Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


[b]I set the brushes to color mode, just added different colors, warm ears, fingers, cool shadows and some reflected light, I doubt there is just one color that will meet all your needs for our vamp friend. Made a quick example…

there think I got the link right


Hi Axel! wow you’ve gon along far! looks good…


Fer-Holaaa amigo!:bounce: Thanks sooo much your support and advices are great and so positive always thanks! I am so doing more work in those crazy guys! But I am happy to hear there are good things in them! And I have the rush of late assignments feeling already haha! So bad! But o boy you are doing great! Hope I can keep on this rhythm:argh:

(mil gracias por todo lo que comentas y apoyas Fer ojala pueda poner una estrellita de bien hecho como tu jajaja):wink:

Ralph -Thanks so much! I like the colors tip so much, by the way, sorry I cant see the link :sad: maybe its my darn explorer? :shrug:But I am using all you mentioned to boost that Victor Vampire hahaand Thanks so much for the help!

Key- HI I miss you here haha, but I bet you got so much work in your shoulder already!
Love your new idea, and thanks so much for the help and support!:scream: I will guive my best to finish this guys, and I hope you enjoy the almust final round!:wip::arteest:


Hey Axel,

your painting is looking great man, just enjoying the show here. Keep up the great work!


This is my first use of this outside posting site hope I can find a URL that will work…


Jeff- Hi my friend ! so glad you had a good time in this ideas so far!:scream: I’ll keep working hard like you said hahaha! Lots of must “do” right now hehe.

Ralph- wow love the colors in greens, and pinks much more alive he looks like youu said, I am def, takeing all those considaration now and also I did a little change in him for the skin color I’ll post it today and let me know when ever you can? thanks so much for the help my friend!:slight_smile:


Damn, holly water as tun oil is a funny and crazy idea. I love it.
Axel, the fur on the yeti looks great, good job. Everything is looking fantastic. The vampire’s head make me uncomfortable though. I think it could be more relaxed; he could be resting his head against something, maybe. Or perhaps he could have some sort of more comfortable seat. Well, just an idea; I hate see such a stud suffering in such a hard surface.
Anyway, you are the only person on earth that call me Luiz, so you own the right to keep calling me that.
See ya…


Luiz- :slight_smile: Hi my friend thanks so much for the help! I know Victor looks not that confy for now I am working on a nice towel for him and some fresh cocktail or water ! and I hope I can put his pose a bit more ralexed :wink:

Ralph I did a quik change on Victor hope you like this one better?:smiley:

Well here come the new Victor not done yet but I ma a bit more happy with this tones, since the original idea was his skin a bit more purple hahaha! so there I go with my favorite calor once more…:rolleyes:


Hey Axel Than Vampire its loking hot! :drool: as they should, I like much more the new face and the fangs, :thumbsup: I will sugest to add more reflection to the face from that foil, but you might be working on it already, so never mind if you are :D…

I want to see that kitty and the Witch Alfalfa hahaha very nice name:buttrock:! Keep on that step fast like you know it!:wip: and great work! its looking really special and fun all your ideas and colors:love:


Hey Axel,
Nice work there man, you have my vote.
I must say that I always liked you’re style of design back in AI, especially character design class.
And also this time I like your characters, especially the swamp kid with his cat who’s running towards the ocean haha…brilliant.
good luck with the competition, and hope to stay in touch a bit.



Hey Axel, Victor looks nice, and I can see that you are working on the foil reflect in his face, that is great strange behavior for a vampire!! cool!! Perhaps his fangs are a bit large, but i cant see your before large images :shrug:.

