Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


That’s excellent painting!
Specially love the playfulness of the playing goddess!

Just wonderful!


thank you guys,
I apreciate your comment very much!


Hi Alon

Is really great illustration, nice composition and very good use of space, i want to add only one little think for your consideration, maybe all the character (male) are look with the same kind of face and physical structure like a clone, maybe if this amazing illustration have variety in the character you know more personality character like fat, evil, etc, i guess this add something, is off course only a feel, the work are really amazing man.



Thank you sadrack;
your suggestion is nice, maybe add some change for personality character is good, thanks!


hey guys,
this is the first time for coloring the basic tone. then I will polish it with paint by paint. or maybe change the colors.thannks.


wow the colors are awesome! Lighting looks really good! I love it! The color is really bringing out the piece! :love:


Great piece! I specially like the faces and body language… fantastic!


damn u! This image simply rocks! I wont be a smart ass so just keep going and do what u do best :slight_smile:


you know wat … :eek: i think we have a winner! :eek:

go go go dude!:buttrock: this is sheer brilliance! :applause:


Very good coloring and lightning, like it!


Just amazing !
Very funny too, we can imagine the step after…


There is so much tension and antisipation in the body language of your characters, a great frame in time and nicely balenced work. Fantastic.


Hey Alon, really great lighting mate, i like a lot !!:thumbsup: ( I think the bull gods statues trim a bit the composition and cause a lost of some “air” and deep on the city and background, perhaps the statues a bit far from the “royal room”, only a comment :slight_smile: )
Again, great work mate!! Cheers!! :beer:


OK, everytime you post something new, I’m going to tell you how amazing you are… :smiley:

You’re amazing.


Thank you all my friends!

I appreciate all your comments, and thanks Ferx for the “air” and "a bit far’, I will.

thank you mate!


you are a incredibly talented badass man, this picture will get epic^^


now that Im looking at ur imag eagain an again (yea, its that good :)) I found two things to comment. The first is, that I find face expression of the poor slave guy much beeter from one of ur previous steps (, much more terrified, scared and real. I hope u could put it back coz it would add to the whole impression very much. The other thing are light spots in the first plan (on characters, on the floor, etc) which are white and overburned. I hope they will be more yellow at the end and not so strong/light. That too will add much more realism to the image.
Just my two cents :slight_smile: best of luck!


Amazing work, the image just keeps getting better and better.

It has already been said but the lighting, body language and face expressions are very well done.

Your work is very inspirational.


Alon, your work stuns me everytime I see it…:thumbsup:

The only problem I see with it, from the level of your ‘first coloring’ is that, very likely, people seeing the painting would think you are at a way more advanced stage, and point out things you haven’t really touched yet…:slight_smile:

and now I think I’ll go and hide somewhere. :wink:


Thank you all mate!

NinjaA55N: thank you for your comment, about the poor slave guy, it really bothered me for a while, and you point out it, maybe it will better for make it much more terrified, and scared,
thank you!
and the light spots is just the first test, I will polish it and make it more real.

Thaldir: oh come on! my freind, don’t kidding! you are realy good one!
don’t be hide, or I 'll miss you so much! ha…