Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Well to finish the combo here it is Mr. Devil! Showing the latest fashion on monsters crucifixes!! Great blink blings! And off curse, I have to add the price tag since some friends told me it could be easier to understand that way!


Hola! :scream: Axel, this is lookinf FAB and Fantastic! I am so happy to see work that had some style with an inosent touch of fun :eek: I LOVE the Witch she so cool! and also the vamp looks really hot ! bring more fun soon


Hey Axel, you came back with full power!!! So many updates! Very good.
I love your characters, all of them; the devil is definitely my favorite. Can’t wait to see them together.


great progress Axel… I love the Devil character and the communication between the vamp and werewolf… The only sketch that doesn’t really work as good as the others is the witch… the pose makes her feel like she is about to fly and there is something strange going on with the eyes… keep it up


Ahahah man you are a volcano of ideas!

I’ll use all my eyes (more than 2 eh :P) on your characters and be sure thast I’ll give you an advice if I’ll notice something strange.

I love the green witch too !


Bruja Mayor-Your words as always motivates the any artist to do and bring their best! I am so happy that you found them funny and appealing to your taste! Thanks!

Uldison-So Glad to se you are checking the thread, Thanks motivates me a lot! I am also very glad that you like the characters and Mr. Devil will be glad to that its your favorite! Thanks!

George- Thank you. so much for the comment! You are so right the proportions for the Witch were wrong! I correct them and post the new ones hope you like them! Although I change the pose, I twist it a little bit haha so you can see a better running action towards the water, any how please let me know what you think? Thanks for dropping by again!

Serena- Hello hey so glad to hear from you as always! I will repost the Witch, lets see if keep like in her haha! As soon as I finish the line art of all the characters I can pass to the Environment and start going for more details! You always add motivation in the thread Thanks Serena again!


alright some changes I did for bad proportions and better pose for the action to run towards the water


Hey Axel, a cool idea, very nice !!! I like a lot your sketches. :thumbsup:
About the sexy surfer witch, I think she has a big turn in her torso or if she is turning to view to someone the surfers board perspective dont match. Her legs are some short for the head and torso proportions, only a comment :slight_smile:
Great work! and for sure I’m forward your nice concept! Good Luck!


Ok man, it will be hard cause I don’t manage english so well but I’ll try to explain what I see in this witch.

Of course you need to check proportions (I think you simply have to enlong her legs and stop) but now try this experiment :

  1. put a white layer over her legs (till the pelvis). See how the “upper” part of her body goes to the image’s lower left corner

  2. now cover the upper area : see how legs follow the bottom borderline’s direction.

This is what, in my opinion, you’ve to check in this image.

Of course, legs are more easy to redraw than breast and face …

Ah, if you set her going to the left corner, I agree with Ferx, check the surfboard perspective :thumbsup:

Good work man, I wait updates :slight_smile:


Hey Axel,
I have to agree with Ferx and Cyborg on this one… she looks like she is twisting her waist too much right now… i dont think i need to add anything to the advice provided… keep it up and keep us posted


Thanks a lot for stopping by dude. I like your idea! and have been watching your posts, great sketches man, especially love your last sketch of the witch. I’ll be checking out your updates, best of luck to you!!!


Alright! I was smoking crack when I draw her hahaha! (Well at least, not really fresh LOL)

Yes the legs are completely wrong for that head, and torso, thanks Fernando, Serena, and George, for the quick replay, thanks so much guys! I will post again today the new pose and the surfer board to se if all fix now! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Jeff- Thanks a lot for the support your thread it’s really amazing! I am glad you like the Witch she just need some quik spells for anatomy! And ready to splash the board!


I’ll be waiting for the next witch, she’s getting a good shape indeed…:scream:

See you around!


Hey, This concept is certainly a happy concept, sure gave me a smile. The witch turned out good too. Will keep my eyes open for this thread!

Have a nice day


well the new pose and some perspective in the board I haven’t done any value on the edge, hope isn’t necessary from this point, to get the idea across!Thanks everybody for the great support! and feed back, helps so much!


Gabriel-Well I am glad to see you here, I appreciate all the kind comments, and hope to keep you entertain in a fun way! and lets see if this Witch have the hot factor! and the fun factor as well?:slight_smile:

Linus-Thanks so much, for the support and the nice feed back! If it made you smile then I am for sure, in the right track, for the mood I am going for! Thanks! And comment all you want please! Take Care!:)


Getting Hotter Yeah!!

Uh, Axel, I think you’re missing something: her left leg is in front so her left arm should be going back for balance, that way you would achieve that dynamic ‘Bay Watch slo-mo’ feel that everyone remembers with joy.:smiley: right now the arm is in the middle of it’s action so it’s a little static, i think.
Hey wait, if you do this then the right arm (the one holding the board) would be going front, to show this you could tilt the board clockwise a bit.

Hope it helps!


hey Axel… the leg and board are looking a lot better but i was thinking what steeve wrote before i read his post… the normal way of walking is, for example left foot forward, right hand forward… This (using some great info from the animators survival kit) can be changed in any manner to show a certain goofyness in the character or add something to their personality… While this would work in motion (all the anticipation to get in the water etc) it doesn’t give your drawing a dynamic enough feel… She feels more posing than running at the moment… keep it up, i am sure you will make it work


damn!! i missed a lot over here! :eek: theres so much in your work not to mention a very good selection of characters too! :stuck_out_tongue: :scream: … your latest update is really cool! by the way speaking of which … how about changing the patterns on her bikini to smthin like
crazy laughin pumpkins or black cats or even skulls :stuck_out_tongue: and as for the pose n all … try getting ur hands on archies comics and have a look at the beach scenes … lots n lots of ideas! :stuck_out_tongue:
waiting to c more my friend! :love: :stuck_out_tongue:
take care! n good luck! :thumbsup:


I quote SteevieWoo but of course this is an improved version of your witch. Bravissimo :thumbsup: