Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bill Corbett


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Latest Update: Final Image: Toast Noir aka Toastacide


Times Running out so it’s time for a five minute concept sketch. First and Last I’ll be going with this one because it’s less cliché than the other ones I arrived at.


please don’t let him do it :))))

nice concept… waiting to see more of it


Quick 1hr+ render in Artrage2. Will refine more if I get more time.


haha, that’s funny! although i don’t think the rendered picture is as clear - i think you definitely need to include the cable in it, to emphasize that it’s an electrical appliance!


Thanks Buzuba and Hollietree :slight_smile: It’s still very rough at the moment but I won’t forget the cable in the final rendition :slight_smile: If I manage to finish it on time :smiley:


hahahahha this is pretty funny. i love the distorted perspectives too!


lol, that is really funny!
Creative idea! :slight_smile:


Haha :scream: …and after will come CSI to investigate who killed the bread? :smiley:

Gool idea, I`m looking for more updates :bounce:


Thanks Hideyoshi, Jeffparadox and Nomad. I’m relieved it isn’t just me who finds this idea amusing :slight_smile: CSI for bread lol!


A little bit more refining, decided to play around with the perspective a bit more using the wall tiles, break the rules and stuff :slight_smile: Need to work on the contrast a little more now.


More refinments made. Worked on the contrasts and reflections as well as a bit of scumble here and there. Straighten’d the tiles where I thought it was needed. Added a little irony to the picture hanging on the wall. There’s more to do when I have a few more hours free.


this is really fun. all that perspective is giving me a head spin. you’re doing a great job with the reflections and all…


Scuffed up the sill and tiles, added a little mould and other little bits. Worked the contrast a little more and the shadows added the toaster lead. One more session and I’m calling it done, getting bored looking at it now.


Unless I change my mind in the next week this will probally be the last one. I just generally tidied up the image, the tap especially (which I didn’t like). So here’s the story behind the image… I like the irony of ending it all by the means you started it all. I also like the idea of van goth vs sunflower and a few other things I threw in for fun. At the end of the day it’s just toast, if that ain’t strange behaviour, what is?


No more amendments, final image has been uploaded. The only thing to add to the story is the description for this picture :

         To die by my maker, watched by my mentor, mirrored by his creation, and Dali's trying to muscle in too!!

Thanks for looking…


Great! I like your entry. Good luck!


nicely rendered so far! Love the naive perspective approach, works very well with the idea!
Do you plan to add a face for ‘toasty’?
One crit: it isn’t absolutely clear where the toaster is placed in space. It looks like it’s touching the water already, but I assume it’s not meant to. I think this need a little clarity in reflection and shadowing…
Keep it up!


Thanks Medunecer :slight_smile:

Thanks Hideyoshi, great call! I can see it as plain as day now and I knew there was something niggling that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Looks like I might still be another one or two submissions away :slight_smile:


To die by my maker, watched by my mentor, mirrored by his creation, and Dali’s trying to muscle in too!!

Not sure if this will be the last one or not, never say never I guess. I change the reflection in the bath water but not to much.