Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Hey Axel, cool colours my friend! I like a lot the Octavio´s expression. Perhaps Octavio´s colour more to a purple tone or purple spots. Think he need spots on his skin :smiley: ( i really like the purple colour… Ok, no more Hendrix´s music … hahahahahahahaha … ok, ok… no Prince´s music too… hahahahahahahaha :smiley: )
Check the right foot of Wolfred ( hahahaha nice names !), seems like a left foot :slight_smile:
and maybe you can make Skullina a bit bigger.

Again great work my friend !!! Cheers :coffee: <---- not more beer for now , hahahaha :smiley:

(Me gusta mucho ese grupo, las expresiones son muy muy buenas y me encantan los ojos undidos de skullina, genial! y pues a seguirle dando que es mole de olla :smiley: y yo aqui te sigo apoyando, la verdad tienes mucho talento, vamos amigo!!! ( y no dejes de checar lo del pie derecho de wofredo))


hahaha… great characters


Hola Fer amigo ! que buena honda que le sigues hechando un ojo!

Thank You! Fer I already fix Wolfred’s right foot! next post more characters coming out! yay! :bounce:!! and working on Octavio’s colors not sure if purple dots or some purple hues here and there, Since I also love purple its such a fun color! and very flexible! And about Skullina’s size she got more size ! hurray!:smiley:

Bobby- OMG its a big dio for me that you like the characters ! haha! but I am not finish yet haha! please let me know anything you can bring will be learning feed back for me Thanks! :thumbsup: for all the great support!


Unquestionably a wide spectrum of powerful inversed behaviors and inversed characteristics are displayed with a great background. I have trouble seeing the vampire guy’s canine teeth, and his bluish skin tone could be confused for one of those powerful blue sunscreen creams, so maybe try a touch of some light grays with a touch of sickly green?


That wolf is a wacko!! I like him a lot but his tongue is not too clear… it need some shine…

The comp looks good to me now! maybe later you can add something fying in the middle of the sky area, I don’t know… an owl with sunglses or something, :smiley: but lets see later…

Hay nos vemos en una de estas nochesitas…:beer:


i really like the surfer girl and the flying octopus. the girl looks like shes so excited to go to the beach reminds me of baywatch. maybe you could add some boat or kayak? but probably that will add more complexity so just stick with this idea and hope you finish it before the challenge is over. good luck.


I know! sorry about the late comment…y como tu dices soy de lo peor :twisted: hahaha!
but like I said b4 u have a gift this is all great and I love ur work…
2day I dont have a star but I have 2 thumbs up hahaha! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see the final results Im so exited!:bounce:


hehehehehehe :smiley: wonderful expressions my friend! i can imagine Octavio goin AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!:eek: and skullina and wolfred goin WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :bounce::smiley:

  • i think octavio can have that wet look … more specularity …
  • in addition to what Ferc mentioned about the skin tone :wink: :slight_smile:
  • add highlights to wolfred’s teeth …
  • oh yes! character shadows have to be added :slight_smile:

really looking forward to your work my friend! wishing you the very best as always! :thumbsup:


Your image just keeps gets more and more fun… Now you make we want a vacation.

Keep up the great work:bounce:


Now you talking!!!
I love the whole thing.
I know you are working on it, but right now all the characteres are floating, right? So everybody needs some ground and… the background looks too soft, maybe!!! I hope I am helping you. Good luck my friend.


hahahahha, this is looking awesome man, you’ve got a great eye for color, keep it up!


Sorry for the late post! I am so very Happy to hear from everybody, my internet was all wrong this last days, so I am back with more characters to fill out the Back Ground, the Witch “Alfalfa” its next, then “Chicky” the mini swam monster, and his cat, and so the Mr.Hot Devil,phew! so much still to do …and none of them are full done since I think I still got to finish them once all of them had at least a 70% done


Well 1sth will be; the Yeti’s team, were Thanks to big help from Gabriel (Gracias Amigo:thumbsup:) I know how to paint better fur ! YAY! and also I am pleased to say I have my little baby here “Channel” my puddle dog, I always have the tendency for personal project to add some one dear to me! So this time its her, and next time maybe my black cat “Edea” muwahah!:smiley: So I am not done in all the shadows and texture for the sand castle and the Yeti’s skin and horns, but since in the compsition they are a bit small not sure how much more should I go in details here besides the mentioned…:rolleyes:?


Here comes the rain again! JK. haha! The Wolfred’s Team I havent done much yet on Octavios skin I will add all mentioned already from Fer, and Neville Thank you! but I am almust done with Skullina and Wolfred, like nails and some better shadows once I placed them finally with all the bats, till then I got this, so its never to late to change something:rolleyes:? and hope the purples and fiushas are better in Octavio? the spots on him I am still working on them!


Next The Vampire “Victor”, I have start with him already since he is one of the Stars and I want him done in any detail possible! I need reference for that darn foil tan thingy! but for now that crapy texture its doing some work in my head! I was going to made his skin a bit more grayish and pale! but he blends to much with the sand, so I am adding some purple/browns hues in his charming tan, ooh! he will have some props like the blood cocktail, and the towel maybe…hmm what about holy water? ooh and the expression its not my fav so far hmm! maybe its that weird right eye?


[left]Ralph- Hey Thanks so much for all the help in the tones for the vampire :slight_smile: I am still working in that green, the grey looks good on him the only bad thing it’s that he kind of looks so far like a statue hahaha! So with in this time I will give my best shoot! Thanks Ralph

Gabriel-Gracias amigo! I worked in all the coments you mentioned in Wolfred’s colors, hope it looks a bit better now? as for that flying object love the owl idea!:thumbsup: but I was thinking in doing my black cat flyng by mistake in a broom? but maybe thats to much, so a crow could be cool also haha!Thanks so much for the great idea!

Manny-I am so happy you like my Surfer Witch! :smiley: She’s so ready for some action in the water, and she does have some serious thrill issues! Hahaha the kayak idea was great! Only bad thing its time at this moment! But could be added in version 2 though!

Nayra- Amiguitaaa de lo Piors! :love:Love to see you here Thank YOU!
You know I always enjoy anything you commnent about my work its always a good thing to know what the friends see in my work!

Neville-I am so happy with all your kind words :smiley: Thanks my friend! I am following all the comments you mentioned already, in Octavio’s skin next post will be definitely showing it! And you are hired for the animation project hahaha ! Well considering there will be one some time hmmm?

Kamall- You must go to a vacation with them:buttrock:!They sure will add something new to the holiday and you can never have too much fun! Thanks so much for the support! And for letting me know what you think of the progress!

Uldison-Hey my friend! thanks so much for all the advice its all sooo very true! :thumbsup: I need more contrast and ground on them ! working on it for sure! Thank You! and Thanks again for you help and support ! I love how your painting its going!

Jeff- hi there! Thanks! Well what can I say more that pleased to know you found them funny like I do! Thanks for that, and I am very honoured you like my amateur color palette hahaha! I guess I do what I think I should do so thanks again for the support and words of encouragement!:thumbsup:



Oh WOW Axel, this is really coming along BEAUTIFULLY! feels like a huge jump since my last visit :eek: This is awesome! The only thing that really needs to be added to set this all off as Neville said are the charater shadows.

Wow, I really LOVE this!:love: I was feeling so lazy when I woke up, I feel a lot better now. Thanks Axel! I need to go take a run then start working on my piece, be as busy and productive as you :smiley:


[b]Hello Axel,

This is really shaping up! As for the skin tones, a touch of flesh (peach) just here and there, some slightly blood shot eyes, reddish blush on the lip and the touch of blues veins here and there should bring him back from the dead.[/b]


Hi Kamal, Thanks so much for the kind words, always brings up a smile to see some one haveing fun in the life so I am glad I had capture some part in them, and glad you like them to :smiley: do some run take some cafee, and do your wonderfull piece of art its comeing along so nicely!:thumbsup: ooh! working on the shadows as well as soon as I have color in all of them a bit more…
I am off to work in the park! :arteest:and do some painting mean time my dog runs and eats people ( hahah one can only hope ):surprised

Hi Ralph- Hurray! I am so going to use all your color advices haha! he needs some touch up for sure! I was all night doing his skin :cry: !So your are so helping me to take less cafee today! Thank you;)


Hey Axel, woooow awesom work my friend!! The Yeti´s fur its great!! and “Channel” its a really funny touch!! ( and the Channel fish is cool!! great design!) The wolfred group is comming along very nice!! ( I love the skullina´s eyeslashes!! She is sexy !!)

Victor is cool ( me gusta su pose de “galan de playa”:smiley: ) Perhaps on the props you can add a pair of sun glasses (Like in your previz sketches). I think the foil can be nice if reflects sunlight to Victor ( if not, maybe you can take out the foil :smiley: ) I agree with you, the right eye looks a bit weird. The holy water sound good. maybe a bottle branded “Holy Water Tan Oil” - Sun factor protection 13 ( perhaps 666 but sound more diabolic… hahahahahahaah :smiley: )

Again, great and awesome work Axel!! Cheers !! :coffee: ( not beers for now :sad: … hahahahaha :smiley: )

(Esta quedando increible Axel, los colores de la playa me encantan, está muy bien logrado, se ve que estas trabajando muy duro, hasta en domingo… hahahah, muy bien. Creo que debes eleminar la lámina de reflejo en Victor, pero sólo es una opinión personal. Y a seguir dándole, que ya pusieron bandera blanca, o sea, última vuelta… hahahah soy bastante fan del automovilismo hahahahah:D)