Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


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Latest Update: Final Image: 20.000 miles lost


Lets the silliness begins! Good luck to all of u and I hope to see some familiar avatars around. Cant wait to see what will all u come around with… this one will be a blast :smiley:


Welcome and Keep it Odd!.. =)


Good luck and have fun man!


good to see you back bro! looking forward to another grand piece :wink:


Heyyy it’s good to see you around :slight_smile: Good luck, waiting for your new master piece :thumbsup:


hey buddies! Thank you so much for so quickly jump into my thread :slight_smile:

I also have some ideas, so better put them down before they vanish away:

  • staying awake for 3 days (or at least trying to)
  • what love makes u do it (a bit cliche I guess)
  • stakeout moment (silly outfits or something… SWAT acting like bushes and trees)
  • aliens watching sci-fi (probably something with humans and laughing to our silly “costumes”)
  • more to come… hopefuly in sketch forms


dude, I love the SWAT idea! if you pulled that off right, that could be totally f’ing hillarious. Have one of them tripping behind, as he’s holding just a part of a picket fence as his cover. haha…thatd be great.


Looking forward to your entry man!!! :thumbsup:


heh some really cool ideas there man!

I’m looking forward to see what you’ll make!


Hey Mr.Porenta! good luck for you, hope we get fun on this challenge!




Yeppa Buddy, nice to see you back!Let’s chill & roll,haha!Nice ideas you got there!:smiley:


this is gonna be a highly anticipated ,ground breaking thread:scream:im looking forward of luck and have fun


Hello dude. Do the best and go on!:thumbsup:


yay ninja, good to see you again Blaz, good luck and have fun dude!


:thumbsup: Good to see you back for another challenge Blaz

Good Luck :applause:


Good luck man! I`m waiting to see some of your awesome imagery here :bounce:


Heya, Blaz, good to see you again - looking forward to your entry and progress…!



Great to see you in! Best of luck to you! Not that you need it… :wink:


thank u so much guys and gals (if any)! I hope I wont dissapoint ur expectations here :slight_smile: tomorrow I have a badass exam in school, and after that I’ll focus more on this challenge, as well as ur threads. Have fun :slight_smile: