Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso


LOVELY FINISH Axel!! :thumbsup: Great background to all your characters as well! Nicely thought out and everything has it’s purpose and meaning. I wish you all the best my friend! FANTASTIC IMAGE!!:bounce:


The trees behind Flakes… AWESOME!! You executed that beautifully!:thumbsup:


Hey Axel, really awesome image my friend!! I love the great characters on your concept, cool designs !! and the story for each one is really great!!. You achived a fantastic atmosphere in the whole scene, and all the characters are very well-defined with a wonderful strange behavior on their own style. The backgound with mayan style piramids and skull clouds is a awesome touch on the whole composition, cool my friend!! The ocean water and the colour on it is superb, i can really feel the beach. The details on the painting greatly emphasizes the beauty of the scene.
You put much hard work on this image and it was amazing to see the development and growth of your concept, step by step, a incredible journey to the fantastic monsters spooky holiday :smiley:
And you not only put time in your own illustration you also gave time to encourage and support others, thanks for that my friend!! It was a real pleasure and a great experience to be able to share with you this challenge !! And really thanks for you support in the long nights prior to the first deadline :smiley: You rock my friend :buttrock: ( me volví vampiro con esas desveladas ! :smiley: )

Congratulations Axel for this awesome art work !! and best of luck my friend!! … and… yes… no more coffee!!! … hahahahahha… come beers and tequila!! yeaaaaaa!!

Salud amigo!!! :beer: ( y que viva el tri!! :smiley: )

( Quedo increible Axel, me gusta muchiiisimo todo el concepto, la atmosfera de la escena esta excelentemente bien lograda!! Te rifaste como los grandes!! :bowdown: Salú !!)


I am very happy and glad to hear all the great feed back from you, Kamal thanks so much for the help, and support, I really appreciated my friend! its been fun to enjoy the ride with great talented artist like you!:scream::thumbsup:


Hey you are here already! And I am here already! yay! haha!:scream: What can I say…I am soo Happy! I finish! And I get to see the great and full of positive energy words from you my friend! Fernando Thanks this journey wouldn’t be the same with out helpful artist friends like you! It’s been an honour!:wink:

And I am so ready for those beers now and tequila next day! :beer:I don’t want to cross those…after all I am already used to blood only in this last nights…haha!

Ya listo para el ponche con piquete! y toda la fritanga! jaja!Mil Gracias Fer, tu ayuda a sido importante y muy baliosa! que viva el RocknRoll!:buttrock:

Get ready for the last day surprise!:smiley:


That is it, Axel! Congratulations my friend, you did an awesome work. I love your final image, and I could go on writing about every one of your creatures/creations, but since everybody already did it (and I am a lazy bastard), I will skip it. It was a blast following you throughout this journey. Good luck and I’ll see you in another time.


Hey Uldison Luiz! haha I used my power!:twisted:… You’re very kind, and such a great help all along this thread! I could not fix all the problems I had, with out your help! Thanks so much I am also very glad the characters have done some happy smiles in your face!:smiley: Thanks! I’ll be here next time! See you soon my friend!:bounce:

And I will do some fruit Mexican “Ponche” beverage for everybody! It’s great for winter and holidays! And you can upgrade it with a good kick! Cheers! For your great & fantastic work! To!:thumbsup:


hmmm maybe I could used this one for the future!:twisted: Muahaha! Ok Thanks I am still working on the last surprise!


Hey Axel, thanks for the comments! Your’s looks great too and really detailed (especially with those closeups!) I love how all of the characters have their own personal strange behavior! awsome work, and hopefully I’ll see you in any other of these competitions.


I will try to make this brief and clear since there’s much i’d like to say:

  1. What a huge file you worked on man! the little datails still look sharp even in your scaled down close-ups! thanks for including them, by the way, beacause It’s clear that we never saw more than some 50% of the work you were doing in the regular posts! this even bigger ones keep unveiling more and more great detail work! Neat!

  2. My favorite part is got to be the Wolfred group, they’re nuts! and they have so much fun too, just looking a them you feel there’s much more about this unusual friends and their extreme ways! they look like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon gang and that is cool and nostalgic for me… I love’em!

