Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Fernando- Thanks so much amigo!:smiley: It’s great to be back! And keep enjoying the challenge’s environment, with awesome artist like you! Lets see how the Witch will end up in this next post. As for the hands I work on the scale a little, I just didn’t want to use a big hands to make her more feminine! I like long fingers more! But they won’t show in that pose…hmm

George- I am glad to hear from you, always good advises my friend,:wink: I just add some perspective to the board, so I think it’s more natural! But I am not sure? I will work on her until it looks as it should! Thanks again
and comment all you want as always!

Oszolya-seen your support, it’s a gift for me! Thanks!:smiley: I love that chicken monster as well! It reminds me a bit my self haha! Funny thing I end up in the swimming team, at the end! Ha!

Gabriel- Holaa amigo! Well those girls are the tough cookie,:hmm: definitely but I don’t mind I guess I was to rusty with all the 2d, since I have more 3d stuffs for homework! But I will work on it! Thank so much for all the help!:lightbulb

Uldison- Hey! So nice to hear, well to see form you! :cool:Hehe
I don’t mind changing that Witch, its just takes, some spell for transfiguration haha! Easy task! Yeah right! :banghead:But please let me know all its in your mind, I appreciate it a lot!


well the board its a bit different and with some perspective! as fore the hand more close to her! hmm thats all I change here! I have no one now to tell me what its wrong! let me know what its not working so I can work on it as soon as possible! haha THANK YOU!


Axel, I hate been a bitch, but see how the board is lower under the arm? I think that is the big mistake you doing; your witch almost doesn’t have a “shoulder/armpit” and unless she is very strong she still grabbing the board in a wrong spot. I really hope i am helping you and not making you angry. Best of luck, your friend…


Hi Axel, I really like the new girl, great drawing!

It seems like you’re about to go crazy with this board :smiley: I’d probably separate it, if it’s not already, and play with it independently for a while on another layer. You may find out that you’ll need to change it once you start painting too, so I always think that it’s a good thing to keep things on separate layers, you can always merge them later. as far as the board, I think you don’t need the perspective - it actually looks a bit wrong, your 2nd last post has the board very nice, all you need to do is to make it thinner a little, keeping the part that touches the hand in place, thus giving a bit more space between the shoulder line and the top contour of the board. Also you could slide it to the left a little so that the center of gravity makes more sense with her hold. You could very quickly do these, if the board is on its own layer… Keep up the good work buddy, this drawing has come a long way and it’s looking really good now, waiting for other characters :beer:


Hey Axel, I agree with Jeff and Uldison. I think you need to strech the board, the witch grabing on the center of the board (like your previous “green” witch") , like says Jeff. Keep the good work amigo !! (and I love that sexy witch!! :beer:)


Well I think the board was all wrong! haha! so I made it again! but sadly all my file went corrupted ! so I have to re do it all again! hope it looks about the same? THANk You so much for all the comments!


Uldison- Thanks Friend :slight_smile: BTW,I will never think you are "that"unless you ask me to ! haha:scream: Since if anything, I am so very grateful, for all the comments… and to apologize since seems that, I was under some crack when I did it! Sorry for so many post haha! You were right in all the subjects mentioned, thanks so much

Jeff-I am thankful for all the tips! :thumbsup:

I had them all in action already! Since I am still kind of, new to all this digital techniques! And still draw in the tablet, very similar as I do on my sketch book, erase, and draw in again! hahaha! Thank You! Hope this last post will be better?

Fernando-Amigo! hey gracias por el apoyo! :smiley: Thanks so much for the support! I think I am doing the same mistake over and over again! I have no problem doing things again! Just feel bad for so many posts with mistakes hahaha! But I have the tendency to always do things until they feel right, not to perfect coz, its boring!

Thank You! For the support everybody!And I am glad the Witch its looking wicked!


Yeeeess ssiiiiiirrrrr! that’s the perspective!! hard one but I think you got it, and I could also suggest that you don’t sweat it too much:D I know how bad one can get obsessed with these drawings of sexy girls (I’m a recovering addict to it). and maybe that’s why you had so much trouble with the board. the sight becomes narrow of looking so much at the same picture… There is till a lot of time and chance to change everything and she’s looking neat just now!!
OHH i’m actually wondering about skullina getting this treatment,:love:that will be great:rolleyes:.

See you around Axel, This is getting so interesting now… :drool:


hey buddy great job! this looks much much better, I think it’s certainly good enough for you to go forward, you’ll be fixing some things during painting too, anyway, this sketch is working nicely.



Hey Axel,

Beautiful progress :thumbsup:!
Last pose for witch is definitely better, it’s more dynamic. And very nicely designed board!
If I may… there is still something not entirely well with her feet… may be they are too small?
And with skeleton girl, I loved that band flower on her head. And I like actually that she is kind of fashion girl :).

