Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Al-Haitham Jassar


Hey Jassar,

Thanks a lot for stopping by my thread and leaving your awesome comments dude… I’m really digging your paint job and composition so far, and the concept is a strange behaviour indeed! Maybe you can paint some more detailed BG around the horizon line on the right side, now it looks a little bit empty I think. Some distant storms/lightnings and detailed clouds could make that part more interesting, thus carrying the eye all around the picture better. Though, great details going on in the rest of the pic, especially on the ship, I’m also really digging your sea - which is one of the things I can’t paint at all :smiley:

This is going great, keep it up buddy!


I think the floating stuff is a great idea, just don`t overdo it
I also think you could work a bit more on the clouds and the horizon and last but not least: the pirate and the squid look a bit flat right now because of the white outline ( especially the squids head looks like cut and pasted )
get rid of this and I think this could really look cool


Yusuf , thanks alote man :slight_smile: . True, the horizon has been a problem for me so I guess I will change my original plan and make some far island-mountains to fill that space.

guterrez , yes indeed, I will work on that… thanks for pointing that out man ( working on a painting for a long time makes my eyes so used to it that I can’t find any mistakes anymore :shrug: )



Hello Jassar! You have made a really interesting work here! Very vibrating and cool ambient!
This is gonna be a successful piece, I’m sure!
Keep up the good work!


Hey Mathias , it’s great to see you here again and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:


Ok i’ve done some improvements. Tell me if the BG looks better with the far mountains.



Hey Jassar, really great update mate!! and I like the faraway mountains idea, is a cool touch! :thumbsup:
Perhaps blurish a bit the most down clouds ( the clouds under mountains), more like fog than clouds, only a comment :slight_smile: Great work my friend!! :beer:


Perhaps blurish a bit the most down clouds ( the clouds under mountains), more like fog than clouds

Well, that’s because it is fog :slight_smile: , I will try to make it clearer .


nice update, bit more pinkish for the squid
and Ive also looked through some reference pics for this animal, especially the head or the upper body (dont know what it is^^); they usually have something like transluscent “wings” on the side of their body, I think this would look cool


Great look and feel dude,
ur post rocking…

I am watching regularly …this one have good potential,

You have made some thing awesome ,can`t wait to c it in 3d, I’m sure, it would look great in 3d render!
Keep up the good work!


Mathias, true I’ve seen them on normal squids, but in Giant Squids they are small… I’ll try adding them :slight_smile:

pixelpiyan, thanks man! I’m very glad you liked it. But this is a 2D illustration as you can see and it’s almost finished.



Hi, just to let you guys know that I’m still alive! I’m a bit lazy these days to work on my image so I’ll have a break for a few day…

Some plans: adding rain ( or not? ) , fixing the far fog and … mmmm ah what ever :smiley:


Well, it looks better with rain I guess :slight_smile:


There’s no thumbnail so I re-posted this thing…


Hi Jassar, this looks great. I like all of your improvements…

The BG needs a little fix I believe, very easy: Right now the sea, the fog, and the mountains look like 3 separate pieces. This causes the viewer either to see that there is no fog, or to see the mountains a little too high - which makes them closer to the camera rather than further. I think there is 2 ways you can solve this:

  1. You could mix-blend the blue top part of the sea more with the dark-grey bottom part of the fog, pushing the blue color a little higher in the composition, so we’d know that the horizon line is higher than it seems now, going towards the mountains. I think the line between the sea and the fog is a little harsh and low-in-the-composition right now.
  2. You could bring down the mountains instead, so that the highest point of the mountains are at the same height with the center of the far away pirate, the back-flipping one :smiley: I think this could help the mountains look smaller, thus further away… Both of these solutions would work with the horizon line at the left side of the image. Since it’s standing right in the middle of 2 solutions, and it’s not so prominent…

Also, you’ve got that beautiful lightning, a delicious blue light source in your scene. If I were you, I’d go ahead and add some harsh-blue rim lights on top of the higher sails and poles of the ship… You’ve already got some yellow and blue rim lights here and there, and they are placed correctly, though, they get lost in general lighting because they are not as harsh as they should be I think. They should be pretty thin, and bright…

that’s my 2c buddy. keep it up!


Thanks Yusuf for the great comment :slight_smile: , I will work on those issues.



I’ve fixed the horizon line, tell me if it looks better now.



nice and cool man… love your matte painting…


Thanks norzaful, I’m really happy that you liked it :slight_smile:


definitely better for me, horizon works great now!