Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Hi Blaz, Congratulations! Everything looks great, your technic, colors, details, all are superb. Viewer could find new details in every look, I love the snowman. Well, watching your progress was really great, from now on Good luck! Cheers!


hey man!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that your work turned out fantastic! It’s breathtaking - from composition over colors to rendering! All top notch, well worth the effort!
One of the strongest pieces by far!


Nice to see another great work from you.

Impressive painting style. :bowdown:



cool stuff Nninnja



Wow… this looks great. It is funny, cute, the colors are great and the atmosphere. I wish you best in this competition. I hope you will get some award. :wink:

I will follow this thread. Just wondering is this near finished image or do you intend to do some more painting over it?


huh, I almost forgot to write the story down under my final submission. Will do that shortly :slight_smile: And thanx for another great response!

chile888 - thnx man!

Jeffparadox - whoooa what a long post! thnx for stoping on every single segment of the image and commenting it, I really appreciate it! Im not so skillful in traditional painting for what I really regret, but Im in love with those paintings and Im looking at them for hours, trying to understand the logic behind their raw, yet very elegant strokes and textures. For many years I polished my paintings but a teacher at school somehow opened my eyes to try searching for other aproaches as well. Nothing wrong with smooth and polished digital images though, I just realised that sometimes u tell more story with less details. Im still learning and its so much fun! Thnx again so much!

MartinNielsen - thnx :slight_smile: sometimes it benefits if u paint over the line, rahter than stay inside, hahaha… like they were teacing us when we were jung :smiley: it better blends with surroundings and u may get some lucky mistake strokes that live up the image.

ashiataka - hey there! yea, I tended to put some details here and there that player will notice on a second or even third time when he/she will be looking at the image. Thnx a lot for stoping by!

Hideyoshi - thank u! It means a lot coming from u!

cabertevon - thank u :slight_smile:

Squibbit - hey, long time no hear! Where is ur piece huh!?? hehe

InTerceptoV - hehe, u missed the process, the image is final. I hope that doesnt mean it looks unfinished to u? and thanx for good thoughts!


Congratz man! great job:thumbsup: I love it, you are my favorit from begin. Good luck in finale!


wow you worked long on it, didnt you?
and how strange they behave… kinda confused or despaired, huh?


Haha cool !

wouldn’t mind having that on the wall at all actually, top work :applause:


Blaz -

Wonderful work! I really love how this turned out. What a fantastic blend of the creepy and the funny. It’s still amusing to wrap my head around it, the mix of penguins with maps and all of the gory skullfaces, especially on the far left of the image. Looking at your first 2 close-ups, you’d be hard-pressed to tell this was a funny peice. But it is!
Oh, and I have to add that I really love the smoke curls everywhere - they’re so stylish.

Now for one belated crit: you made one HUGE mistake…
You said these guys were marching around the North Pole. Penguins don’t live at the North Pole (only Santa’s Elves live there, as well as rapidly-becoming-extinct polar bears.) To quote from Wikipedia:

Penguins … are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.

Change your write-up to “South Pole” and you’re golden… Happy to help! :slight_smile:

And thanks again for the paint-over in my thread. I still need to do more work on that guy’s face, I still don’t quite have it yet.

Anyhow, conrtas for finishing another great piece!



Hmmm, maybe, it could be a little “strange” to have penguins in the north pole? After all they don’t look like such good navigators either :smiley:


Hey Blaz amazing piece Congratulations


Love the story, love the pic, love the pingouins!!!Fantastic finish Blaz, one of my fav’s!!!Hope I’ll vcan be some more in here with you guys next challenge.
One more time great,great & great work !!Congratz!!!



awesome piece
i really love this one
congratulations !!!


Superb! The story is great and is wonderfully done, so powerful image! And asking the penguins is so cool and funny hehe. Good luck!


Congratulations on creating such an inspiring work! Would you mind describing some of the techniques used?

  1. How did you create Photoshop brushes able to smear and show brush textures, like individual bristles?

  2. What size was the pallet you were working on in Photoshop (for example X pixels by X pixels) and did you work at 100% resolution most of the time or only when adding details?

Thank you so much for sharing…I really find your choice of colors astonishingly beautiful.

Thank you for creating such inspiring artwork!


amazing work Blaz, one of my favs! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hey hey Buddy!!!Sorry man I couldn’t be in here more and sooner after the finish.You really a huge pic here man and I relly love the painterly feeling you gave to this piece.Absolutely 1 of my fav’s!!!
Hope we’ll see eachother again next time, its great to do these contests by your side!
I wish all the best Blaz!


Hi Blaz! The work is very unusual , and story is great. :thumbsup:


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