Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bittler Bernard


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Latest Update: Final Image: Dangerous Food


My first entry. The scene is in a cantina factory for droïds reserved…


I’m not work the line art, i modeling step by step the volumes and colors.


ha ha ! very nice idea! I love it!




Good concept and good luck!


Hi Bitler, I must say good concept with some interesting characters. One suggestion since they don’t serve such a food at this place have him eat out of the Chinese carry-out box that will top it of nicely.
Good luck, can’t wait to see the progress.


I guess not only dangerous, that kind of food must be really disgusting to any robot!!! maybe you could make more clear what the other robots are eating for contrast, specially in the first plane tray.
Great depth in your image! that will look amazing once done!!


awesome. I love it.


Excelent idea!! cool brush work


A détail of brush modeling…


Very nice work. I really love the concept as well. No crits from me.


update of my work
See you later


update of my work
See you later


hehehe, nice concept! and great painting going on so far…


work on texture


Your work is really solid, I love to look at all the detail and it is not even done, wow!!

How bout a couple meatballs? the tray looks a little empty, I guess there’s no plate because, where would he get a plate in a robot city? or a maybe glass of wather, that woud be real weird in a robot, uh?

Keep the detail coming! and cheers!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


new update of illustration


Excellent !
Really good idea. I really like the way you draw.

Just a little suggestion, I think it will increase the feeling of surprise if the first droïd have his mouth wide open (with perhaps some normal droid’s food still inside)

Can’t wait to see your final image !



my last update…now, i’m painting the background droid and finishing the décor.