Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


G[color=Yellow]abriel[/color] You are awesome; thanks for letting me know all the details I wonder if they were not showing in there!:rolleyes: All your comment help me be a better artist and I am proud to have help from you! You did so much in this challenge for everybody and I am one of the lucky ones whom get a bit more attention:blush:! So I have a little extra treat for you and Fer! Thanks…:arteest: and what can I say I felt like I won something big since I begun here from were I am now! That’s the real price for me and definitely your help and support its gold in that trophy

so yay! party and punchis punchis!:buttrock: and save some ponche for me!:smiley:


Hey my friend J[color=Red]eff![/color] those words are so kind thanks for shareing that good energy:cool: You have the talent to make everybody like you!:slight_smile: haha! besides you paint like a pro! I admire your style a lot! With great impact of a fantastic style! And if I have grown even a little in this few months its also thanks for your wise and great support! Thank you my friend, dont get lost and keep in touch!
hope you like the final treat as well:arteest:!Cheers for you to:beer:


Hi S[color=PaleGreen]oner[/color], so glad to have such kind words from you! And also happy to know you enjoy my thread and crazy ideas! It’s been fun to work around talented people like you! :slight_smile: Thanks and best wishes for you to!:thumbsup: :arteest:

                                                                                                        F[color=Yellow] a s h i o n    V i c t i m !  

[font=Century Gothic]special guest

:wise: [font=Impact]Rita[/font] ( from Gabriel ) and :twisted: [font=Impact]Dalila[/font] ( Ferx )



Hhahahahahahhaa, this is hillarious amigo, god bless you!


No problem Axel! and thanks for that lovely piece! I loved watching your thread also because of all the wonderful ideas and concepts. great job man!


wow! great image! well done!

There is a lot of work in this, so many characters and lots to see! Your attention to detail is great, you must have a lot of patience. Your idea certainly fits the bill “strange behaviour” and I enjoy the lighthearted feel to it, and all the little stories going on with the characters.

Best of luck to you in the competition, and thank you for the kind comments on my thread!


woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo!! :eek: :scream: :bounce: :smiley: you’re on fire ma man!! this is so funny! and very well detailed! each and every character with their own personality!! very diverse! me always loved your work till the end, it really has taken to heights! i’m very very happy to have met an artist to like you, in fact everyone else … my second family! :cry: wish we all could meet up and have a good time! it surely has been a lot of fun! :stuck_out_tongue: really sorry for late reply … yesterday at work, i was trying my level best to comment everyone’s entry … but so many people kept coming in and out, it was pretty difficult … hehe … anyways … back to youuuuu my friend!! congratulations on a big crazy finish!! :applause: i wish you all the love and luck! :thumbsup: it surely has been a pleasure! :stuck_out_tongue: god bless ya bro!


Hahahaha…I loved the treat… Shes so fun to draw, isn’t she…

Thanks Again, this was very special for me, I’m flatered you took the time for it, and even more knowing all the trouble you went trough to do the picture!

Sweet snapshot and so fitting, somehow it is hollyday for all of us now!

Good times… and a toast for you!

hehe… toast…


Hey Axel… hahahahahaha :smiley: . really great!! I love it your card!! hahahaha really cool!!
A incredible detail my friend! , hahahahah, the croc´s leather handbag… hahahahha. great!! (poor Dalila :smiley: ) Really, really thanks for this great and funny image!!

(Está muy bueno el dibujo mi estimado Axel, hahahahaha, te felicito, fue un super detallazo!! gracias!! :thumbsup: )



Very cool “thank you card”, the three women are really gorgeous, thanks for including me on the coffin lid.


hehehe!!!Lovely,greattt!!Yessai Alex, You rock buddy!Excellent idea and thank you card!Honored to be on the board man!Hope well meet up again next time and wish you all the best and love man!Cheers!:beer:


Hi, Axel! Your image is so funny! I love the characters and colours! Excellent work!

Good luck and see ya soon! I’ll follow your work!



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