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k, I have so many ideas for this fantastic challenge, I am so exited lol !! will be my 1sth…
So since yesterday that I knew, I ask everybody what they thought was more funny from several ideas,
And this next idea have more votes and I think its more close to be in this challenge, So imagine this; Watching a Vampire in a sunny beach, wearing Speedos, and hanging with a Witch who loves the water, will be really something else to see, and I will add some more ironies on this beach! But for now having a victim will play and show case the real world from the extraordinary world witch will be the monsters.
It’s a quick sketch and I add some colors just to give a better idea of the characters and the role they play.


A nice idea and a good sketch… good luck on your first challenge here


I will guive my best so I can entretain the idea, I am just hopeing to dont get to cluttered since I have so many charcater that I will love to hang on in this sunny beach. I will post some of the the ideas of the charcters soon.
I am also not sure about the composition…but so far the opinions tell me I should just polish it hehe… what you guys think? keep it and polish it or change it ? hmm


the bg will be better in this kinda beach, I think inspired in the beautiful beaches from Yucatan, were I planned haveing a best contrast of culture, tropical weather, and monsters.
what you guys think?


i support my fellow canadians! :slight_smile: gogo.


ok this is an idea for one of my side monsters in the beach a mini swam monster that its afraid of the water and have a kitten pet, whom loves water, so maybe the cat looks to comun ! sooo any thoughts? I will post soon more characters so you guys can vote your favorites…as also envioraments.


donnow if cats love water (so actually that is a plus because it adds to the strange behaviour factor)
I like the vampire goes on beach holiday better though… you could make a nice tropical beach which would contrast nicely with the cold, dark world we know vampires live in


-Thanks a lot Slav for the support hope, I can put in a good name the candian artists, or at least not bad!

-Thanks also for the coments Johan, yes the Vampire will be for sure the main one then the witch , and the others, I am not sure yet.
about the bg yes it will be a tropical beach, to play the contrast.I am just not sure if to se some Mayan’s ruins or it will be to much elemets allready?. hehe


alright this is the concept for the witch one of the many character I think having for my Mayan Beach, she going toward the water and she will be a funny version of the pin-ups of the 50s on green skin. its a 1sth look but not sure about the expression she leaves behind


ok another character for this delightful beach, the are playing together and for once the bones are doing catch to the dog, in this case in form of a little skeleton girl, hmmm any opinions? the next post will be the vampire and the other 2 posible monsters…I just want to be over with this idea before jumping to the next one…so comon guys say what you think?


I love the idea, and my favorite so far will be the werewolf, and the girl, they are unexpected so it fits better with the challenge, the witch maybe it’s to sexy, why not trying make it more funny? So you can se why not the water it’s a possibility to her


I liked the werewolf and the skeleton girl.Best of luck.:thumbsup:


colourful concepts! :stuck_out_tongue: i especially like the skeleton girl and werewolf relationship :smiley: very original and funny :stuck_out_tongue:

waiting to c more dude … :slight_smile:

good luck as always!


Hello Axel.
I like your ideas and can’t wait to see them together. So far, my favored is the little monster and the cat.


Hi Axel! I really like your concept witht the little monster tugging at the puppy! That’ll look really cute! Keep up the great work!!


This new strange behavior its a sketch of my idea of a big illustration in witch the characters will be separated in 3 parts , the main one will be my vampire-then this with the Witch and then the other with the were wolf and the skeleton girl (and some bg characters). The reason I am sticking with the summer for monsters Idea its because, When I used to be goth. And evil,( 1 of my many phases ) we moved to live to Cancun, as you can imagine, I was devastated about not having my perfect “London” weather, and since there I start to adapt better to other weathers haha! So I think on that every time I see a dark drawings and characters witch I love, I think what will happen for all those poor evil souls, when it’s not dark or grayish? This is the reason, of my decision in taking this monsters, out side of their natural habitat and there fore behaviors.

Please let me know what you think of the idea?

Btw-I don’t like this perspective but I have to make graphic my idea, to know your opinion…Thanks :slight_smile: before going into composition ideas!..:slight_smile:


Bruja-Thanks a lot! I give it a change to the witch. Let’s see if this make her a bit more approachable for the challenge

Rishikesh-Thank you, I will keep the werewolf and the sk.girl, because looks promising to the idea of the challenge. And having good feed back always helps, thanks!

Neville-I will guive my best to put a good show hehe, thanks for the support

Uldison-I will post some other sketches about the werewolf and his friend, and let’s hope you find them appealing.

Kei- Thanks so much, I was so exited that you were taking time for feed back, I will keep the little monster that’s the next sketch, I am only iffy about the cat with him or with the witch running in the ocean. witch its weird also I think?


Hello Axel,
I almost pee my pants!!! Your devil selling crosses is just
priceless. And in a more serious tone, your idea sounds very good. Keep the good work.


Very nice characters and sketches!