Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Hola Axel !, very nice change on the hot witch :love: and the surfboard perspective :thumbsup: I agree with Neville about the bikini design :smiley: I think the surfbord is a bit wide and the hand (right hand) that holds it, not seen. Only a comment :slight_smile: Great work! Suerte!


This one has upon request a skull’s pattern swim suit, hope it helps better for her character, and also the arm back and the surfer board a bit more tilt clock wise, Well hope its what was going wrong, in her I am not to happy with her hands, but I guess that pattern wont help to made to much character in the pose of her hand…
All comments are so helpful, please don’t be shy, I take all the advices from your experience and artistic knowledge Thank you!


Gabriel-Thanks so much !I try to see al I could on reference, upon your great suggestion, :wise:sometimes I just don’t see reference any more when I draw, and I forgot basic balance information, but I will give my best so it wont happen again! Thank you!:scream:

 [color=Yellow]George-[/color]I am glad to hear all your comments they were all, so very right, :DI hope the next post will show some solution to the problem.

 Neville-Always your post, are so full of positivism,:arteest: and happiness:D they always inspire to give their best, I thank you so much! I’ll try to keep less problems happening hehehe!

 Serena-So nice to see you! :scream:Thanks for the kind words; I am just posting a new image I hope it works better!

 Fernando-Thank you! For all the support I really appreciate it, and glad always to hear anything you got to say!:)


well I post a diferent position for the board, at the height og the chest since she will be handleing the board from her shoulder and palm, as also less wide:shrug:


Wow… I hope i could get my hands on some old time Archie comics like Neville said, But in the mean time try googling ‘jogging’ for nice pics of running girls, or… you can google ‘running girls’ for that matter, what do i know!:rolleyes:
But, Yep, aside of the hand i would say you got it nailed, Good work:thumbsup:


Took me a little while to catch up on everything you’ve done; it’s lookin’ good :slight_smile: A couple notes on the pose:

) Considering her weight is borne down on her left foot, her left hip should be lower than her right one.

) I would suggest pulling her elbow and forearm just a liittle higher up, firstly so that you can get the most extreme pose possible, and secondly so you can get her hand out of the detail-work on that coffin lid (I wouldn’t mind being buried in that thing, by the way :smiley: ). As it is, her fingers are forming all kinds of tangents with the detailing and making it confusing. You can get the most out of both the hand and the detail by separating 'em a little.

)Try closing her grip. People tend to run with their fingers more reined in. Might help :shrug:

I look forward to your next update! Keep it up!


Gabriel-I know Archie its so fun! I love Veronica, haha:D
btw yes, I just finish some drawing of Witches runing, hope they help I will post them once, I am back at home.and what I did about the referense, was watching olimpic old records haha…sad no 1 had a board or a coffin for the same matter!:scream:

Chris- Thank You so much. for the feed back, I think I will change the hand, and also post 2 other Witches, and see witch one dlivers better the running towards the water :). since I like the board design as well ! I think I will keep it, but that darn hand gota move…and so the hips thanks so much !


Well 2nd Witch :shrug:, I think the left feet its not in the righ profile I just like doing little piglets hehe.but besides that I dont know if I should add the finger coming out of the board of her left hand?


Hola Axel, oh man !! great great witch, a great change! :applause: I love it!! nice running pose.

About right hand, I think you need to show ( the fingers taking hold the board) The surferboard is more strech and looks really nice !
About feets. They are a bit turning to the left (to the camera) . Turn a bit to the right (guides by the navel of the witch )

I think that some hair over left arm will be nice. Only a idea :slight_smile:

I really liked your sexy hot witch !! and her lovely bikini, yea!! :beer:


Hola [color=DarkOrange]Fernando! amigo mil gracias![/color]
I 'll work on that for sure, THANKS!:); The hand grabing the board, angle of the feet, as the hair also and post it tomorow, I just got so much homework still ! hehe…but I can do it,:thumbsup: its like a break to me to be able to draw and forget 3d witch is not my best interest! love it from some else though:D


References for feet :thumbsup:
Hope they help :love:


cool stuff here! ill be looking out for more wips. :slight_smile: keep up the good work.


Hey Axel!! Seems that I missed your last post, maybe because it was a foot, :smiley: Anyway I have to say you’re doing your homework with the witch, Good!! Yeah, that reference will do fine.
Now maybe i could bother you with the hair, as Ferx suggested before, it could drop on the shoulder, but I would add that it could flow more naturally, right now all the mass of hair follows one action line (Thats OK), but it only starts to divide at the very end of it, letme show you a picture, is easier(the upper right one) Here’s another oneI know this is damn hard to draw but I mean you could represent that feeling of motion in your drawing.

Mmmm I liked the previous position of the board (not the sape, the shape is much better now) , but don’t mind me.

As I was looking at pictures i found one that could help you with the first position of the girl, but since you changed it i think is not very useful now, anyway here it is.

Thanks again for the Jackie O reference!
See you around!!


I am so sorry for the late post, but everything happen to me this last weeks, but I am back to normal! well as usual, better said! and since I have also my sister is now! liveing with me, she is a tough judge, and serve me for inspiration of this character, hope looks better!

THANK YOU SO MUCH everybody I read everything! you guys are great!


:)Serena- OMG!!!:bounce:Thanks so much for the reference; I did feet for a whole week! Mean while I was on bed! Since I went sick, but back to normal! And I have so much to scan now! haha! You are like the angel of anatomy! THANK YOU

:)Slav-It’s so nice to see you here at my humble thread…hehe and thanks for the support!

:)Gabriel-You are great amigo!! :thumbsup: Everything you post as links, I did as study! So I can get a better flow, on the Witch! so for Now I am happier with her, although a bit scare if any other character looks bad? But at least, I already finish the environment sketch, so I will just clean it up! And let’s see how everything will come together! …but I want so much to start painting , or else I will just keep adding ! :banghead: mooree!!!

[color=LightBlue]THANK YOU! [color=PaleGreen]everybody[/color][/color]:love:


Hey Axel, cheers that you are again here and everything goes well amigo mio!! :smiley: :beer:
I like a lot the new witch’s hair , nice!!, and i see that you put the right hand grabing the board. I think the hands proportion are a bit little in reference with all body (more the right hand), perhaps the left hand need to be extended to brake the bottom line of the board, only a comment mate :slight_smile: Again nice work ! :thumbsup: and I´m glad that you come back to the challenge :beer:


Hi again Axel,
the witch is looking much better… the only remark that i have is that its pretty much impossible to hold a board like that while running… I would give it an angle (in perspective) and i think that would make things much better…

have fun,


hi your ideas are great :thumbsup: so far my favorite is the little monster and its pet…it is just adorable:) i can’t wait to see it finished


Ah… don’t worry the girl is always the hard one,:thumbsup: you have half of the though work done now:D


Hello Axel, glad to see an update from you. I know you are probably tired of hear about her, but there is something weird about the way she grabs the board. Maybe she is too skinny to handle such a big board or the balance it is not right. How about try making her grab the center of the board like in your earlier sketches?