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Latest Update: Final Image: Death of a Mutant


this is my basic pencil sketch of the image i will be working on. its a mutant plant that ends up eating a barrel of herbicide, oops!

keep im mind that I am only 16, and have very little experience. I am Doing this mostly for practice and to get my work out there. Thanks for your support!


I am trying to come up with a good color set up, which is very hard. I will probably change all the colors, but I think that this is a good start. what do you think?

i should probably also add more human stuff to the landscape.

should i move the horizon up?


added a lot of details since the last post, i better get it together, only 4 days left!!


story: It was a chilly night as the cargo plane flew high above the forests of Canada. The pilot was extremely tired after a long day of flying. while thinking of what needed to be done around the house when he returned home lights all over the cockpit began to flash and the plane shook violently. the cargo bay had just failed and many pieces parcels were dropped into the forest, they were never found.

that particular part of the forest had never been explored, because everyone just assumed that it was just more forest, man, were they wrong…

as the herbicide fell, the forest growing ever closer and the plane disappearing into the night  one particular plant was having a particularly enjoyable night after just finishing off his second squirrel.  all of a sudden there was a crash in a section of the forest nearby.  it disregarded it as a fallen tree.  several years later it happened to stumble upon the precious cargo, a huge tank of herbicide.  the plant, not being human, had no idea what this strange container was or what it did.  it realized that it was leaking some mysterious neon-blue liquid, which looked particularly appetizing. as it sunk its strong branches into the barrel   he felt the liquid go quickly through his roots, but it was not a good feeling.  the poison began to kill him and he realized that he just made a huge mistake...oops!

the end

this image took me a long time to create,and is the first that i have done on this scale. i procrastinated, and had to finish this at the last minute, but I’m happy with the result.


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