Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


Thanks to all this is more fun than what it’s usually is! I will replay more extended once I finish better the next post…Thank YOU for all the support and help!:love:

[color=DarkOrange]Linus-[/color]Thanks again for the support I will surely keep on eye there we all need help ! and always glad to guive some…well at least I hope I do some haha!

Amparo- Yay I am working as you can see really hard on all the sugestion and enjoying the late paint nights haha!:scream:

Fer- Thanks so much my friend! always glad to hear all your support and helpfull ideas! you almust finish! looking great!:thumbsup:

Uldison- well you got all right everything you mentioned Thanks so much for the good eye :slight_smile: I need it a lot! Thank you my friend next post will look better …I hope?

Dulce- Ok Ok I will do it hahaha just kiding sure will do! Thanks!

Bill- love your avatar ! Thank you! I will surely be glad to keep your support ! thanks!:slight_smile:

Mateusz- Very glad to know you like the mood and concept ! thanks I will work in the scale better yet for the next post, let me know if works better? haha! Those darn huge monsters!:scream:

Ralph- My man! hey rush ahour here with lots of sand in my tablet haha!:bounce:

Kei- OoH boy! great to hear from you ! my little swamp monster will look great! its also there for all the support from you Kei :slight_smile: Thanks! so hope you like the final result? :surprised haha!


I had so many things more to add but the time wont let me …to bad i decide one idea so late ! hahaha…so far my only problem its that my characters can’t show all the detail I’d like to…so working a bit more in contrast in general…and let me know if anything doesn’t work Thanks !



This shows better the textures and colors…o man did I have fun with Victor’s color skin, (not) hahaha and hope my cat looks haveing fun at the sea…with his not so crazy abou it “pal” …Wolfred’s team looks just like I picture maybe I could add more time in them but drives me crazy when deatils wont show up! heheh well just let me know…


I know what you mean Axel about not being able to se ethe texture, especially when you put so much time into it. Well that’s why you can always crop sections and show them in all their glory :smiley: . The most important thing though is that the image as a whole works. It would suck to have amazing details and superb texturing and the image doesn’t even fit, or worse doesn’t say anything at all. You need not worry about that because your image speaks! There is a lot to be absorbed from your piece and I hope you finish the way you want to my friend!:thumbsup:

You have my best wishes, keep it going.


I need to know at this point if the env, its comunicating all the idea with everybody and the colors are shadeing correctly…so please if any cents are left in our busy weekend I will love to know haha!:surprised:)…


Thanks Kamal! I will surely end up haha hope it will be as I wish so hehe:curious:…and for the love of Halloween ! preetty soon!:bounce:
Thanks so much…


Hey, thanks for stopping by again, you are my foremost visitor :wink: hands down.
Soon your there also and i hope you enjoy yourself as much as i have!

So now for my cents, love the water where it hits the sand but i am missing a little more color in the water further out, just to pop it into life a bit more, blends with the sky a bit otherwise but sure hope the halloween party at school next week is as great as this will be! Rock the last days now! tell me when its finished, want to see.


Love the all your fine details; the ocean water near by is exceptional. This is such a fine work, both beautiful and surprising. All the best,


Wow! The details are Superb!:eek::bounce::love::thumbsup: The Swamp Boy and his cat, looks just fantastic and funny all his efects are sooo sweet! I also like so much the final result from Victor’s skin tone… :twisted: :thumbsup: looks much more like the vampire and blends the style perfectly, Wolfred looks soo great he kind of resambles the dog personality as well as the wolf’s , and Skullina she is a fun girl to hang out with all the team looks great, Octavios skin colors and efects are an eye candy for sure! Hey I can’t see anything to critic right now…:curious: Maybe you just need to finish your own idea like you want to and thats it…Great Work Axel!:scream:


Hola Axel! los detalles estan quedando con mucha magia y vida como tu personalidad siempre lo demuestra! Me esta fasinando todas tus idea y personajes!:love:

Fantastic colors full of magic and fun times, to enjoy! all your characters are one of a kind! great style!:thumbsup:


Very funny one! Lots of chracters and details. very fresh! Me encanta! Well done! Good Luck!


Linus- Thanks Man. I enjoy a lot your idea it is so cool! And thanks also for takeing some time to help in mine I just color correct all the values in the ocean Thanks…you will see in this next post witch will be The final one in 99% haha…:scream: and enjoy that party like a monster!

Ralph - My Friend! Thanks so much I am so glad you like the water since its is the important point in that BG also…so Thanks again for help and suport… its great to hear always from you!:slight_smile:

Dulce- Darling! haha…:surprised wow I duno what to say:blush:… Mrs Crtitics :curious: haha I am honored!:slight_smile: Thanks! wait for more…

BrujaMayor- aww thanks :love:I am always up to make people happy and Monster to Thanks! I am glad to see its working

Zara- Great to see you here Thank so much for all the kind words and support you are a very talented artist! Thanks so much!:bounce:


Thanks To Gabriel and Fer I could gather enough energy! for more updates and 99 done where’s the 1% left hope its only my signature…haha and Let me know before tomorrow if possible so I can post it tomorrow morning! Thanks so much this Holiday seems more fitted to me once I finish all the work !


Here it is a better close up! the sand took me some time to get over to many test the right texure I want it! Lets see …if it shows…the ocean better contrast and the sky less plane and adding some flavor to the beach!


Here come all the corrections I did…and also all my cafee time’s worth! So hope you guys enjoy…any thing wrong let me know! Please !:love:


Hey Axel… you did a really great job on the water! And those details in the clouds hahahaha skulltastic! :smiley: You have a lot of nice things going on. The touch with the clouds has dramatically enhanced the image I must say. It seems even the clouds are enjoying themselves!


Kamal- Thanks so much for the great support and help!:slight_smile: my friend…I am so glad to hear those clouds are adding the extra touch, and also that the water looks like water…yay!:buttrock: my poor hands are tired but I shall finish! I havent even start doing my costume! hahaha! maybe the only thing so far I know that could change its the space in betwen the Yeti and the Mountain…so I will post again! :scream:


very vivid colors!

Not sure if it has been mentioned yet so just in case: your dracula has too many abs (8 pack iso a 6- pack).

this is a great fun piece and very pleasing to the eye
the expression on that octopus’ face is hilarious!


Johan - Hi Thanks so much! for the support! :thumbsup: I am glad you like the colors, and Octavio’s face, I am really happy you enjoy the moment! And thanks for Victor’s sugestion, but I gave him that anatomy to exagerate a bit more the vampires body, Since they are really strong! and also some people can show that defination depending in how tall and ripped they are :slight_smile: Thanks for the support!


Hahaha, love that werewolf!!!Hilarious!Nice pic man!Gogogo Alex!Good luck & Cheers!:beer: