Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


thats really nice man… love the colors and the way u progressed with this image… keep up the good works… this is one of my favorites:thumbsup:


marvellous expression on the poor guy! very nice idea and brilliant execurtion.
Ps: forgive my english guys! :blush:


Amazing work Alon, great colors and the ligth work is exquisit. Congratulations.


At this time, I polished the goddess,


argh what have you done?! technically its great but I loved her old face, the expression and attitude was perfect for me

now a few minutes later I calmed down and looked a second time^^
I can`t point it out exactly but something is disturbing me in the nose-mouth section and also one eye is a bit higher than the other one
sorry for that much crit but I guess she charmed me in some way which is also a compliment for you in the end :wink:


uhmmm, sorry man, but I think I agree with guarretz. She looked perfect and beautiful to me before. Don’t mean that she doesn’t look good rite now, but there was something about her before that was just right…


Hi Alon, your work is very inspiring! I’ll bet this one will be in the finals! Although I agree with Mathias about the change in the godesses face ( I kinda like the former one myself too) I figured maybe you have a good reason to do so.


I don’t know… don’t change the face back to the old one yet. We need to see how the new face fits in the overall picture.
The old face was one of a mischievous goddess, one that is pulling pranks all the time.
The new one looks like it’s the first time she’s doing something like that, and not sure if she’s doing it right, but certainly enjoys doing it.

oh yeah you’re amazing, heheh…


Beautiful, beautiful work, Alon! I love all fo the details and lighting and it’s really nice to see everything up close. I’m really looking forward to your completed piece, as all fo the parts right now look fantastic…

That being said, I too thought that the goddess’s face was more effective before you “tidied it up.” She looked more like she was playing a practical joke earlier: The smile was broader and more mischievious, and the the eyes we’re more closed (with her left eye even moreso) - was a sly, knowing smile, whereas now she looks more tentative and less impish. Sorry, but I’m in complete aggreement with Mathias on this one! :shrug:


I agree that the first version of the goddess had a more mischievous expression, but either one works for me.
As always, I’m in awe of your lights, II think I’ll be studying them for quite a while.

Hope you had a very good Double Ten Day. :slight_smile:


Yes man… please bring her old face back :slight_smile: I know its sometimes frustrating to polish something and than u see that u lost the previous raw and strong shape… but sometimes that works best.


This is an amazing painting. One of the best no doubt!
I would have to agree with the others about the face as well. This one looks great but the other one had some great express, perfect for this piece.

Keep up the great work :smiley:



Thank you all mate!

I think you are right, it’s rare to see that all you have the same view, it’s means this problem is really clearly, I will change that, thank you!


Oh man, you done it!–I love this piece–its truly funny and beautiful painting! can’t wait to see it finished!


Simply stunning! I’m not too bother by the goddess new face, but to be true the last one had that naughty expression that rounded perfectly this impressive piece…


This work is beautiful!

but i have to say
i like the first girl expression more.
it gave her a funnier expression … like … she is doing this just for fun … and she is enjoying it a lot!
i’m sorry … i can’t explain in english exactly what i want to say … hope you understand.

but anyway … this painting is amazing!


wonderfull work,dude !!
You always make great progess.

I only can say " good job" 幹得好阿 !!:scream:

sorry , I reply so late, because I got account recently.

My new work:silene


Wow! I love the layout and dynamics of the whole picture! You’ve really thought about where each person and object is place to give a great balance! And then on top of that the body language and expression in each person is fantastic! Beautifully colored and painted! Fantastic! I searched for something to offer advice on and could not find anything! Great painting!


hey guys,
I changed the goddess again, make her face and expression like the old version, thanks mate!


oh yes, this fits to the scene like the kings fist to the servants eye^^
great work mate