Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


And here comes the Swam Monster, whom I just start doing colors and magics with hime, hahaha, the cat its fun to paint! so its very basic now maybe by tonight I manage to finish them with all the Efx they need in the water and shadows …


Hey look its coming toghether :slight_smile: nice to see, looking forward to the finish on it! Thanks for the comment on my image by the way, please give me some feedback on my latest update, needed in this final of hours :wink: one thing i am a little drawn to in your image is the purple mans leg he has in the air, a little flat looking maybe, pherhaps shading in the top part more and separating the caf ( dont know the spelling on that one, from the thigh would do it too. Keep it up, only a few days more man!


Linus- Thanks so Much I will sure work more in Victors contrast , Thanks so much for the help, and You are almust finish! hurray :thumbsup:!
I will do my best to do it so haha!:slight_smile:


LOL! Great scene! I like very much the colors!



Hi Axel,

    Great going, being a digital work there really never is an ending if you want to keep refining it.

    Great to see it all come together.  Love the witch’s bating suit, surfboard, her makeup and hair and the Vamp’s suntans lotion.   :thumbsup: The cat’s leash is a bit day glow; needs a shadow and the witch’s feet are bit on the short side, unless you like shorter feet.   I used the liquefy tool to stretch them out a bit (digit abuse?). 
Look forward the your final and your artist statement!  Thanks for all your helpful comments and encouragement!


Hey Axel, really great updates my friend !! Amazing characteres !! and the colours on them are really cool!! Yerba is really hot, and i like her black hair and her ultra sexy green skin!!:love:
Great detail on Victor´s bloody mary glass, and the bottle of sun protector its a cool touch ! hahahahaha :smiley: Very nice expression on the swamp boy and his cat ! ( I love that fearless cat!) oohhh y Mr. Cruz is an authentic devil!! :twisted: hahahaha, awesome character design!:thumbsup: Your concept its growing in a cool way !! Again, great work Axel …you are going out of the last curve and entering in the final straight, put all the gas !! go, go, go, go Axel
:cofee de olla: :smiley:

( Vas muy bien, falta el ultimo empujón y ya estamos . Para las sombras de los personajes en la arena, después de la deformación, da un retoque en ellas, por ejemplo la sombra de los pies de Yerba, no llega a sus pies, pon un poco de sombra debajo del pie en la arena del señor cruz :slight_smile: . Y a seguir dándole duro, que está quedando super bien!)


Holy :eek: This is GORGEOUS!!:bounce:


Carlos- hi there:wavey: working hard here with those colors still :wip: hehe but thanks so much for the support Helps a lot thank you for the kind words:)

Ralph- Thanks my friend I did the change in her feet, maybe small feet works some times, not this one ( I like them at times:shrug: ) but they work better a bit bigger haha! thanks so much!:smiley:

Fer- Hey my friend :bounce:got any moore “cafe de olla” haha I am needing a bit more to finish :banghead: hehe… I am sure I will step on to finish this holiday sort of spek …soon very soon haha! Thanks so much for the support! and encoragement grrr need for colors haha:arteest:

[color=DeepSkyBlue]Kamal- [/color]Thanks So much almust doneee buaaa! :cry: I am so glad you like so far all thanks so much!:slight_smile:


Woww Axel such great colors and amazing progress!

An absolute eye-candy I love all the bright colors, they all blend nicely… You’re going fast, enjoy the details :smiley:

may be a few colorful stones and shells here and there, to tie up the environment with the characters? just an idea my friend, can’t wait to see the grand finale!


Hi Jeff, Thanks so much for the help. For sure will add some shells and stones like you said:thumbsup: sure will be a nice touch! I was even planing on doing some crows but I’ll have to finish all the others in time 1sth:rolleyes:…hmm so little time…hehe Thanks!:smiley:


Thanks Alonso for the comments, and now i finally got my screen calibrated so im just tweaking and making changes, kind of satisfied but could have been done better. Can you check so the contrast and everything is better? so hard this thing with screens :stuck_out_tongue: Your image is really looking nice, a good day at the beach, glad we have alot of happy pieces here in the competition! :slight_smile: Keep it up these our last comp days!


Hellow again,looking for your advance every day…it is nice to see how can you growup each draw and color change…excelente amigo…buena suerte




Hey Axel, great updates. I love all the characteres. I would like to point one thing and sorry if you already read this somewhere, I did not went back in your comments to check, but I think the background is too soft against the sharppines of your figures and I think it helps make them look like they are floalting, not grounded. I hope this can be helpfull somehow.
Again, great job my friend.


Hey My Friend! I am in love with the Mr. Cruz character! Bravooo!:love: And Octavio’s skin needs better texture and color contrast I think…maybe working in that already hehe so never mind…and the bats the 1sth strings look weird, maybe guive them a better tention to them, The Vampire Victor looks hot but maybe to purple, and the Yety I think needs some changes in his skin color to look better at distance:D…haha I am sure you are working on it so just to tell you GREAT WORK! :eek::twisted::thumbsup::arteest:


I like your idea, there’s a lot going on and it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!


It’s one of those concepts that brings smile and pleasure! There are some technical issues, like size of those creatures comparing to the coast. They are huge! It is still fun to observe the intensive action there. Go on!




Time to crank this thing out! Let her rip. I do hope to meet your witch friend in person she is quite a good looker! :slight_smile:


You’re close to finish–keep it goin! The kid sea monster is my favorite :slight_smile: