Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


thank you all mates!

appreciate for your comment very much!


great work! although if I may… the upper right two faces looks a bit funny and dull, not so in contex with all other expressions in the image. I’d at least consider to reshape the big guys face… but thats just my opinion :slight_smile: keep up the great work!


Great work as usual. :slight_smile:

Just notice that the three men had same facial feature and body type, my 1 cent.

Other than everything ROCKS!:buttrock:


Blaz: Thank you for your comment, if I have time I will, thank you! ^^

Von: thank you for your vote, ^^



I visit your entry everyday to check whether you update this wonderful artwork.
the facial expression of those people is so vivid,
u do capture the very moment when the “accident” happened.


This piece is stunning! Best Luck!


this time I polished the background, and I take off the painting on the king’s face, make his expression more


Nice little tweak with removing the painting off the King’s face :thumbsup:

I just have one word…


I wish you all the best Alon!:bounce:


Every time I come back to your entry, Alon, it keeps getting better and better. :thumbsup:


Hey guys,

Thank you Thaldir and Hiun,

I changed the color tone and some details of the background again,
and I recognize that, show in this page the king’s faial expresson
and face hase some different to the large size, because the pixel is not big enough
, so it’s be a little out of shape here, and the background I think I will polished some thing,
and some details…


Excellent Alon, i am speechless. I followed your wip, and this is best work i’ve seen so far.




Amazing work, Alon! :eek: Such a ‘traditional’ detailed painting and yet so funny: that gives it an amazing quality! I have respect that you got the guts to paint 7 characters on such high detail. The lighting is also very accurate and dynamic: well done!

This morning I really enjoyed your Transformers-painting making of: it’s very nice to have such a detailed insight into your workflow!

All the best on finishing! :thumbsup:


Great Art work!Amazing details,very nice to see!Good luck !


Just splendid… i cant do anything but repeat myself! F a N t A s T i C expressions! oh man Oh man!


Very nice job, looking really good man!! :deal:


This is soo beautiful! Awesome work! You are amazing!


I wish I had something useful to contibute, some peice of helpful constructive criticism to add… but to be perfectly honest, I hardly see anything that needs fixing. There are a few places ion the very bottom where the King’s platform seems to float above the floor rather than resting on it, and a few more shadows on the floor by the base could help anchor it to the gorund a bit more. But after staring at this for a while, that’s all I could come up with. I’m not sure what else you need to do aside from submitting it, but it’s looking reeeeeealy good. :thumbsup:


Excellent stuff Alon ! I think this is the hugest thing of the illustration forum ! Many characters, full of realism and humor !
Just great !


Truly amazing and funny! Good luck …what I am saying…you don’t need luck! :smiley: hehe


Funny concept, great technique. Congrats.