Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


Thank you for your comments!
now this is the sketch, there are two kinds of the king,

on the left : two eyes size are defferents, one eyes bigger than the other,
and he hold a big hammer. hold one weapon is a good idea, but I have to change the others’position
for put the weapon in the picture.

on the right: he just hold a cup, and want a drink, his eyes are both big,
I thik this kind if facial expression is more shock, I prefer this one face.


I draw all the other servants, they must looks very shock and scare, because they don’t know why he
poul drink on the king’s head, and they smell the worst thing is coming.
I haven’t let them wear the clothes yet.

and at this time i put two weapons behind the king’s chair, to make him more
fearsome instead holding the weapons on his hand.


Definitely go with the one on the left, different eye sizes makes it more comical also him holding the hammer makes him more fearsome. One more thing the size of the servants on the back should be tinny bit shorter than the guy spilling the drink. Also see if making the king bigger will improve things.



All in all I prefer the one on the right (eyes of the same size) it has more ‘shock’ to me, it is also more ‘it is just happening’ in my opinion.

I noticed just now the little heads on the king’s costume, that is enough to make him quite scary, I think.
The weapon is awesome, but it will be better somewhere in the room, IMO.:thumbsup:


Hey Alon! this is really good tonal painting! Reminds me of my favorite master MIAN SITU ! I really admire also the way you make the lights and shading…doesnt matter either left or right pose you make, I think both are equally good IMO…



Of the two king sketches, I like the one with the eyes of equal size. But I DO like the pose with the weapon in it (which should come as no surprise as I suggested it!) I don’t like the weapns behind the throne as much: First, they’re less connected to the king, and seocndly,. they make that area harder to read compositionally. And that’s the most important part of the image: The Goddess causing the Servant to pour a drink on the King’s head. Adding unneccesary details like sword blades there just makes that area too busy and harder to read, compared to the toher tests you’ve done. Anyhow, just my 2 cents. Good luck!


hey Alon, walrus has a good point there
I really love the overall composition, the characters are great and full of life ( and fear muahaha )
show us some colors now^^


When we can see this piece in colour? :wink: Anyway, it’s already looks preety.


I really love the expressions that you have put on your characters. What makes it so special and intriguing is the piece is very “story-telling” oriented!


So beautiful concept, funny and very strange behavoir. One of my favorites here in this challenge. I also like weapons to be in his hand, not so much at the back where they r hard to read and r confusing while fighting for attention, while clearly the main point should be spilling hand. Best of luck to finish this piece as it should be!



This is a great idea and you made it work wonderfully through all the amazing expressions.

Great job!

Keep it up =)


Hey Alon, great work mate! I like a lot the overall composition and the comedy tone of your image, obtained very well, awesome ! ( the servant hugging to another one, is cool!! hahahaha… :smiley: nice!!! ) Perhaps instead of a glass, the king must have a wine cup or a sort of chalice, only a comment :slight_smile: . Great great work mate!! Cheers!! :beer:



This is going to be a very good expressive artwork after “You Cheat” artwork. This one haf alot of interesting consequences. You are very sensitive in human reaction & expression.

You left out a wide imagination to the viewer. It really gives me this servant is gonna faces a serious punishment through all the shocking expression on everyone in the room.

So thoughtful in this piece~.

It matches the challenge tittle perfectly. Its rare to see successful funny concept in Cgtalk challenge.

Love the Godness expression alot. It grabs my attention when my first glance lay on this artwork.

Couldn’t imagine how much i will love a color version!


yup yup … i agree! :eek: me too cant wait to see this full colour! :stuck_out_tongue: woooooohoooooo!!
i’ve seen ur work dude … and man was i blown away by the optimus prime masterpiece! superb!!! :thumbsup::buttrock:

this most certainly will reach to the highest level!

good luck dude! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


Thank you all mates!

your suggestion are very useful, I appreciate that very much!
and I hope I can coloring this soon after altered some details by you of this work,

good luck mate!



wow, amazing piece! Looking foward to see in colours :drool:


Hey guys:
Thank you for your great suggestion, thye are useful,
at this time, I change the wall painting for a goddess, and make the king with a weapon, and altering all the servant’s pose and face including the pouring guy.

I hope this is the last time of the b/w piece, thank you for your viewing.


Man your good! that’s all what I have to say :eek:


Those two guys on the far right are hilarious :smiley:
Lovely background painting, maybe a bit soft for a fearless king… but then again, what would have happened if it were the God of death, or erm, love… heh



Very original idea! I like the expression and the lighting is great! Good luck.