Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alon Chou


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Hi everybody,
In the first step,I want to disign some characters, I hope it will looks like an unknown race.
now, the first time sketch is the king and the follower.


not sure what you idea is… the follower suprised at the rulers choice of fashion? any great drawing and character expression is priceless.


ya - cool expression on the face & good body language on the servant - he reminds me of the star wars andriod C-3PO Gord


[font=Arial]Really dynamite shape and classical detail[/font]
[font=Arial]can’t wait to see the final piece[/font]


Thank you,
W-I-L: thank you for your kind words, they are refer to the Egypt style and MAYA,
I want to create a kind of another ancient race.

Gord-Macdonald: Thank you for the kind words about the expression, this is just the character design, I think when the composition finished, it will be more interesting.

YuChi: Thank you! you really encourage me!


she is the sketch of the goddess, she will be a part of the stry.


Wow, Really nice expression you pulled in this one! Hope we see more soon!


Thank you SteevieWoo, I hope it will be soon for show more , thanks.


[font=Arial][size=3]Hi Alon,

These are really nice tonal Painting. :thumbsup:… Man, Im really excited to see the composition…Goodluck and have fun!:bounce:.




[/b][/thread] [/size][/font]


Thank you idyeaah:

your work is great too! good luck!


WOW! :eek:
I like how only with a simple sketch made with two lines and two spots appears a very beautiful woman :slight_smile:
The final will be spectacular as all your work.


Hey Alon Chou, what a great sketches !! really nice. I´m very intrigued about your overall concept, for sure a great concept! :thumbsup: I cant wait for more updates man! :slight_smile:


Hi, Sure looks interesting, and what is she smiling at so pleasant? :wink:
Hope to find out soon, Ciao


DanielSLimon: Thank you for your kind words, yours is very cute too, I love it!

Ferx: Thank you, I think your work with a great imagination, I hope my work will with a funny concept.

Ligo: she smil because for she is looking at some thing cockamamy. I hope it will come out soon. thank you!


I sketched the king again,I want to make him has terrible appearance but also funny, It seems like some thing happen to him.


really nice costume work, love the sketches great expressions :slight_smile:


keep it coming! :thumbsup:



Thank you HFix, Gord!


Really nice sketches! Waiting for more from you.