Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


Wow, great athmospere, light & balance of values ! Impressive work overall :thumbsup:


Wow! great work…:thumbsup:


Hi guys!

this time I only polished the pouring guy servant and the king, and I think they should be almost finished,
I changed the servant’s facial expression to more scare and shock, Thanks for NinjaA55N’s suggestion,
and I polished whole of the king, including the pouring wine, and I add the colored drawing on his brow,
the wine dissolve it and make it pouring down, that will make the situation more bad, there are many things
not polished yet.

thanks mate!


What can I say, I like all the picture, expressions, lighting, composition, just gorgeous :thumbsup:


You’re amazing.


I don’t know about his right shoulder. Looks a bit too round and artificial, it really sticks out. Maybe it’s the tattoo making it look that way.
Really nice skintones.


That’s looking great Chou!
Very funny and nicely painted!


I love the realistic rendering of your picture! It has this kind of classic painting feeling to it!
And the expression of the servant is just so great!


Hi Alon, that’s one of your best painting. Watching the progress is great. Cheers!


wow! Wonderful job!


Alon… you just do your thing like you always do!:thumbsup: Magnificent execution!


Hey Alon, again, how can i say?? :smiley: that is awesome my friend!! I love your lighting, really cool !! ( Perhaps a redish tone for the wine, I know you are polishing your painting, only a comment :slight_smile: ) Again like always superb work ! Cheers!! :beer:


dude! you’re on higher ground man! :eek: your latest update is really picking up clarity and realism! my respects to you! :love: :bowdown:


your painting style is really an inspiration and the lightning on the kings face and body is just perfect, very well done
but I have to agree with Art2 about his right shoulder; I think it seems a bit strange because on the left the shoulder “bulbs” (not sure if this word exists^^) out and on the right is this very huge bizeps which looks for me also a bit ball-like
no other crits than that, the servants face is also great; even hes more shocked now I think he makes the scene funnier than ever be proud, youre my absolute favorite in this challenge ;p


Jesus fricken christ!!! this is awesome!:eek: Amazing job man. So do you find it best to paint in black and white first then go over with color?


Thank you all mates!

Art2, guterrez: thank you for your comment, I think you are right about the shoulder,
it’s looks a bit too round, and maybe the tatoo cause that, thanks I will fix the
problem ^^.

Ferx: thank you, I know you suggest me to let the wine more clarity, I also think that
is a little problem.

nwiz25: thank you dude! you always spirit up me!

rblitz7: yes I used to do the b/w painting first, then color it. for
make sure whole the composition.


incredible! well done alon, i really love the expressions you painted on their faces, and the gesture. and the painting style is neat too :slight_smile:

good luck


Haha great work!, love the expression on the servants face! :slight_smile:
Maybe put some more work in the feet and the lower legs of the servant. There not really on the floor yet imho. Other than that, great job!


If this one doesn’t win anything, I don’t know…



Congratulations for your work your control of the anatomy and the
lights make you large of realistic painting.:applause:


Excellent, excellent work my friend. Those expressions are brilliant, especially the guy pouring the water. Perfect!

Great skin colours too! Kep up the good work.