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My idea for the Strange Behavior challenge is a classroom scene where one of the students brings in a dinosaur for show and tell. Because he is too large to fit in the classroom, he has to stick his head through the window (you can see him trying to eat the teacher’s apple). I have posted my preliminary sketch, as well as my slightly more detailed grey scale value image.


I love the concept! I think it’s every kids dream to be able to bring some kind of large creature or monster to school for show and tell. Can’t wait to see more!


a suggestion - what about having the kid holding the apple, therefore baiting the dinosaur into the room to show the other kids? :smiley:

great picture, though! reminds me of those old fashioned illustrations in PSB storybooks that taught kids to be good moral citizens.


Thanks so much McRed! I know thats what I always wanted to bring to school. :smiley: And, hollietree, I really like your suggestion-- It may help to tie the image together better, thanks!


That is reaaly cool. I don’t have suggestions right now. Just waiting to see it developing. It is great so far, and I like the old fashioned style, like hollietree mentioned.


Love your smooth style of painting! really classic faces also :slight_smile: 40’s style.
The anticipation in the faces of the kids i like too.

I like the suggestion of the kid holding the apple instead of it laying on the counter, to further develope the image around the window could be some cracks and shattered glass :slight_smile: to describe the force and weight of mr Dino and add to the shock of the teacher.

Keep the good floowing


Love it Annie!

Nice concept. I love that the Trex seems only interested in the apple. That’s great. The values you have already established are very well thought out and I like your circular composition as well - but, then judging from your other works, I would expect no less.

I look forward to your progression.
All the best,


I love the idea of bringing a dinosaur to show and tell, the old 40s Rockwell type look definately add uniqueness to the piece. I actually the like the idea of the apple sitting on the counter rather than having the kid dangling it, I think it justifies why the teacher jumps out her desk thinking that the dinosour its trying to eat her, but instead he is going for the apple. I have to disagree with having the wall and windows being broken (sorry Ligo), I think that would add too much seriousness to the piece and it would go from fun and childlike to scary and panicky which would conflict with the reaction of the kids having fun while the teacher is scared. Overall I think this will turn into a very cool piece, I can’t wait to see how you develop the piece even more. :slight_smile:

PS: I love the kids passing the secret note about the teacher, I think that almost everyone at some point has secretly desired to seen his or her teacher eaten by a dino or worse.:twisted:


Your are absolutley correct in this, that is why if its done have to be in the same manner, and just very neatly. Not rough and actionlike, just like the dino slowly moved through the window and broke some glass :slight_smile: a few pieces on the floor. Maybe a crack in the wall.



Here is a quick color test. I hope to achieve a “children’s book” illustrative style with this piece.


Love that last color test, very bright and colorful! It definetely reminds me of those children book illustrations, so you must be on the right track. :slight_smile:

On suggestion, though, on the composition of your classroom… I feel like the size of the class is somewhat big for this low number of kids. From what I can remember, kids at that age are often grouped together, and here they’re are kinda spaced apart. Also, I doubt that kid in the front will ever be able to grab the drawing his mate is trying to show him unless he actually get up, which is not necessarily a good thing since you’ll generally want to keep that kind of things unnoticed (especially when it involves your teacher being eaten by some nasty monster).

Anyway… all of this to say that maybe bringing these two kids in the front more in the foreground, closer together and to the camera, would help filling all the unused space and centralize more the main focus of the illustration, the dinosaur at the window in that case.

Well… wish you the best of luck! And can’t wait to see more of those lovely drawings. :slight_smile:


Great color study. I like the style very much.

I respectfully disagree as to Frotze’s following comments:

[color=white]I feel that the arrangement of the students, as is now, greatly aids the composition in that it facilitates circulation throughout the piece and helps to ensure that the viewer enjoys all of the illustrated image. This “unused space” is actually quite utilized and without it, the entire piece may well turn in to a conglomeration and thus the dynamic might as well be thrown out the window (right into the Trex’s mouth no-less).[/color]
[color=white]The composition is great.[/color]


And I respectfully understand your point. :slight_smile: In fact, the more I look at that image and the more I like it. Maybe I was wrong after all. But I still feel the two students in the front could be brought a bit closer together, maybe by rotating the desk of the left boy 45 degrees, or 30 - nothing drastic -, just so that he’s facing more of the front of the class.

And Annie, I forgot to say: I totally love all of your characters’ expressions. They’re very well done. I wish I was as good…:thumbsup:


Anatomista- Thank you so much for your support! I would love to hear any suggestions from you in my future posts, you are a very talented artist!

Ramon- I am so glad you like the circular composition. It seemed the best way to depict a scene like this, where the focus is in the background of the piece. Thank you so much for your input, It means a lot coming from such a gifted artist! In fact… I cant wait to see your entry.

apexpriest and Ligo- I really wanted the scene to be a kind of silly illustration, as opposed to a very serious one. I wanted to depict a small boy, who gets up in front of the class, on “show and tell” day. Everything seems normal, until the dino sticks his nose through the window. This is the reason I put the apple on the desk, as opposed to in the boy’s hand. If the boy, entered the classroom holding the apple, and started baiting it out the window, I think the whole class would be like… ummm… what is that kid doing? This way, the boy is able to present his pet, like everything is normal, while the dino gets into harmless trouble behind him. However, Ligo, using the forced entry, with some cracks in the wall and such, could help me to further illustrate this idea. Showing how the dino is friendly, but causes trouble without even realizing it, purely because of his very large size. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Frotze- Thank you for the critique, and for taking such an interest to help me better this piece! The classroom, actually has more kids, but i only showed the ones nearest the front. It is a bit of a stretch for the note passers… I will probably have one of them sitting up a little more from his seat. As for the composition, as Ramon said, I was trying to achieve a circular flow, so that is why the room is set up like that. Initially, when i was sketching it out, I had a more dramatic perspective, with showed more kids, and more desks. It got really busy, so that is why I didn’t pursue it.


very nice sketch.
good luck.


Here is my conceptual illustration depicting the facial expressions of several of the students and the teacher. I am unsure on which direction to take the teacher, however, more reserved or dramatic…


Hi Annie, very nice sketches again! I like how you depicted the hair on the first teacher, drawing just the main strands. It gives it a very refreshing style. About that teacher, if I may suggest, it could be worth a try to see how the more reserved one would look like with a little bit more of those “OMG” eyes.


Love the style Annie. The dramatic lighting and shadows in the top image really helps to sell the character’s emotion.

Speaking of emotion: :bounce: Great work thus far!

I’m not sure either of which direction to go with the teacher. I think it would be comical to have the one to the left as that expression is more of a controlled “inner chaos and sheer anxiety” yet, outwardly, seems just startled. :scream:


Hehe- Thanks Frotze and Ramon! I see what you mean about the more controlled emotion, and I will definitely try to add the more surprised eyes onto the first teacher. I think that may be a better route to go, than the very overly dramatic one. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of a 1950s horror poster. :eek: