Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


This really is a fantastic picture and a subtle take on behaviour and control.

If there is one small thing that confuses my eye it is the overlap between the right hand/arm of the servant pouring the wine (the hand under the tray) and the arm/hand of the servant at the back left. They seem to overlap and run into one another. It is very minor, but I had to work a little at first to separate them.

Good luck for the finish.


My Socks Are Approaching Mach 6 somewhere over the north pacific Right about now ! :smiley:

I really like this work so much thing great about it…
Well done Mate


Now, that’s more like it! Good show Alon!




Hi Alon, that’s an amazing piece of art. Great to watch your cheerful progress.
Expressions, the story, every detail are all together completely a Strange Behavior.


it looks so awesome!


Awesome piece, we have a winner man.


Just amazing! the attention to detail is SICK! you have my vote:D



Your painting skill is perfect!! i really like the way you handle the lighting resource on the human body, it is a very good entry, i wish you good luck and you have my vote!!


Hey amazingly well composed scene! I can believe how easy to read it is having such a big amount of detail on it! I always have trouble with that…

I have to thank you for going back to the previous Goddess face, she’s so pretty! and helps to leave clear that she doesn’t do that only because she can, but because she haves so much fun at it!

In the end all the actions and all three main characters meet at that little space over King’s head, and is so balanced… I love how easily she submits the servant’s arm.

Really great stuff, Alon!


Thank you all your comment! I really appreciate!

This time I have tidied up the other servants.


Such skill. i should throw my towel in now… . :eek:


AlonChou This is incredible !!!
I must Say thay that Pictures in Your gallery on CG talk are full of good energy and Passion.


WOW! the expresions of the sorrounding people rocks !!! you got great talent!!!


great update Alon, your style amazes me every time I come here
its hard to say cause you just show parts of the scene but the overall colorscheme seems a bit reddish (skintones,stairs,clothes...) cant wait to see the hole picture, you`ve done an incredible job so far


Top stuff…congratulations…a lot of effort has gone into this.



Amazing aint the word…


you are phenomenal!!! Love all the details!


Looks just fantastic! I love all their face expressions!


It seems, that you will win!:eek: