Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Gabriel- Thanks so much for all the time to xplain to me what O just cant see at naked eye in this moments! I agree in all, I just don’t know if I did right in doing what you sugested? hope I did! oo! and I am glad you like the bat’s idea! hurray! so the fly team! can have a better explatation, also I changed a bit the shape of the ocean to see if favors better the Witch!, and the eyes of my little peeper haha will be fixed thanks:) , coz he needs to take more atention toward his worst fear! water! hahaha…And don’t stay up to late! or at least drink up some favorite of mine “cafee de olla” mmm cinamon!


I am in talkative visions mode. My suggestion regards the beach an attractive witch and a handsome vampire, so far nothing new. Now use a different ending to the Wizard of Oz, there was yet one more evil witch and she takes Dorothy and the remains of her crew to the beach and is joined by her vampire friend. The shell of the tin man is seen as rusted and sticking out of the sand, what’s left of the scarecrow is sticking out of a fire. A rug under the table a looks a lot like a human-like-lion, and over the fire a small form is roasting (Toto?). As for Dorothy the Rudy slippers are on the witch’s feet. Perhaps other indications of Dorothy demise such as the large hour glass with all the sand at the bottom. In the sky a dark lettering stating “GOOD RIDANCE DOROTHY” that is reminiscent of the “Surrender Dorothy” seen in the original film. Maybe this will give a conceptual and visual context, via multiple cliché abuses. I am not familiar enough with these forums to know if suggestions for major concept shifts are appropriate, if this is inappropriate then my apology. With the short time frame it will take some magic to pull off!

  Again thank you for your recommendations, of course it is harder to implement than understand.


Yep, that’s what I was meaning, Now see if it works for you, and lets see what everyone thinks too!

Hey, the yety took a safe place this time… I was thinking he was too close to the waves and they would destroy his little igloo and he would cry… Wahahaha!

Finally into color, the background is great!!

Cheers buddy:beer:


This is a very fun filled day:eek:


Hey Axel, me gustan mucho los cambios de la opción 2 ! y el fondo está muy fregón!!

Axel, i like a lot the changes on your composition, cool mate! and the background is really great, and with colour, pop beautiful! :thumbsup: (perhaps the only test that you need to do is flip bigfoot, i think if he face to the right, all the characters now center the action on the beach) Again, really great work my friend ( and i love the sexy witch!!) Salud con café de olla !! ( y no le vayas a poner ron a tu cafecito, eh? aunque no es mala idea hahahahaha :smiley: )


Hi Axel,

Your color palette is just great, and I love the distant mountains! So I guess I liked the composition with the witch running in the water, mostly because i can see more of the background there, and you could do splashes…

You could also try to shrink the werewolf/bats/octopus combination :smiley: to about 20-25%, and move them to the upper-right corner of the composition in the sky, flying away. That would fill up the gap at that area of the canvas, and leave you all the room for you to render a nice background and clouds in the middle of your composition, which you already started. You could also try making the tanning guy bigger, about 150%, and rotate him clock-wise so that his foot gets out of the canvas (sometimes breaking the canvas like that may work nicely); which could bring him closer to us, and create a more powerful depth. some ideas anyway…

The new buildings in the bg look great! keep on rocking dude! loving those colors… :beer:


I love the sea-sky-rocks palette.
I think you can improve a little bit the 3D sensation of the building cause now I see it a little liiiiittle bit flat.

Only an opinion eh !

Good work man !


damn! love your palette! looking at the beach scene makes me wanna take a vacation! :cry: sighhh … the good ol beach! love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i’ll go with option 1 … it leads the viewer right from left to right … or more like a down slope … also …
> add the shadows to see how it works with the characters and with the entire scene … it makes a big difference … ( me found this out while painting the background :wink: )
> more contrast to the mountains … just like the buildings …

thats it i guess … maybe i’m missing smthin … really eager to see your next update :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers my friend! god bless!


[font=Arial]Axel, Axel… Where are you!! [/font](Virtual you)

[font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]I strapped on my heavy Herman Monster boots to keep me grounded. {8>)>  The Bewitching Beach, the apex of the Bermuda Triangle?   Can’t wait to see you’re latest, I have my suntan lotion on, garlic just incase, and a small bag of salamander eyes has a host’s gift.  [/font]

[font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]May the force be with you![/font]

[b][font=Arial] [/b][/font]


HI Every Body THANKS SO MUCH! Sorry for replaying so late, I am in painting mode!:arteest: Your opinion, comments and votes, Mean a lot to me … Thanks so much:love:

Ralph- Wow! So many clever ideas you got! Love the idea of the Witch leading the innocent Oz Team! To a new path, but for reasons of time, I am a bit late to change the whole concept! I hope I can spice up a bit more the personalities so they won’t look that ordinary! :wink: And Dorothy might go to a sequel project in the future! But I can’t BQ poor Toto! I like dogs! I can BQ Dorothy though!:rolleyes: JK
.And for the help and support and effort to make a better artist in me! THANKS! I appreciate it so much!:smiley:

Gabriel-QUE HONDA! JAJA! A thousands thanks, I think the new composition will work better 2nd it’s the winner so far , lets put all the crazy guys together! And that’s it! Haha , please let me know anything else pop up in your mind! Just vent over the thread!:wise:

Kamal- I am glad to see you like the fun day! They better have some fun after all my efforts to expose them in this weather!

Fer- Gracias Amigo! You are the guardian angel of the posts and comments! And I think the “Yeti” if I turn him to see the other guys, the little puddle won’t show that much! But once I update them we can always change our mind! All you said its very true! so I have it in mental note! Thanks again for keeping an eye on my thread with so much help!:scream:

Jeff- Hey you! Mr. Pro! Haha Can’t possible see a post form you with out learning something new! OMG you are right I change them and they look good! Only problem it’s that we had been alone on that idea of sexy Witch splashing water! So I will keep painting and see if still Works! Its awful to see same thing over and over and don’t came up with a clever way to put them! The Vampire, I changed a bit his place and rotate him as you said, and the Werewolf’s team I shrink him, but lead him at the left corner so it can made some eye contact with the witch! Thanks for the time and patience! Haha:)

Serena-I am so glad to see you ! I think so too those buildings need more contrast, let me know what you think in the next alright? Thank you Thank you!:thumbsup:

Neville- Hey my friend! I am very grateful for the comments and ideas! :DI miss the beach as well, so maybe that’s why I will try to picture it as perfect as it can be, for a good monster’s holiday! We all need it! Please let me know what you think in the future post! Your comments help so much and motivate as well with your always kind words!


Ok I need more texture in the sand and ocean! but since I need to pose those crazy guys 1sth I am still working in that I will post next the almost final decision for all and let me know!please ! haha!


Hello Axel,
great work and beautiful colors, can’t wait to see the caracters in place.


wow man you got that real quick! Loving your paint job, and your colors so far. no critique from me. water looks great, ( I suck at painting water :D) waiting for your final composition…

Hey! those distant mountains reminds me “The Goonies” haahahaha. Awesome!!!

p.s. i think i’m liking this flipped version more :smiley:

keep it up dude…


Wow you have a lot done since I last saw it! I see you have an extra stone for the vampire to lean on… good…

I like the flipped vesion Too, but that happens all the time. lets see how the characters work on it!

I still think the pyramids got almost lost:shrug: what about moving the little one abit to the left,
like that is the scenic area and quite a dangerous fall too:D


Hi Axel,

You flipped the whole thing! I wander how it will read with all the characters…
Beautiful background painting, specially like the close up water! :love:And just lovely color palette!
Axel, it’s really good, my friend! :thumbsup:
I agree with Jeff about shrinking the octopus group, I guess it can place it away from camera and enhance the perspective… But I see you already tryed it out!

Looking forward…!


Hey Axel, i love the colours and textures, the beach looks awesome!!, really cool!! :thumbsup:
I agree with Gabriel about the pyramid and perhaps down a bit the smallest palm and some big rocks in front of the pyramid´s cliff can works well :slight_smile:
Again, awesome work my friend !! (y hay que pisarle al acelerador !! :smiley: ) :beer:


Greetings Axel,

Ah you are back! The virtual you that is (which is what I was referring to). I was worried that you had gotten into an altercation with Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob was upset; he thought the levitated octopus was his neighbor Squid Ward. I smoothed the whole thing out… Maybe that’s what scared all your models away! He is a bit spooky.

Hope they will reappear soon, it looks like a wonderful beach to hang out on.


Well I don’t post the Bg yet coz I am working on it and I had the urge to post this colors in case they don’t seem ok to change them although will help a lot to post all together so next one will be all of them but this is my heavy team! and I still must do all those bats! haha oo I havent finish them off corse so there’s more moree detail to come!


Uldison- Thanks so much I am glad the colors are doing some points to help out the mood! its nice to hear from you like always! you are going really goood as well!:thumbsup:

Jeff- I lovee Goonies! I’d like to sayd I saw the movie for inspiration, on the mountains! add more flavor to the env. but sadly was a lack of sleep the result of that hahaha! and I am pleased to hear you like the colors theres more so please critic and comment with your wizdom of pro! :slight_smile: ooh I will flip it ! Thanks!:smiley:

Gabriel- yes the stone was a must! so glad you noticed that! hope its not to hard to lean on for Mr. Fangs! haha! I will move those pyramids for sure!:thumbsup: Gracias Amigo!

Sasha- Well ! cant be more happy to hear you like the colors and the water, since it is very important to came across that part to me! there will be more extras in the water, and sand once I placed de Witch and the Kitty with his cowardly master, since there’s some splashes to consider here and there, I will shrink that group and post it soon! Thanks so much for droping by my friend:D!!!

Fer- Holaaa amigo! que honda? jajaja!
I will move all you mention it thanks so much ! post it if not today tomoorrow morning and let me know alright? and thanks again for the support!:scream:

( yo te hecho porras! nosotros podemos! jajaja! )

Ralph- Sponge Bob it’s my pal! hahaha! so I am glad you told him that! the mosmters are bikini shopping for now! You know holiday and all that! no superficial needs at all! They will be back! really soon! Thanks so much for keep both eyes here!

(sorry the bad spell system of my over tired hand ) hahaha!:rolleyes:


:rolleyes:Ok since I post by accident another! here I will post how I think this guys will all work together, sorry I havent add all the characters in the current colors but ! I think its easy to understand this way :wise: Please let me know if the modification I did were alright or they just dont work yet? THANK SO MUCH!:scream: