Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Annie Stegg


Hehe, thanks Nomad! Hopefully, I will be posting my next update this weekend.

Thanks Ramon! Actually, doing the kids artwork was the most fun part! On the board next to the chalkboard, I actually, had much more detail, student’s math papers, a job chart, a calender with all of the classroom events for the month of October… Oh well, maybe I’ll post a high resolution detail shot later.

I’ll try a wooden finish on the windows next MDN67, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks Amber! I just hope the whole thing doesn’t end up getting too busy…


That’s looking awesome Annie! Nice concept and so far the execution looks very nice as well. What I like the most is the picture of the dino eating the teacher! that is priceless :wink:

Keep up the good work!


ah ah …good work…Annie…your pictures are let me recall campus life…:love:…um um …keep it up and good luck…:bounce: :bounce:


Hi Annie,

Stunning work! I love the concept and your execution is beautiful. I also prefer the first version of the teacher.

Regarding the teacher’s desk, you could add a chair behind it to help clarify it’s a desk. Also, the way it’s designed in your latest update it looks like the teacher would have her back to the classroom if she sat down at it. I would suggest fixing this in one of two ways. 1) Remove the middle back panel so we can see the wall behind/chair underneath or 2) Make the front solid instead of having the open space in the middle. Adding a few items on top of the desk (besides the apple) would also help clarify it’s function - i.e. a pencil holder with pencils, a book or two, papers, etc.

I really like your work and I can’t wait to see how it continues to develop. Please feel free to take or leave my comments, they’re in no way meant to take away from your lovely piece.


hey neato! This could be a nice rockwellian piece
One little note, looking at your original roughs… the pieve might be better served by some more kids in the foreground. you know, boy wh’ve got up from thier seats to take a closer look but are keeping thier distance etc etc.


We want the next step !
The environment is amazing !


Thanks Angel! I wanted to add those little details that help the overall feel of the piece, and to add a little humor as well.

Hehe, I agree Minmin. It is very nostalgic working on this piece. Thanks for the compliments!

Very good suggestions, Stephanie. I agree with you about the desk. The front panel was meant to be just an indention, but it does make the whole desk look backwards. I still have many more details to add, such as the books inside of the student’s desks, chalk and eraser on the chalkboard, and as you mentioned, more items on the teacher’s desk as well. Hopefully these things will help make the classroom seem more classroomey :smiley:

Hey Harris. I was a little wary of adding more people to the scene, for fear of the whole thing becoming too busy. But, I like the idea of making some of the kids standing up out of their seats. Thanks!

Thanks Gilles! I don’t usually do environments, so this was a very fun experiment!


Here are some ideas I had for the classroom dinosaur. I made a “classic” tyrannosaurus, and then a more fantasy variation of him at the bottom. I think I still like the classic one best though…

I hope you guys like him!


Hey Annie, cool designs for the "charming " dino pet :smiley: I like the traditional version of your T rex, match better with your whole concept. Perhaps bit more drool on the mouth, only a comment:) Again terrific word Annie!! Cheers!!


Thanks so much Fernando! I agree that the tradtional dino would match my scene a little better. I also really like your suggestion about the drool. That would probably add too the humor. I should probably ask Ramon Garcia, the monster slime expert, about the best way to execute it…

Thanks! :scream:


I have finally started to add some of the characters. Here is the little Philip showing off his pet dino. Both of the characters need a of of work, especially, making them look more integrated into the current scene. Hopefully, I will have the rest of the classroom kids and teacher done before the deadline!


I have started adding the classroom students, and the teacher. The kids in the foreground are still pretty rough, however. Hopefully the picture wont lose its center of focus when I add the remaining two students and detail the prominent ones!


This is starting to look really great :slight_smile: !

There’s only one little thing that I find slightly distracting and it’s the yellow drawing on the board just behind little Philip’s left hand. The fact that he points at the dino seems very important for this scene, so as you follow the arm to the hand it should lead the eye to the dino, but this slightly pulls your attention to the drawing instead.
Not a big deal, but I was wondering if swapping the drawing with the job chart wouldn’t make the pose of the hand more effective, as it would come out more against the white background?

Apart from that, no crits :smiley: ! I really like your drawing style :love: !

Good luck on finishing :thumbsup: !


I absolutely agree Thomas! The halloween pumpkin construction paper art is too distracting againg the boys hand. I think I will just paint that out… his hand will definetely show up better against the darker board. Thanks!


i really like the was you draw up the photoshops. but i think that the position of the characters is a bit awkward. especially the girl in the bottom right.


For this revision, I made Philip’s hand stand out more (thanks Thomas) by changing the color of the drawing behind his hand. Getting rid of the drawing entirely did not work, unfortunately, as the cork board color is too similar to his flesh tone. Switching it with the job chart became far too tedious a job. I also worked on the foreground children more in depth, to try to take care of the awkwardness issue pointed out by Slav. I think the angle of the little girl’s head was at too much of a profile, so I tilted it down and forward some. The boy, I made less hunched. Hope fully that solved some issues!


Thank you very much for taking my suggestions into consideration, Annie :)!

Darkening the drawing does indeed make things much better :thumbsup: ! And I understand that switching it with the job chart would have been a bit too time consuming (especially as the d®eadline approaches).

Hehe I see that you changed the girl’s hairdo, which makes her look even more sweet than before - great job :applause: ! You’re really good at creating these kinds of characters :love: .

Hopefully you’ll be able to complete this wonderful image in time :bounce: !


Really great work! This is coming together so well.

Would it be possible to have the teacher looking at the dinosaur? Right now she looks like she’s being scared by something she sees in the back of the room.


Hehe, you’re welcome Thomas! Thank you for helping me to improve my painting! I really hope I can finish in time as well. I am going to have a very busy evening, for sure.

Thats a good suggestion Stephanie. It does seem that the teacher’s looking more towards something more to the right of the dino, instead of right at him. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


For this revision, I have altered the shadows a little bit, and cleaned them up some. I have also moved the teacher back, closer to the board. I have Added another little girl, and cleaned up some of the existing students. I also detailed the apple (Thanks again Thomas and Stephanie). Hopefully, this brings me closer to completing this painting!