Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Very cool Axel!!!
I would love to see the main character interacting with some other caracter in the painting.


[color=Orange]Thanks everybody for the great feedback, its helps me so much to understand better

Serena- Thanks so much for the great suggestion, since I will add some clouds here and there and maybe to made things more clear of my madness a rainbow?
.let’s see haha!

Agostino-It’s great to see you here, and I love the idea that more people like monsters like me
so don’t worry about that, if anything I am glad that I am not the only one
so let’s show them some fun in a peculiar “monsterific” way , hope to hear more from you!

Kei- wow! your awesome! Haha you add, inspiration to the thread to entreating better!..About the “big foot\yeti” thanks I am glad you like it. But I was thinking in giving him the more cold creature factor so maybe instead of the sand shape, an Igloo of sand, and something else with him, hmmm lets se if in the next sketch you like that idea?

And hope you still thinks is cute and fun
I like doing that with monsters haha…

 Uldison- hey great to hear more from you! I am glad you like the idea so far, it’s for now, unpolished, but I will keep working on that. About your great suggestion, I will add more inter action between the characters and I think I will give also an assistant to Mr. Vampire to help him refresh

lest see if you like the idea in the next sketches?


All right! This is the 1sth sketch of study to my skeleton girl “Skullina” coz I am still iffy in were direction to go? The others are more consistent to what I was planning but this little girl its not strange enough for me still, I will also enchase more my Mexican culture, Back Ground, so I will give her some decoration on her skull like we do in the our death skeleton art…haha so please comments…:slight_smile: it’s the best way for me to understand if you like it or not ?

T[color=Magenta]HANK YOU[/color]


Heeey, she is so nice! I love her lashes and that little flower on the head! Nice sketch and character research…
And sunbathing vampire is one of my favorites :slight_smile:

Good work! Keep going, Axel!


Hey Axel… Skullina looks great right now… the concept also looks very good but maybe a little crowded imho… i could work great though… adding clouds etc would be my suggestion too… keep it up


Uhm, please, try to describe with words what you’ve got in your mind for Skullina.
Maybe in this way we will be able to give you a better advice :slight_smile:

Good work man !


Alexandra-I am so glad you thought she was cute, since part of my dilemma was that
and I will definitely keep that flower, I was only a bit unsure of witch one you liked more if the one attached to her bandana, or the one printed in her head?. Thanks to stopping by
and replaying so fast hehe!:smiley:

George- Thank for the suggestion of the clouds, I must surely add some, since I need more space and illusion of the best weather possible to make a clearer statement of the strange behavior in these dark creatures. And they do seem a bit crowded but hopefully with some more experiments with all of them I will made the right composition and scale, I will be more than happy to hear anything you suggest, Thanks again George.:slight_smile:

Serena- a very important thing you suggest, that I completely overlooked Thanks!..for “Skullina” since she will be riding her pal the were wolf, I was expecting to make a good strange personality that will demonstrate she’s a kid able to look like the kid and her dog hanging out in the beach
.doing some cool stuffs off curse she would be the kind of girl, whose not at all scared of anything , since she got a were wolf as best friend, and she will be doing with him some cool extreme sport
maybe she even might found this boring! I mean she’s a skeleton what else could happen to her…:scream:


Of all the idea, i like the cat and monster most. That idea is kind of funny!

Good luck with that,


My CGChallenge Strange Behavior Entry


Rianti-Thanks for dropping by the thread, I am very pleased that you like the monster and the cat, they will be part must definitely from the main composition, hope you like to check the updates soon !:)take here and have fun!


it looks like theres a party going on in the beach. if you animated this with all kinds of animals dancing that, will be very funny. add more animals if space allows it, this will be fun to see.


Mm so the Skullina’s keywords are : decision, strong, extreme, no fear. Isn’t it?

In this case I think that the description you gave us with the sketches is more like a “sweet, fashion little skeleton”. If you notice you described her with stars, perfect hairs, ribbons…like a fashion-system addicted.


Hey i missed skullina, when did you post her?! but she looks real good, so proud of her waspy waist, (it shouldn’t be any other way, so clever) but, no hair? aww c’mon! maybe some piggy tails, i don’t know…:slight_smile:


hey you have come with a funnier idea.but need to see abetter composition/layout.:slight_smile:


Thanks so much guys ! for all the support:) all your suggestions are in mental notes!

  sorry I haven’t post anything but Mr. Potter have stopped all my concentration! haha but I almost finish the book...I will post something this weekend it will be a lot ! Like 10 sketches, haha...but that's what I get for adding so many characters! Its like a big casting here, everybody want to be part of the Monster’s Holiday 


 Manny-I bet animated will be so fun,:D maybe I will some day on  2d with some cg environments, but I need more time for that!... And I was thinking on adding some animals, as well but I was afraid of make it to populated lol. But no problem with that, just my composition might change of scale, hahaha I was thinking on adding a large whale bullying some sharks out of the water

and some bats painting them selves as seagulls leaving drops of paint in their path ?

 Serena- you are right She does seem more fashion than extreme sport girl!:buttrock: I just want that darn flower in her head hahaha

but I have a new version of her, and you let me know what you think! I will post her this weekend.Thank You so much for keep an eye maybe 2 on her!:slight_smile:

 Gabriel- Good to see you again, :DI post her as non official,  maybe that’s why you missed her, but I want those piggy tails too ! But a dark friend of mine told me to get over it , and that skulls cant have hair so she made me change her hahahaha

but some resent corpses might still have some right? so I will follow your advice

 Rishikesh-I am glad to see you here, I know, my composition, have no layout what so ever, but I haven’t decide quiet right all the characters yet, so that’s why its been difficult to made the right choice, hope to hear your opinion on the final steps of the characters compositions



Ok this are all my characters that will take place at the Monster’s holiday enjoying the lovely sun ! hope you like them and glad to hear any thoughts…


all right 1sth line art of my vampire with his reflector ( thanks for the great idea Chris) he will be flashing the horns, to team of the werewolf, then he got a date and cupid will be as always making it worst! to the FBride whom in anger will be serving him some holy water so Mr.Vamp can refresh himself…she is also an icon for all those plastic surgery woman in the beach, I mean she start it the whole trend lol!


well instead of giving them some boring para sailing activity…I thought why not use that big octopus, he might not enjoy it, but will be fun to ! and then the trio its complete! hope you like them I am still not so happy with their expressions I will made more studies since “Skullina” will be pretending to have fun when shes not, its boring, “Wolfred” will be having a blast, and “octavio” will be in horror…


Alright! this is one of the favorite characters I think…and I made him more scare of the water, while his kitty pet its anything but that! I get a little bit inspired of the lifesaver of one that I reember seeing in a pool when was was some kind a “flamingo” weird!


Well my other characters will be the abominagle snow man, or “Yeti” bulilding a sand iglu to his little puddle whom loves going fishing piranas…


Here it is, The Surfer Babe Witch “Wika” ! with a very stylish piece of coffin board…design might be to much but it wont hurt show some of my ideas on it!