Again great work my friend !! :coffee de olla: …:smiley:

(Ayer vi tus acercamientos, pero hoy no aparecen … entonces no puedo comentar mucho, pero mañana me doy otra vuelta :slight_smile: , y a darle duro !!! )


Hey Axel,

Sorry for being away for so long but i have been too busy at school… Victor looks good but just as a suggestion, you could add some burn marks on his skin… And maybe tone down the green tones in the shadows… looking good overall…

keep it up buddy,


Hey Axel,

Very nice progress on vampire and the snowman group! This is really going the right way, my friend :thumbsup:!!!
Just a tiny-bitty suggestion: you may make a bigger contrast between lighting on his sun side and shadow side, and may be even add some glow on skin on some hotspots? Just a thought…

Good work!


Looking good my dear friend! :applause:
everyday is getting better and better and channel looks great love it! :love: …she is so glamorous like always hahaha! and whos the vampire???:eek: presentalo hahahaha!



The Vampire is looking great! I like the new fangs but I would shorten them just a touch, and maybe a little stronger shadow under his foot. The fur and detail on the “Snowman” are also looking great, my only concern there is he seems to have the same skin color as the Vampire, maybe a touch more blue?:slight_smile:


Dulce- Thanks so much my dear friend :love: !! Love to keep those vampire guys, in your standard level haha ! but I did some changes on him hope you like them hehe! in the next post ?

[color=DeepSkyBlue]Hischam- [/color]Hey you Mr.VFS ! hahaha you should put your demo reel’s link in your post so people can see it more GREAT ANIMATIOR! thanks so much for you help and support my friend ! the little swam monster its about to come more detail and crazy than ever maybe by tonight I finish him haha:beer:

Fer- Hola amigo Correle! jajaja! Well so nice to see you here with some time we all are now painting like madly!:arteest: But thanks so much in all the tips I changed a bit his skin color and pose in the legs, and I get rid of the foil thingy coz it just wasn’t working as goos as I hope! in all the composition, to much white squares! hehe but next post comes an idea you gave me for tan lotion??:rolleyes:…

George- Soooo nice to see you here , I hope school it’s not killing you like always does, the darn renders! haha! and Thanks so much for the comments and help, I changed Victor’s color skin and lighting concept…hope it works? thanks so much!:slight_smile:

Sasha-I am glad its working something there hahaha! but I changed him again!:smiley: coz I need more contrast like you said its a bit plane still but I am overwelmed by so many characters hahaha!

Nayra-yay! so happy to seen you here again!:applause:!!! thanks so much for all the support my dear friend! and please let me know if something its not rigth with the others in the next post haha!

Te lo presto al Victor, una vez que acabe de hacer su trabajo jajaja! Y la Chanel ya savez no debe faltar “The Glam Touch” jaja!:smiley:

Ralph- thanks so much to you Ralph I was a bit lost in my hues and colors for the dead skin and yet appealing, but I changed another color “purple” a but more than before so let me know alrigh?THANKS sooo much my friend:thumbsup:


Well I work already in all of them! HURRAY! so now comes the part I enjoy more details hahaha! love them but I still need so much shadows and cast light to do, but this weekend its a must to finish at least a 90% of all so maybe before Wednesday I am done ?


well I changed! Victor reflector idea, coz with every body in there the foil was makeing an strange frame on him and its was to light to balanced the composition, so I dis some changes on his pose a bit more relaxed his right leg, and color skin, well a bit his hair style and fangs…:rolleyes: ooh! Thanks Fer I did the greta idea you told me on him about the 666 sun protector lotion haha!


Ok Yerba its more sexy than ever in her new 2 piece swim suit! haha inpired by what one of my friends told me once, " I want a pupkin suit for summer" so there! haha:D well I am bit happy with her board design it looks like its not an actual surf board, but a coffin lid, and it does make the trick for floating on it for sure! haha:rolleyes: the hair its shorter that what I draw origunaly also


Well here it comes the Bad Evil “Mr.Cruz” , seller of crosses, and he might even get some of them,in the pyramids above, you know …he doesn’t care anything if he get something in return …haha, well I was going to add much more detail but hes a bit far way so I just think in the future I might post them separate so they can show better textures and contrast.