Sorry for not stepping by for so long - I had a busy summer.


Hey Axel, thats great !! really cool and the board looks sweet mate!! nice!! :thumbsup:
About feets, maybe a bit little, but are a sexy feets :smiley: (perhaps the right foot is smaller than left)
I love your wiked and sexy witch ! Está buenona hahaha :smiley: Great work my friend !! :beer:


Well this is 1sth preview of my BG haha I think I spend more time doing the little plants in the FG, ( well in the big one they will stand up better) maybe I will bring the sand from a bit more far! o and this “pre hispanic” culture its based on many others but it doesn’t really exist though:rolleyes: (some ancient mosnter culture I guees?) well I think I need more sand …darn characters! the water looks like its not close enough!:banghead:


Jeff- thanks sooo much ! I think I will have to fix something else here, and there…hmmm Although ones paint time starts! like you wisely said :arteest: hahaha! but at least I can move a bit more!

Gabriel- Holaa mil Gracias! a thousand thanks o great guru! hahaha! But really, I learn so much from everybody and off course you ;)! thanks so much for all, its like a treat, all the wise and kind words for support ! I hope I can improve all the concepts so it will demostrate some advance on my own way to illustrate! and can wait to start touching colors already!

Alexandra- Hey hope summer went great! I miss you ! haha:),you are very kind for all the suport thanks so much! and lets see if this Mosnters can deliver the fun! haha! please let me know anything else you see ! coz I noticed also 1 feet was to small, but thats an easy one haha ! well… sort of, ones it’s spoted:curious:hmm

Fernando-Gracias amigo! jaja la bruja buenona jaja! si ella lo es mas le vale! Thanks for the comment I will fix that THANKS! for all the time on helping once more…you are great!:scream:


Axel, increible, está de poca m tu background con el diseño de piramides y los detalles de las calaveras! :thumbsup: great design for your background with the piramids and skulls details, great!! i really like! That will be a great great scene!!:buttrock: My only comment is about the cliffs, your tonal looks more like clothes than rocks, nothing that does not have adjustment:D

Again great work my friend!! Cheers ! :beer:


this looks like a very good idea for the enviroment but i think that the perspective of things should be corrected a bit… keep it up Axel


The design is great on this one and will add big to the overall concept!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I think the two troubles you describe come from the same source: You need a vanishing point, right now the buildings look kinda isometric, remember perspective is what does the magic trick of bringing front the closest objects(the sand and sea and waves) and pushing back the far away ones (the buildings and beach as it fades into horizon).
Your horizon line is about in the middle of the picture, but the pyramid’s bottom lines point to somewhere way up, and that’s what causes the effect of the picture being taken from above. In fact, if the vampire sitting on the chair would hop down of it, he would fall some 7 feet and chip a fang!:smiley:
If you have trouble with this (I know well that perspective is a pain in the rear):slight_smile: just let me know, there are many ways to go without having to dust off your giant geometry squares and T-ruler (yuck).
Keep us posted!!


Hey Axel,

That’s a very nice start of the environment design!:thumbsup: Love that palm tree and that round brick thing on the foreground (though I don’t know what’s it :D)!
I agree with Gabriel about the perspective, things are looking a bit flat right now… But you going to fix it for sure, unless it’s a part of your style.
Good work! Keep going! :thumbsup:


Well Let’s see if this looks alright? :shrug:some spots need palm trees, but I guess I will add those untill the composition, reads better.


Fernando-¡Muchísimas Gracias Amigo!:slight_smile: Ayuda mucho tus palabras de apoyo!

I am glad you like the design of the skulls, since it was my intention to go for the “Mayan /Toltec” style, and yet to cover the monster tropical mood! I agree in the cloth texture though, it was a quickie just to see how high Hill be those pyramids.:smiley:

George-Thanks for the comments helps a lot!:thumbsup: Yes that perspective was all wrong; I guess I was wondering if the pyramids will work as well for design and all that! although,I will keep working on it Thanks again!:slight_smile:

Gabriel-Hola Mr. master de los consejos!:thumbsup: Ayudaria el saber despues como usas el vanishing point en PS.?jaja

Well I think I correct the horizon line at the BG, hope looks better with everything else let me know please!

Alexandra-:wavey:Hi there! and Thanks so much for the kind’s words of support! I am glad you like the “pillar of the sun” (that’s how I decide to call it) haha were did it came from? Probably from some lost pyramid that went to the ocean were, Mr. Vampire it’s taking base on, for his sun bath! I am fixing all the perspective, so do tell me all you think on, plase! Thank You!:smiley:

Sorry for the late post, to much work lately! :rolleyes: But you guys are Awesome!:applause:THANKS


Alright! Keep going Axel. Pretty cool buildings