Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Hi Axel! :scream: I like a lot the design you did for the buildings! it match very well with all the characters, I like them all,and they are acting odd, so you narow it ! good the idea, I think!:thumbsup:
:love:Love the Witch she looks very sexy for a green wicked witch,and the WereWolf, he’s sexy!:rolleyes:


Thank YOU! Bobby!:smiley: What an honour! Wait for more pretty soon color updates! I am so glad you like the buildings, I change them a bit well for a better perspective I hope!:rolleyes:


Hi Axel, sorry man, I wrote a long reply to you some time ago, but when I wanted top post it, cgtalk went into maintanance :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: so everything I wrote was gone…

your characters are fantastic, and the FG elements in your environment are delicious… I’d like to mention 2 things:

  1. I’d try to spread out your characters a bit more into the scene, change their sizes so that some of them are close-up and some of them are far away from the scene. Right now it looks like there is a Fg and a MG for the characters, I think a character or two in the bg could improve your setting.
  2. your horizon line corresponds to the base of the bg buildings, in that case we wouldn’t be seeing the ground on which those structures stand. right now it has a feeling of downhill a little. If you redraw your hill in a way that we don’t see the ground on it, or we see it very very thin, it’d be a lot easier for you to get the right perspective for the buildings… well, these are my 2 c buddy…

keep up the good work, can’t wait to see those characters painted!!!


Great start on the beach, you have a fine style.


Ehi man, long time since I do not visit this thread and I’ve to admit you did a great work !


BlackCandy-Hola Brujilla del Mal!MIL GRACIAS! :scream:Thanks so much for all the mentioned! I am so glad you like them you are so tough to please!:smiley: And thanks for giving some of your time, to check my ideas!

Jeff-Hey! So glad to see you! :scream:And Thank You! For writing back I know sometimes it gets a bit high maintenance this forum! Ha-ha! About all you mentioned already, I agree and I am working on it! So please take a look on this last line art, post, I hope since this one works better, I already start to paint some characters, and I am waiting for the thumbs up to keep going with the FG and BG.:shrug:?

Ralph-I am very thankful, for the kind words, and very glad you like my style; :rolleyes:I hope the next postings will entertain you as well! And please comment all you want! Ooh! I love the fairy you did! Very nice!:thumbsup:

Serena-So good to see you!:slight_smile: No worries I bet you have been busy, like almost we all are at the end of summer! But I am so glad you like it, it encourage me so much to keep improving my techniques! Thanks:scream:


This time, I changed the pyramids, from the back to match better the perspective and also add some palm trees, I also re arrange the characters like Jeff suggested, Thank YOU! I like them more like this, hope its what you were trying to say?


Well this time I put about everything I am painting right now! please comment ! if there’s a problem I still dont see:shrug:


Hola Axel, como has estado? hace algun tiempo que no te veía por aquí :slight_smile: Me gusta muchisimo tu concepto y tus personajes están de poca “m”, la verdad te va a quedar una ilustración muy fregona :smiley:

Hey Axel, great update my friend, i love all your characters, really cool!! :thumbsup:
A question, the werewolf and skullina are fying with the octopus?

I think the “diablo” need to be left beside of “big foot”, and the octopus group moving a bit to the left (diablo between octopus group and big foot)

I like a lot your pyramid designs, really great , perhaps more mountains in the horizon, from your last mountain, diminishing them, to behind bigfoot, only a comments :slight_smile:

Again, great work Axel Cheers :beer: (creo que ya no podemos estar cheleando mucho y ya hay que darle prisa a esto o no acabamos… jajajajajaja :smiley: )


Hola Fer! mil Gracias por el apoyo amigo ya se no mas chela ni rompope, por ahora nada de estar tarde como buenos mexicanos jajaja…:smiley:

Thanks so much for the feed back, and comments,:thumbsup: as for the Devil and the Octopus party team! I already switch them to see how they work, maybe the mountains will be added, if the heavy clouds that I am planning to add from the left side won’t work! :rolleyes:And the Octopus supposedly it’s like a parasailing thing the like to do, there will be some bats caring the octopus I just haven’t done those yet! Becaouse all the strings that make the composition a bit too messy! With out color! :sad:

