Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Al-Haitham Jassar


Jassar my man!! Yeaaa!! great and beautiful improvement in the horizon, that is really cool my friend!! , I love it!! :thumbsup: (perhaps only a bit touch of brigth (only a bit:) ) on the top of the highest mountain and the right beside mountain, because of the lighting bolt, only a suggestion and comment :slight_smile: ) Again, great work mate!! :beer:


Jeffparadox, I’m really glad that it worked fine :slight_smile: , your notes really helped!

Ferx, thanks buddy :thumbsup: , I was actually going to add that little light and I will do it soon I hope.


Hi guys,
I’ve worked some more on the mountains and the lights on the sales, I still want to do some extra fixes to the lighting on those sales but they are generally done.
Please tell me what you think, and any more suggestions/comments/crits are very very welcome :slight_smile:



Nice progress jassar :thumbsup:

If I can add a crit I think you can work more on the squid skin and eye. Maybe with some underskin effects. And the eye looks “too simple”. But it`s details, I like alot the whole composition and the background works well now.

Good work!


Thanks Nomad, I’m happy you pointed that out, I was having my doubts about the skin after making it darker, so now I will go work on it :slight_smile:


Hi again,
Some adjustments have been made on the squids’ skin and on the lighting on the sails… and a few final touches :slight_smile:

I’m still a bit hesitatant on calling this done, so I will hold myself untill I’m more sure…

Tell me what you guys feel about it :stuck_out_tongue: , that would help alote.


hey jassar, image is looking good my friend!

I love the little hole on the top sail, and the blue light glowing right through it from behind. I think you can replicate that effect a few more times more without going too far with it, making a couple of more holes maybe 1-2 bigger and 1-2 the same size at different parts of the sails, where there is lightning behind. Also your previous post had a better blue rim light on the observation nest at the top, it was harsher. Now in this new post, i think you’ve softened it up a bit. Though, that’s the character of the rim light, they need to be pretty harsh to read that way. If I were you, I’d go back to the previous rim light on the observation nest, and imitate that on the other parts of the poles. Also, I’d add the same kind of rim lights to the top part of the top sails, like a line - following the sails top contour. One last suggestion: If your ship, or the sails of the ship is on one separate layer, I’d lock the pixels of that layer/or make a selection of that layer, then choose my gradient tool, put it to soft light or hard light blending mode, drop its opacity a little, and apply a very light - whitish blue color gradient starting from top right towards bottom left, following the direction of the lightning. That would give your sails a blue light at the top, fading towards the bottom, thus placing your whole ship more inside the environment.

These are my suggestions buddy, keep up the good work, and feel free to ask if anything I said was unclear… rock on! :smiley:


Thanks again Yusuf :slight_smile: , good thing fixing the observation nest is simple. I will try the other things you mentioned as well.



holy cow!! :eek: i missed so much!! i really like your concept! funny and dramatic the same time! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: the squid’s skin is amazing! love the colour and wet feel of it! …
there’s one thing i noticed … lightning is not that visible behind the sails … meaning in terms of glow strength … light can be seen through cloth … best example is a lamp shade … let the light spill behind the sails … jeff is right in terms of the blue rim light … accentuate it more and see how it looks :stuck_out_tongue:

your concept rocks! :buttrock: cant wait to see the grand finale! :bounce: cheers dude! :beer:


Hey nwiz25 , or should I call you the master of reflection? :slight_smile: ( I’ve just been in your thread but there’s an error and I can’t reply :shrug: )

I’m very thankful for everyone’s advice and I shall do my best at fixing this piece as much as I can. This challenge deserves all the hard work!



Really awesome image!! The squid rendering is great, love it :thumbsup:



Hi, I’ve finally worked on my piece, and based on your helpful suggestions I think it became better.
Some of the fixes:

  • the shading on the crazy squid-surfer, the squid and some parts of the ship.

-worked on those sails and phew! that translucency effect was a bit of a problem.

-added some green tunes to the image, it was a bit too blue.

So tell me what you guys think :slight_smile:


A delicate touch up but very powerful. Your image is jumping out a lot more than before with your tweaks. I like the slickness of the squid-surfer, it ties him more to the squid. The touches are small but they really enhanced your scene greatly, especially on the sails. Great job with the green tones, it richens the environment and does a great job around the lightning and sky. I only have one thing I would like you to try if you think it would help. When lightning strikes, even though it seems bright all the way through, it has less saturated color as it goes higher into the clouds, because the clouds mask it. The lightning in your scene is the same intensity all the way through and makes it seem too close and a bit flat. Give the lightning some distance and get the top of it to go more off into the distance and into the clouds. Just slightly, not too much, just enough for our eyes to read that slight change and depth of field.


Thanks Kamal :slight_smile: , though I skimmed through many ref images of lightning and found my lighning similar to them but your tip is worth a try :smiley:


For me the image is cool :thumbsup: there is enough details and not too much :slight_smile:

Maybe one little doubt about the captain standing on the boat, maybe he is too dark and we see only his silhouette. IMHO few brown strokes on the jacket will help.

Ayway good work so far :bounce:


Many thanks Nomad for the kind words and for the support :slight_smile:


Hey Jassar, i like a lot all your changes, really great my friend !! for sure this is a cool, great and funny illustration!! :thumbsup:
About the sky and clouds light, I think it can be more darker from the center mast of the ship to the left, only a comment:) Again, really great and cool work my friend! Cheers!! :beer:


maybe showing the lightning line through the top 2 sails, very softly and blurry, could increase the translucency effect even more? it’s getting better and better!


Ferx, thanks :D, will try to make the sky darker in those parts.

Yusuf, you are the afandim! the translucency was a headace for sure!



I have to agree with nwiz25, the squid is really looking great, youve done a good job on its skin with this textures, looks damn cool I also like the ship; theres a lot of action going on without disturbing the main character
I`m not sure if this can work physically with the ships sails and the wind, but it would be cool if the rain was coming from the right

great progress man, keep it up