Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Alex Kelly


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Anyone for one last game of Warcraft before Armageddon?


It’s a good idea and a well established first concept. It definitly needs more emphasis on the fact that he was playing WoW when he died. Put a WoW game box somewhere in there and maybe a poster. It’ll make it more apperant. Best of luck with your entry. I’ll drop by from timew to time.


cool sketch ya got there…very nice colours :slight_smile:

best of luck :slight_smile:


really nice first concept sketch alex! the lighting is v. cool. as terro said maybe more WOW references in the scene - i think it could be pretty funny!



Nice sketch man!Agree with Terro too for more referneces,etc,etc…Nice start!Have fun and good luck:beer:


lol, I like the idea :slight_smile: subscribed! Elune Adore


Very cool. I agree. You should put some references to WoW somewhere. Otherwise, it’s just really hard to get that’s what he was playing.


hehehe… nice stuff


A dystopian future in which a rogue advert, a ‘subvert’, is being pursued by the Adcorp. Due to vert overload the protagonist has lost control of his mechassist appendages and hit a airbus…

(thanks to Jeff Noon’s ‘blurbs’ which he describes in his book Vurt)


i like this idea alex, nicely executed concept and composition! maybe getting the narrative of the image over might be difficult - but worth pursuing! keep it up!!


Santa gets territorial about his homeland being mined for its resources…


you know, doing the santa in the style of a WW2 or Soviet propaganda style poster would be a nice way of increasing its strangeness. But I do think that the santa idea really has potential! keep working on it!


yup i agree totally! the santa idea is pretty promising and original! i especially like the way u managed to make ur concept draw the viewer’s attention, right from the animals to santa and then spread out to the horizon, finally just floating there to see everything all around! :eek: :love:

cheers my friend! :beer: n good luck! :thumbsup:


Idea came to me when I saw cosmetics advert - the idea that what constitutes beauty focuses so much on creating a perfect skin. It struck me as being so delusional about the real visceral nature of the body - so much so that it was like a zombie putting on makeup on, which is completely absurd. I have gone for a darkly gothic tone to the concept, which very cliched - maybe a more contemporary feel would make the idea more startling -any thoughts welcome.


A quick sketch for an idea here. Basically whats happening is a rework of the Noah and the Ark. Although here Noah has been thrown overboard by the animals, as they they think they will be better off without man…


Another one on the Noah theme…any cc would be appreciated thanks


I really like the “walk the plank” idea

It’s funny and true :slight_smile:


Hey Alex, I like a lot your “walk the plank” concept, very original !! :thumbsup: a riot on Noe´s ark , really great!!. Good luck and looking forward for more updates ! :slight_smile:


Another idea, still havent decided what to go with yet. The trees have woken to the destruction being wreaked on tree kind and are not very happy about it! Any cc on the concept or the composition would be very welcome.