Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Al-Haitham Jassar


Nice progress Jassar :thumbsup:

I have one crit about the whole scene: IMHO there is no depth in the image, all is looking flat :shrug: maybe a small fog on the horizont line will be enough :curious:

Nice work so far, I wish I have a so advanced image :banghead:


Thanks Nomad, you’ve stated a very important note :slight_smile: , I will add fog and will play a bit with the clouds to give the image some depth…



Here’s a close up after making some adjustments. The fog is not finished yet :slight_smile:


Hey Jassar, really nice update mate!! cool stormy sea !!:thumbsup: Perhaps the back light of the moon can help you to separate the ship from the background and gain depth too, only a comment :slight_smile: Again great work mate!! :beer:


Please tell me if you have any notes, I’m thinking of adding more stuff at the right side of the painting to give more depth; I’ve already added a far lightning bolt…


To show that the lightning is hitting the ship I’ve added some flashes…


hey man, I like your idea and the foreground is good so far, but I think there`s way too much blue in there, bit more warmer tones would be nice
for example you could make a fire on deck from the lightning hit or give the lamps on the ship a warmer light
then I also would re-color the sails
and imo stronger shadows on squid, pirate and boat and strong backlitght would create a more dramatic feeling
cheers and good luck


lol… nice idea and lovely coloring, maybe am not in this competition but i admire your works and hope you the best in the competition … keep going:thumbsup:


guterrez, thanks man, your advice is highly appreciated. I will try adding some warm colors and see what happenes.

phoenix1, thank you my friend, I’m glad u liked it :slight_smile:



Well, as you can see colors have changed a bit especially the sails, and I worked a bit on the overall shadows. Lots of work still required I know…
Awaiting your valuable comments :slight_smile:


Funny and interesting piece
Go on :slight_smile:


I have played some more on the shadows, and added some blur to the fast moving things like the parrot’s wings…


Hey Jassar, nice updates mate!! the lighting bolts are a great idea!! I think the far lighting bolt need to illuminate a bit more the clouds in its zone. Perhaps add some traslucency to the sails ( i think this can be a nice lighting effect) and more light on the horizon ( darker clouds on the foreground zone, more lighter in the middle, and a more lighter than middle in the background and horizon zone), only a comment :slight_smile: Again great work mate!! :beer:


the sails are much better now in my opinion, the stripes are a good idea cause they give them more form
the hole color scheme works better know I think, perhaps try to make the cold yellow you have in there a bit warmer; the fire in the lamps would create a more orange like glow, not to much just carefull^^
for me the yellow color strokes in the waves are a bit too much
and I have to agree with Ferx about the clouds and the horizon
this comes along nice man, have fun


Ferx, guterrez, thanks alote guys :slight_smile:
I do agree on that yellow and the clouds, will work on um more.


Nice progress :thumbsup:

It takes shape, I think a little more details on the background will achive the lack of depth. Some stormy clouds will be great.

I like the new sails :thumbsup: keep goin`…


Lots of Movement and Sound within the painting. Cool!


Here’s a smaller view of the image…


I might keep the clouds as they are, because after reviewing some stormy cloud photos I found them to be very dark and almost textureless…

I’ll post some updates soon,


Well, I thought of adding some floating objects like wooden boxes and such. What do u guys think?