Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bittler Bernard


He-he-he :smiley:
This is great!:applause:Love the idea and the composition of image! So much expression!
Great work!


Magnifique :thumbsup:

Fun idea and great execution. Bravo :applause:
I`m looking forward for the finished image :bounce:


This is a droïds factory cantina.The overwork make a confuse between human and droïd food.( or suicide? )…
sorry for my english…
I see a great works in this challenge and i hope my illustration enjoy you…
best regards all


hahaha… wonderful idea


Nice idea, and to the point! A strange behaviour indeed. I love the colors and your paint job in greneral. Best of luck with the voting…


excellent. a lot of great personality in this. i love all the shocked glares from the other robots. pretty cool.


thanks for your critcs:)


very cool and nice style! Wish you all the best!:thumbsup:


Just cool. Nice work…


Good Job Bernard.
Bon travail and really a strange Behavior .
Also a good composition good luck


this is funny! =)
very well done



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