenge right now I m in the animation challenge.:beer: