Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


even if this sounds unlikely when someone looks at your portfolio, but I think your work reached a new level of storytelling and characters with this as also technical…man the background of this painting with this bull-gods and the buildings would make such an awesome scene of its own…
I`ll have to save this as desktop background so I can stop comin back and looking at your piece every 30 minutes oO

stop tweaking and start a new piece^^ can`t wait to get more…


hahah great! and excellent technique! we all are simply human beings after all. Although some of us have crowns, money and VIP rooms:thumbsup: :smiley: good luck to you!


Simply awesome. I esp. love your faces, they are so well done and very expressive. I crack up every time I see the face of the guy getting made to spill the wine.


I bow before you! This image is a stunner. You sure are in control. Just beautiful…


Yours is one of my favorites! Great finish!!


hey, no problem. you deserve all the love and attention!


absolutely perfect,love the expressions,my fav part is the colouring,very vibrant and attractive


Hey man!!Congratz on finishing such a great image!Absolutely marvelous, amzing use of colors and light.Hope we’ll see aechother again next time and wish you all the best man!1 of my fav’s without a doubt!Cheers


wahaha awesome!! I love the whole idea and the execution is brillient!!.. all the best, this is one of my favorites!


thank you all guys,
apppreciate all your comments, thanks a lot.



so you didn’t won the challenge, that’s strange …and disapointing. You were 100% winner for me anyways but hey what do I know.



hey buddy! Yea… that is strange behavior now :smiley: u not winning anything, hehe… but after all, making such a piece and having it as a part of ur portfolio is a win anyway. Good job once again!


Sad not to see you at the top of the winners.
But you don’t need this to be the artist you are !


With all due respect to Mathias and Bobby, whose pieces were excellent, I am nonetheless stunned that you didn’t win this Challenge. But like Morano said, for me you were always the indisputable #1 piece. Well done (again) and hope you’ll be around for the next challenge, it was fun having you here.


I can only repeat the chorus; your piece kicks all our unworthy asses!
the quality of your work definately made myself working harder
cheers man, can`t wait for the next challenge with you


Tomasz, Blaz, Gilles, Michael, Mathias.

Thank you for the consolation and encouragement,

I am very happy you love my work, and for me you did a great job too!
that’s true, I love it so much! in this time I think I did my best, at least I think I have no regret.

and I have to say that so many great work here, I think who accomplished his work,
he get a successful experience by himself, congratulate on the winners!
congratulate on every entries!

thank you all my friends here, it’s the best experience
for entry with all you guys, and it’s also my honor!

thank you again,




What a terrific painting is!!!

and I find that we come from the same country and city!!!



Hi Timothy Chang

yes we come from the same country,
nice to meet you!



This image blows me away - from the brilliant concept, to that masterly execution. All the expressions are so subtly different, it brings a big smile to my face and I laughed out loud when I first saw it. The winking goddess face is so mischievous.

I can feel super-volcanic anger bubbling up in the king! Haha I want to fastforward five seconds into the image and watch :stuck_out_tongue: (Only if I get to be transparent like the goddess though haha!)


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