Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Hi Remko! Thanks so much …hurray! for that were wolf Wolfred!:beer: glad its doing his work in there…haha! and thanks so much for the support …you are working fast and great! :thumbsup:


The skull face in the clouds is a great touch. Best of luck with that last 1%,


Well Hurray! we got more time but I finish all this tonight so I guess its best to show up the new things I add , like the Witch’s coffin, I add this prop to give a better history to “Yerba” adding the purple towel, and some pumpkins instead of watermelon, as we usually take to the beach! I also add another cloud so the sky wont look with out any flavor! hate not having details in my ideas! haha! and also I did and upgrade to the pyramid temple so it will look more tall and adequate to the environment…oh some more blue in the ocean as well! haha! Thanks guys I will keep smoothing this …but I need some sleep! hurray!


Well I bet you didn’t xpect this! AHA! hahaha love Izma! shes just like an inner me! hahaha well at least one! OK soo here more details! I dont know if I should guive some faces to the pumpkins?


Axel hahahaha! :love::eek:This looks great! The clouds and the pyramids looks wow fantastic very original my dear evil friend! and the cofrin seems to be the perfect beach accesorie for Mrs.Witch Yerba ( cool name):twisted:…I want to see what else you are goint to do there …it looks Fantastic wow!:applause::bounce:


Hi Axel,

Wow, looking fantastic!
You have got so much more depth in it then before! And those clouds are amazing, I didn’t even notice at first their skull shape :)!
You could get your devil character little deem in color - just to suggest that he is feather down the beach. And that wonderfully looking frog boy could use some more translucency may be? Just some suggestions :)!
And hurry up, I want to see this finished!


Pumpkins for everyone!!:smiley: You know Axel… those pumpkins did a really great job in activating the space. Now that you have added those, the image is becoming a lot stronger. I have a little suggestion maybe… Those palm trees far in the background… do you think you could make another one a bit closer to us tilting toward the water (bending to the viewers right) Just for experiment, it may add a lot to the image. I was thinking that it might be able to somehow bring us closer to the characters even more in the active area and not have us look far off into the distance at those bunch of distant palm trees.

The image works great as is! Just something you could experiment with. Might just reveal something new to your eyes too :thumbsup:


Hello Axel,
your scene are looking fantastic. I love the clouds, they give a very nice touch to the hole scene. And good for you, you have another two weeks to work on it.


Hey Axel I loved the closeups you really did a great job with that wolfred… hes so wacky… and I like the hair fowing with the wind, his group is very funny and I think they were really well placed in the end, I also like the new ocean hues a lot!

Great work buddy .is great to see Yerba fully use the parts of her casquet. it makes good sense indeed!:buttrock:


hey Axel amigo! i’ve been away from the posts, and you went full speed, this is looking awesome man! everything is turning our great, colors are fantastic, and those clouds, hahahahha. You did such a good job with them, i wasn’t expecting skull clouds :smiley:

the brown hill on the BG ends very steep, it looks a little boxy to me, i think a slight slope could make it look better, but thats just my opinion buddy, keep it up. more time, more art!


Hi Axel! this is my first visit to your thread,and it was a nice and funny surprise!I wasn’t expecting to see a happy vampire on the beach,and my favorite is the dancing devil on the background!Good work! If I can give you a sugestion to do on our extra time,that will be to fix the anatomy on the vampire’s hand holding the sun glasses,I know it’s a small detail,but anyway…and also the perspective(or size) on the legs of the green surfer!the skull clouds are a real nice touch to the illustration!Best of luck for you on the final judgment,and keep up the good work!


hello my dear friend!! :love: this is looking awesome as ever!:scream::bounce: now i really really need a vacation!! :cry: so fresh and colourful! all the elements blend very well!, just an addition … ( if its not too late :)) … add more trees, but getting bigger toward the viewer, in order to create that depth :wink: … really love your scene! ( i’ve always have! :stuck_out_tongue: ) me just waiting for the grand finale! you simply rock! :buttrock: i wish you the very best of luck! :thumbsup: god bless ya my friend! :love:


Hi every body! Thank so much for the support my friends! I am sorry I’d been away, but I am moving back to Mexico, and the arrangements are total chaos! With a cat and a dog, plus the artist’s equipment its awful haha! I am sure you guys now ho much junk we gather!


So I did a little surprise for everybody (also as one special petition for my late nigh companions in the virtual world; Fernando and Gabriel Thanks guys!) It was intended for Halloween but I haven’t been able to load it till now! Sorry! Its not big dio, just the early idea I had on thy presentation for the final image

well in my head was it,and now its not only there! ha ha ha!:scream:

Ooh! The swim suits its not big dio for my girl friends, so If they approve I can post it!  Sensors everywhere! Can’t be too careful!:rolleyes:

Hope you find the humour in there

Thanks so much for everything I will replay in a better way tomorrow, all your comments are part in the final image! Thanks:love:






J e f f




woweeee!! :eek: surprise! surprise! :eek: she is :twisted: W i C K e D!! :twisted: love the swimsuit a lot! ingenious i must say! :applause:


NO i wont sleep in that coffin! silly willie. grats on finishing. hopefully i didnt misread anything. but yes! woo.


Hey Axel, really great and beautiful surprise!!! :smiley: uhhhh Yerba is really hot my friend!! and supersexy!! great swimsuit design!! cool!! For sure she is a dangerous witch, but i dont care :smiley:
The coffin looks like a danger thing, but well worth the risk:D

Thanks for the surprise my friend ! Cheers! :beer:


Oooooooohh! Great fun yeah!!! thanks for the treat Axel! Is great to see we all made it to this point and have some fun with it now! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet feeling…

Let’s wrap this all!! Good luck and thanks again pal!!:beer:


Hey Axel,

Best of luck with your move, with all the work of moving and travel it is amazing you got this surprise done. No sensor here, she looks greats. Thanks for the treat! :thumbsup:


Wow! :smiley: Love her! you got time for everything or what? well her bikini looks wicked! and so her tatoo tottaly love it! are you going to add it to her at the end? Well I am am still waiting for the grande finale! se ve de poca!!:bounce::thumbsup::twisted::buttrock:

And I dont want to be there yet… You evil monkey!:smiley: I am not dead haha!


Hi Axel, nice work so far :thumbsup: and verry fun :bounce:

Good luck in the final steps :slight_smile: