Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Hey stranger! Haven’t seen you around for a while. Don’t the challenges sure pull people out of the woodwork!?

Good luck and have fun!


hehe cool i cant wait :smiley:


love the aliens watching sci fi idea and laughing at humans. cant wait to see what u come up with.


hehe looking forward to this just came to subscribe and wish ya lots of fun. good luck mate and let it rock :smiley: :beer::buttrock::wip:


These r 3 of my latest ideas for this challenge. I still didnt completely forgot about those that I put down some posts ago, I just wanted to make some more of them and pick the right one later.

1 - a fisherman is surprised that fishes are going into his way and jumping into his boat by themself, not knowing that behind him a whole island got ouf of the water (for now in a form of a giant crab)

2 - a plant that should eat insects is a vegetarian, attacking a poor daisy

3 - a bounch of aliens came to the earth and tried to sneak into the pentagon, spying on some informations… but unfortunately they were missleaded by a scarecrow which they saw first, thought thats how ppl really look like. a crowd of surprised generals will be around, while they try to pick out of their camouflage.

Compositions are not yet final, as well as not characters. These r just ideas and quick realisations of them so I wont forget them :slight_smile:


Love the first two thumbs, the first most of all, but they all have great personality and detail even this early. Can’t wait to see where you take this.


hey ninja
wicked sketches and very cool concepts, the third concept is my favorit, that idea is very strange.

good look


Great sketches!

Looking for seeing more!



Great Sketches Blaz!More drama in the first one and more humor in 2 & 3.

Personaly love N°1 ,think this piece has got a lot of power,drama and dynamics.Can already see the fisherman’s expression on his face by seeing those fishes jumping in his barc.Ronfllll:D
Just a thought after seeing yo sketches ofcourse, as all the ideas sounds great and so just looking forward to see which one youll pick.Cheers!


Number 2 could be a winner, if you had the flower scaring a bunch of venus fly traps or something. Like they are cowering to the cute one. I like the mailman dude too, but the giant crab is something I’ve seen too often to get too excited about.

Really great ideas, and really great line work… I’ll have to watch this develop!



They’ll could all work, but i love the crab idea…visually it would look great.



Fantastic sketches, you could develop all three, but I like idea nº3 the most, I think it has a lot of possibilities, it could end in a lot of great images. The crab is good too, btw look at this:
it is an image by Bernie Wrightson. I always remember it whenever I come by an old river of Spain.


Glad to re-examine you here,
I think that you to go to make us good thing.
Good luck.


Hi! This is my 4th concept… its about barbarian horde, maybe even army of death… something frightening and demolishing… who are lost. In front, under the signs sits a scout, watching the map for the 100 time, behind him there is a whole army waiting unpatiently. Im thinking of extending the canvas, so I could portray more of the soldiers… some of them stuborn and unwilling to continue, some of them having fun while waiting, some of them sleeping etc. I know that this sketch is really messy but its something quick just to remember the concept.


I love your latest concept, either that or the aliens-in-general idea, I thought that was hilarious. :smiley: Although this concept is just as funny…you have to give the scout a really confused look on his face, maybe having his wife nearby going ‘I TOLD you we should have asked for directions at the last tavern…!’


I love it, Blaz! love the concept, it reads really clearly, even with your scratchy spped-paint. And the colors are bold and fantastic. Go go go! I expect nothing less than the beautiful painting you did for the last Challenge. :thumbsup:


Thnx guyz! I decided to go a bit further with the latest concept, since walrus and paperclip gave it a bless :smiley: My spare would be aliens in pentagon… and thnx to Ramitxon for giving me link to that awesome image! I was stunned!
And about this last update, I extended the canvas size, gave it more unusual proportions and tried 3 different color schemes. First is this winter one, second somehow a day light but depresive mood and the last one is from hell or something. What do u think?


Yay, my blessings count!

I actually prefer the original sketch, the tighter perspective helps you to focus more on the scout (where the story lies) rather than just the army in general. Plus it has my favorite color scheme, very well balanced indeed!


Hi all! Long time no post :slight_smile: First I’d like to thank you for voting on color scheme, I decided to go with the blue/pink one, placed in the snow environment.
But from my latest update thats not yet clearly seen coz right now Im doing a tone scheme, to place light and dark object as much correct as I can. And ofcors here are first character designs.
For character poses I used references that I made in Poser6, so its more believable as if I would go drawing them out of my head.
Im wondering what u think so far…
Best regards to all!


I love the concept, and I love they way it’s developing.

The contrast is great and the flow of lines gives the whole pic movement and life.