Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Arthur Mirzoyan


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Latest Update: Final Image: The lost wheel


“The lost wheel”
“… Again! It fell up again!” - thought Arthur pushing the found wheel. The wheel was waddling from one edge to another. The car wasn’t very far but he had to roll uphill. “I should have listened to Sasha and fixed the triangular ones. Why haven’t I fixed the triangular wheels? I shouldn’t ignore the progress…” – he said to himself.
The world of “the lost wheel ” is absolutely the same as ours except one detail – there are no circles here. The clouds and sun are square, and the full moon is triangle. Nevertheless people live here, ride bicycles, drive cars (and the cars have “wheels”) and use public transport. They eat the same food as ours (for example pizza and fruit), but all these “objects” look different from what we are used.


First concept of my “Right angle” world


Next concept of my “Right angle” world


In color.
It is a world absolutely like ours… but without circles (on a wheel role). And most Incredible and strange for us - everything works, turns, and moves.
everything even PIZZA!


Its lookin really nice man! I’m surprised nobody had posted on this one… love the painted one, and the style couldn’t fit the piece better. The concept is unique in its own little way, and hope to see it finished by the 15th! good luck man…


hahahahaha :scream::scream::scream::scream: this is hilarious dude! me with jpmonroyal … love the paint style! really fits the bill! now your scene making me hungry! me dyin for a pizza! :cry:
good luck mate! :thumbsup: this is really cool! :slight_smile:


i love how playful this is. i am looking forward to see what you do with it.


More details and colors.
Final name of my work - The lost wheel


:applause: ha-ha-ha? it realy nice! :bounce: great idea! :lightbulb быстрее возвращайся - обсудим )))


I like this a lot! Very funny and intelligent. Maybe overpopulating it would bring much more interesting situations, maybe not, all I can tell it is great so far!


Haha this is FUN :smiley: Great style and idea, bravo :applause:

I`m looking forward for the final image :bounce:


Thanks friends!


Hi! Thanks friends!!!
Now, Just detail without background.
I continue work with character stylization in case with this strange world


More details. Adding dust and factures.


Adding last details.


My “The lost wheel” with most appreciable “uncircle” objects. There is some small and hidden objects in picture.


Hey Arthur, that’s a very nice style and concept. There is some hilarious details.
Keep up the good work! Good luck! Cheers!


Sorry for double post! There was an error on my system!


for me this is a winner. humorous, well executed, and easily readable. and very creative!
very nice.