And I am very glad and happy you like the buildings, trying to get in touch with my culture back grounds haha!:buttrock:

Y a cambiar el tarro por la taza de cafee:argh:


Hi everybody!:smiley: late night of work! and Here are the Bats! (they will be polished once I start painting them don’t worry:rolleyes:) Since ther will be no seagulls allowed in this paradise for monsters!, and I didn’t add too many of them because they are vampire’s bats so they should be strong enough to hold them all! By the way thank You Fernando :)! I changed the characters like you so wisely mentioned before and it work like magic! THANKS!:scream:


Hey Axel, trabajando hasta tarde?.. hahahahah, no nos queda de otra, aqui sigo yo también dandole un rato, pero creo que ya no voy aguantar mucho… :smiley:

Really cool improvement, i like a lot ! the bats are a clever and great touch, really funny and nice!! :thumbsup: and the new mountains are more than enough for the landscape, great! Again, great work ( y pués tendremos que cambiar las chelas y el tequila por café, para aguantar las desveladas :smiley: )


its been a while since the last time I was here. woa, you change the composition. its looking better with those buildings. you know i could already foresee how this will look like when painted in full color. good luck with this one.


Hi [color=sandybrown]Manny- Thanks so much for taking time to check it out all my crazy ideas! And the support it’s a gift for me already! Thank You! Let’s hope the color version will turn out better than the expected! Ha-ha!:slight_smile: [/color]


hey Axel long time no see… forgiveme for not posting right away when I saw your new one yesterday but it was like 2:00 AM already, boy, this afterhours are killers! and I just seem to get nowhere… Im glad you are doing better than me because I see a great improvement here…

Woha… the wacky octopus expression finaly has an explanation and it’s cool and funny indeed, only I think that now this group looks like the main element in the picture, if you mean it that way then no problem, but being that the case then I remember a previous post that showed the wolf and oct at the right of the picture, thus creating a diagonal path as you follow their relationship with the vampire, and I think it could work better for the rest of the chatacters to be in between of those two.

Right now the witch is fleeing from the picture. Her, the horizon line and the diagonal edge of the sea create kind of a composition arrow pointing to the right, and that could draw all the sights away of the actions in the middle and specially from your cool pyramids in the left!! Oh, that woud be bad!! !!

I could suggest to grab the four character on the sand and move them to the left, then fly the wolf group to the right corner and see how it works, I’m not sure, but that could help.

Oh, and I think the sea kid’s eyes are looking a bit to high, [color=Cyan]Hey! he’s staring at the witch!!.. the little peeper…:eek::eek: [/color]oh heck, I would do that too if I was standing right there.

See you aroud as always Axel, and excuse any typos, my mind went to sleep like half an hour ago…


Well I see you are ready for painting! :thumbsup: Love all the composition maybe the BG pyramid its abit to big the one with the big skull design on it, (very cool also) just try decreasing the size for a bit! And the idea of the bats its Fantastic! waiting to see soon a color post! Have fun!:slight_smile:


Hi Axel!!:bounce:

:applause: :twisted: I like a lot the vampires bats or whatever you want them to be! I like them! about the BG I like the pyramids, but I think you need a bit more of space in the back of the last pyramid like more hill space in the back and a bit up…:hmm: Hope I could explain my self!


Well I start today! coloor hurray!:smiley: OMG so much to dooo! ooh THANKS SO MUCH for the quik replays on the composition here comes next both proposals, for the way to put the characters::rolleyes: ?
Gabriel! thank you my friend you are awesome! please let me know alright! Fer, same please!:slight_smile:
Bruja Mayor! Thank you it’s an honor to see you again here! I worked on the size as you told me for the pyramid! hope it works now?:smiley:


OK Here it is OPTION#1


OPTION#2 MUWAHAHA! sorry to much cafee!:bounce: