Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Al-Haitham Jassar


Yup, that’s one big squid!


Hey Haitham

It’s really good to see you here man, I really loved the ideas you came up with so far. I know its quiet freaky – 1st time CG Challenge – it is my 1st time here too, but am full of hopes.

Wish you good luck man


Hala Mukhatib, keefak?

Yes it’s kinda freaky, but very fun nontheless :slight_smile: , and since your in it too I will go check your thread…



Well, just another pirate… more to come ( if u have any notes on this one please feel free to share them :slight_smile: )


Another brave pirate…


Here’s the scene so far; I’ve added some more detail to the ship, and will hopefully add some more.

I might draw some shark fins sticking out of the water, hmmmmm I should try this idea :slight_smile:


Just my opinion, but I think the turtle has more potential for humour than the squid (if that is what you are after). Keep up the good work!



I have to agree with Gord… The turtle would have less of a “conquered” feel to it since turtles are less intimidating than giant squids.

I do like the composition and the characters though


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yes, I do agree that the turtle was much funnier, but I had to change it because I don’t want this painting to seem to similar to the Pirates movies.
Also, it would be interesting and more challenging to give a squid some funny characteristics don’t u think? I hope I can do it.



Hey don’t change all your ideas because of what I said. In my opinion, the whole scene is a grab from the pirates movies, not just the turtle. Go ahead and do whatever you want, just don’t claim it as your own ideas.


keep going my friend defentily a start for a good work so keep it up :thumbsup:


ok, just started painting, the timing will be during the night and the main light source will be a lightning-bolt.
colors are still at the beginning and will change to fit the scene as much as possible.

thebest, thanks bro :slight_smile:


Well, I’m back on track and started to work on my image again…
I’ve painted the gun ( forget the hand, it’s not done yet ).
Will post some more images when I finish something else :slight_smile:


doing a great job keep going …sorry for not giving any crits cuz I`am not a good painter :smiley:


Well, I got tired from that pirate, so I thought of working a bit on the squid, still far from finished of course :slight_smile:

thebest, ah well man, crits will fall on me like rain soon, but not now since there’s nothing really done and ready for crits.



Hey Jassar, nice sketches and cool idea!! :thumbsup: I like a lot your squid texture, really great! ( i can feel the gummy texture of a real squid, great !! :smiley: ) Looking forward for more updates on your concept ! :slight_smile:


Just worked some more on the squid…

Ferx, thanks man


Well, just another update…


I think you’ve got a really unique texture working there, but it really makes me wonder how he could possibly maintain his balance.


but it really makes me wonder how he could possibly maintain his balance.

hmmmmm, good point, I guess it’s one of lifes mysteries! :rolleyes:
Cheers man