Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Annie Stegg



very nice concepts
i liked the kids faces

and i think that the colors reminds me 50s posters … i like it a lot =)


Just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to your next post. Love your style.


I really love this 50’s style !
Let’s go, show us more !


Hey Annie, a really cool idea and great sketches, I liked a lot !!:smiley: Like Gpepper says, its really nice the 50’s style and very original approach! :thumbsup: The expressions of the childs are great ( perhaps one of they with a more “devil” expression) and like the first expression of the teacher, as if as soon she was being reacted to which it happens, nice !
About your shades, i think the brightness spots of specular light over the faces are very strong and small creating the sensation of a plastic skin texture, only a comment:) Again great work!! and looking forward for more updates!!


very nice concept! i love the facial expression test.i really like the girl in the red overalls she is a very appealing character design…your color work is amazing this is going to be a great peice…cant wait!

HFix Sketchbook


:applause: Wow great work Annie - you’ve really captured the characters and style.

Very refreshing entry and I can’t wait to see how this develops.

No crits at this stage…keep the updates coming :thumbsup:


interesting work - Dick and Jane meet Jurassic Park.
I like the retro style - very nice illustration.



Thanks everyone for your support! I am really glad you guys seem to like the style so far- Its a little different than what I usually do. I think I am going ahead with the first teacher design, with the more subtle surprised expression. Also, I am changing the small, bright highlights, based on Ferx’s suggestion.

Thanks again everyone! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Here is the backdrop of my scene. Its still pretty rough, and you loose a lot of detail in this lower res version, but here it is anyway!



Seeing it progress in bits and pieces, and each segment adds a whole stunning layer of detail to the finished piece. Love the shadows cast by the chairs, and the light colors in the windows. A great looking piece which I know will look even better as you add to it.

Also, I like it.


Thanks so much Jason! Yeah, the shadows were a pain! Im not used to doing backgrounds that require so much geometry, instead of organic shapes. It was quite a learning experience! :smiley:


I’ve been watching your progress, you are doing a great paint job so far! When did you start the classroom? feels like you’ve just pulled it out of your pocket :smiley:

Is there any 3D involved in this layout painting? cause the perspectives are working very consistently. Anyway, great job, strong style. Very American, Edward Hopperish I’d say, though it’s different. Good luck with the challenge…


Hi Annie, great great background !!! woow!! I really liked the style ! nice!!:thumbsup:
The bench beside the windows create the sensation that is over the window, perhaps you need to take out this bench or the bench in the middle ( in the bottom of the right corner) to gain space and the perspective can be showed better. again only a comment :slight_smile:

Great and awesome work !! :smiley:


A very good concept and a realization very good also I like your style " sixteen " and the paint of characters is great. Just a small criticism, aluminum amount of you window make an anachronism with the rest of the look
Very good job:thumbsup:


i like the style and i wonder how you’ll treat the dinosaur, i hope it won’t be “too much”.
i really prefer the first teacher because we can see the fear, but we can also see that she keeps this kind of dignity women had in this period!
I can’t wait to see the finished image and the final colors


Thanks Jeffparadox! I actually already had the classroom blocked out with the line drawing and greyscale in my first post. I had to fix a lot of things, and I skewed the perspective, to show the two kids closest to the camera better (Hopefully this will allow people to see the dino eating teacher note they will be passing, more clearly!) I started with a preliminary 3d base before I started any drawing, to try to get the best angle of the classroom as a whole. I ended up scrapping that, however, to have more dramatic perspective lines. I’m glad you think they look consistent, though. I was really worried about the bookshelf and the teacher’s desk.

Thanks Ferx, Im really glad you like the style! The bench is actually the teacher’s desk, though. I needed it near the window, so the dino’s tongue could reach the apple that will be on it. I see what you mean though. Maybe I could try moving it slightly towards the chalkboard, and getting rid of the dark inset underneath it, to make it more desk-like.

Thanks MDN67! I see what you mean about the windows. I was unsure of what material to use though. I’ve never seen sliding windows use wood, so thats why I went with a more metal look. Black was too harsh, and white was too bright. I wanted it to be shiny, in contrast to the walls, but use the same colors, so that the dino through the window would stand most predominantly. Any suggestions?

Hey Jayf! Im glad you like the first teacher, it seems to be the one everyone prefers! I tried to use all the same color palette, using a lot of warm yellows on everything, so that the dino (probably using more cool colors) will hopefully stand out, but not be overbearing. You’ll have to let me know, when I throw him in there. Thanks!


Great idea :thumbsup: and your graphic style is verry nice :slight_smile:

Looking forward for next updates :bounce:


All I have to say about this newest post of yours is BAM!!:thumbsup:

Well, actually, that’s not all

Although you said that it is still pretty lose, I’ve got to say, it looks very, very nice! I love the detailed areas especially ( cause you know I’m a detail freak ). The chalkboard’s texture is great! The look of eraser marks is excellent! I bet you had a fun time making all the student’s crayon drawings. :smiley: Come on, be honest! For someone so detailed as you, that was probably the hardest part.:slight_smile:



You could can be to paint windows has classic closure with wooden amounts, it no change the position of your dinosaurus


Wow, Annie! Looks like this piece is moving along quite nicely. I especially love the portrait sketches, but wow, that background is very impressive! Leave it to you to put every single detail in. ^_~ Can’t wait to see the rest of this one!