  3. You oviously pot alot of yourself in this piece and really knew what the characters are about, even the secondary ones as Channel and Hellin, the seem to have the same amount of care an detail as any of the mayors! I see you have improved your skills a lot and you’re not affraid of a challenge like this, you went for all, even if it meant to handle so much characters all together!

  4. Oh yes, what nice transparency effects you added on the wather and Rani’s fins. the dragging effect and the shadow on the sand underneath, it all works really well!

  5. You have been a great support and suource of good ideas and opinions for us all! I still have in mind that it was you who found the right clothes for Rita, (something I could never have done right by myself), that, and many other details, Thats the point of all these challenges, and you really added much to this one!!

Kudos Axel pal! I hope the best for you and that everyone comes here in the thread to see those beatiful close-ups and get their minds blown away as I just did!!

Party on Pal, You did Great!

Buena suerte:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Congradulations my friend! You’ve completed this awesome journey with turning-burning colors… This illustration is HOT!

It was a real pleasure to watch your progress, you’ve done a great job by refining your character sketches to nail down their anatomy. your environment is just so much fun, and you’ve managed to pull off this composition in a way to keep the viewer looking and looking. the small details all over the place are making this image worth a few more come backs. I really admire how you’ve managed to pull of the swamp monster Rani, and the water effects in general. the close up is just great, how you put the cat in the water is just professional. A little jealous as someone who sucks at painting water :smiley:

I really like your story Axel, and a strange piece indeed. What stands out in your story for me is your ability to define your characters precisely, which is one of the most important skills in this business. Visually, and literally, you’ve got the talent to describe a large group of unique characters in one illustration. Enjoy it!

It was a great pleasure to work with you, and have your support all along my friend, now all I can hope for is another chance like that in the future…

Best of luck with the voting, you’ve put hard work in this… :beer:


Hey Axel! Congratulations! Wow there’s so much enjoyable detail to look at and so much effort. Bravo! Good luck and Cheers!


Hi Juan Pablo! I am very happy to see you here! thanks so much for the positive words! and also I am so glad you liked the ideas that I could deliver in my best wish to make my concept clear! so I think I did Thanks for let me know !:smiley: You are a greaat artist! my plesure to watch all your work and share the great artistic mood in this challenges!:applause::buttrock::scream:


G[color=Yellow]abriel[/color] You are awesome; thanks for letting me know all the details I wonder if they were not showing in there!:rolleyes: All your comment help me be a better artist and I am proud to have help from you! You did so much in this challenge for everybody and I am one of the lucky ones whom get a bit more attention:blush:! So I have a little extra treat for you and Fer! Thanks…:arteest: and what can I say I felt like I won something big since I begun here from were I am now! That’s the real price for me and definitely your help and support its gold in that trophy

so yay! party and punchis punchis!:buttrock: and save some ponche for me!:smiley:


Hey my friend J[color=Red]eff![/color] those words are so kind thanks for shareing that good energy:cool: You have the talent to make everybody like you!:slight_smile: haha! besides you paint like a pro! I admire your style a lot! With great impact of a fantastic style! And if I have grown even a little in this few months its also thanks for your wise and great support! Thank you my friend, dont get lost and keep in touch!
hope you like the final treat as well:arteest:!Cheers for you to:beer:


Hi S[color=PaleGreen]oner[/color], so glad to have such kind words from you! And also happy to know you enjoy my thread and crazy ideas! It’s been fun to work around talented people like you! :slight_smile: Thanks and best wishes for you to!:thumbsup: :arteest:

                                                                                                        F[color=Yellow] a s h i o n    V i c t i m !  

[font=Century Gothic]special guest

:wise: [font=Impact]Rita[/font] ( from Gabriel ) and :twisted: [font=Impact]Dalila[/font] ( Ferx )



Hhahahahahahhaa, this is hillarious amigo, god bless you!


No problem Axel! and thanks for that lovely piece! I loved watching your thread also because of all the wonderful ideas and concepts. great job man!


wow! great image! well done!

There is a lot of work in this, so many characters and lots to see! Your attention to detail is great, you must have a lot of patience. Your idea certainly fits the bill “strange behaviour” and I enjoy the lighthearted feel to it, and all the little stories going on with the characters.

Best of luck to you in the competition, and thank you for the kind comments on my thread!