Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


I love it! The sketches are both mystical and Savage I like it!
I can’t wait to see more!



the story was happened on the three main characters, the woman play a joke on the follower of the king. they will wear the dressing latter. and this is a part of the composition.


I try to sketch and concept the background.


This is my whole composition, the goddess run out of the wall-painting
back of the king, and she make fun of the follower, she is raising his hand and pouring the wine on the king’s head, Obviously it frightened the follower, everybody run away, because they know that: he will die!


This is the feature of part composition, the goddess run out of the wall-painting
back of the king, and she make fun of the follower, she is raising his hand and pouring the wine on the king’s head, Obviously it frightened the follower, others run away, because everybody know that: he will die!


Okay…! I 've been watching you uploading various character sketches but wasn’t really sure how the whole thing was supposed to come together… and now I totally get it! Very cool! The expressions really make this picture, but especially hers. How mischievious! The only one really lacking a strong expression is the king. His mouth looks upset, but I can’t tell what his eyes are doing. And if someone spilled something on your head, wouldn’t you flinch, or look up, or glare or something? I would, but then, I’m not nobility.

You mentioned earlier about this being an unknown race. I think the costumes and architecture all support that :They look beleivable but not linkable to anything specific. However, the painting on the back wall feels very Egyptian to me… So Egyptian, in fact, that seeing it confuses me, because then I think “Wait, the rest of their outfits and their faces aren’t Egyptian… Are they supposed to be Egyptian? Huh!?” Maybe something a with 37% less Egyptian, and about 24% more Mongolian and 5% more Chinesemight serve you better. :slight_smile:

One last note - the man 2nd from the right looks like he’s looking right at the ghost-woman. Just an idea, but it might be nice if he were looking slightly lower at the man pouring the drink… as though no one can see the ghost even though she’s causing trouble. Or at least raising the question of whether anyone can see the ghost because we wouldn’t be sure. Now it just seems like the ghost can be seen because of that one man’s gaze, and there’s a lot less mystery abotu why the drink is being spilled on the king.

Anyhow, now I’m really looking forward to more work on this, it’s really terrific! Good luck!


wow looking really cool… i ema the expreassion on the slave’s face is priceless… and also love the expression on the naughty ghost girl too… very imaginativ and interesting concept… the values are working very good… keep up the progress… wanna c this finish!!


No crits…what will get the viewers attention is the expressions and the immediate action. You’ve obviously asked freinds to pose, because the facial anatomy is spot on for the expressions. It’s looking as if it’s going to be a lovely bit of work.



wow this drawing is amazing! I love the expression on all their faces…all very convincing. The one of the servant cracks me up! Also you did a great job on the ghost as well…its seems like that would be hard to me. lol ANyway Love the concept and the drawing! :love:


impressive work, one of my favorites so far
it`s such a perfect scene you built here, awesome to see your process


great work!! i love your idea

keep up the good job!!:thumbsup:


Thank you guys! thank you for all your comment!

wow, you are realy impressed me! you remembered what I mentioned about the unknown race!thank you for your detailed analyze, I appreciate that very much,it’s very useful!

first, the wall painting is really not good, you are right, it’s looks like so Egypt, and not sutible for whole of the picture,I 'll change that, because it’s also not pretty.

the second, I am not sure about the kng’s mouth what you mentioned, “upset”? you mean he looks too dispirited or …? his eyes is looking up, maybe the pictur is not big enough, some thing can’t be see clearly.

and you point a key point, one man’s gaze on the woman, I think that’s a mistake, in fact I want to let him to see the drink, I think the problem is on the angle of his head, I’ll change it lightly lower. in my concept she can’t be see, so that’s why the slaves so astonished,afeard and not to know what to do. and everyone are the same.

concerning the " ghost", I am sorry about that, all you friends think she is a " ghost", actually, in my concept she is a “goddess” ha ha… she always hide herself in the wall painting and she has some power of the kingdom, but at this time she want to run out of the wall and do something naughty, the wall painting should be her. but all my friends can’t recognise that, I will improve that, ha ah…

anyway thank you for all your comment!


Mr Alon Chou… :eek: wooooww I love it !! great!! awesome expression for your characteres !:thumbsup: The servant expression capture really nice the “little error” moment :smiley: and the “goddess” is lovely and wicked, cool mate!! Perhapas a bit more body lenguage on the king, when i first see the sketch i think he wants to take the “wine shower” :smiley: Maybe raising her hands and turning the head to the servant, only a comment :slight_smile: , again awesome work mate!! :beer:


wow, your anatomic skills are amazing :thumbsup: , I really like your scene… very original.



Ferx: Thank you for your comment, I think you are right for the king,
maybe do some alter to his 's pose and the face’s angle, it will be more vivid,


hey guys:
I changed both the king and the servant’s pose and faces, I think that will more vivid.

the king’s facial expression is changed to look up more, and face turn left a little bit, his hand is holding a cup, because he want a drink, and he thought
he will get a cup of wine, but the bed thing happened…

the servant’s facial expression is more scare, that’s will let viewer feel that how bad is the situation.


youre really awesome in doing expressions, but even this new one looks great I liked this silent anger of the king more in the earlier version and also the servants face (I guess cause it was looking funnier and not so dead serious) great job anyway, cant wait to see your coloring for this piece


thank you for your comment, "silent anger "of th king, I think it’s a good suggestion.


This is going to look goooood!
I also like the earlier expression of the king best, maybe exaggerate it a bit more, making him look more shocked, angry and surprised (bigger eyes maybe).
Anyway, I love it already! :slight_smile:


Hey AlonChou, I like a lot the new expression for the king, cool man!:thumbsup: Maybe the expressions for the servant in the early version is a bit funny, but both expression are great mate!
About the guterrez´s nice suggestion of “silent anger” for me the best reference is the “silent anger” of Hardy in the old old but great great movies of “Laurel & Hardy” :smiley: , only a comment:)
Once again great and awesome work mate!! :beer: